Budapest "The Capital of Hungary"

Culture and Arts in Budapest

Culture and Arts in Budapest, Hungary

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From February to December

Budapest is blessed with art and culture together with some of the most stunning architecture in the world. There are 100's of museum to explore and with a Budapest Pass, which also allows for free travel on public transport, entry to over 60 museums and galleries are at a reduced cost. Budapest has a rich history which is still evident today from the Roman ruins to the Turkish baths fuelled by natural thermal water springs.


Budapest Palinka Festival
Starts: Friday 7 May
Ends: Monday 10 May
Open Air Summer Festival
Starts: Saturday 6 June
Ends: Sunday 30 August
Botticelli to Titian Art Exhibition
Starts: Saturday 24 October
Ends: Sunday 14 February
Open Air Summer Festival
Starts: Sunday 6 June
Ends: Monday 30 August