Dubai: Culture and Arts

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Dubai Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts Holiday in Dubai

Dubai has an interesting social and religious history and is steeped in local traditions and culture. It makes for a great culture and arts holiday. Art galleries and museums are found throughout Dubai. Heritage and religious sites are mostly well presented with informative literature and on site visual displays. The government is keen to inform non muslims of the ways and practices of the Islamic religion which is the heartbeat of Arab communities . By appointment, daily tours and presentations are conducted at the Grand Mosque at Jumeirah. Conservation areas have been created in the old part of the city to preserve many local neighbourhoods which otherwise would have been torn down to make way for the incredible rebuilding of Dubai in the 70s and 80s paid for by massive revenues generated by the discovery of oil in the late 60s.

There are theatres showing local productions and London West End productions on tour at the Community Theatre Mall of the Emirates and the Theatre at the Madinat Souk. The annual Dubai International Film Festival is hosted at the Community Theatre. It is an opportunity for amateur film makers and established directors and stars to present their latest work to an international audience. Eight multiplex cinemas at various locations in Dubai show the latest movies, mostly English speaking and also local films and films from India with subtitles. Censorship still exists but is fairly relaxed.

Music concerts are held in various outdoor arenas throughout the winter, classical, jaz and pop music are supported by big name events.

Many visitors looking for a cultural and arts holiday in Dubai combine this with the other activities on offer such as golf, watersports, shopping and dining out.