Seychelles: Gay and Lesbian

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Gays and lesbians in Seychelles will enjoy the laid-back vibe and tropical beauty of the islands just like every other visitor. Homosexuality is illegal, but various web sources report that gay and lesbian visitors experience no problems travelling and staying in accommodation together. As a generality, Seychellois respect and value personal privacy. Over-the-top public displays of affection will offend many Seychellois, regardless of one's sexual orientation, so it's best for all visitors to limit sidewalk caresses to hand-holding and the odd peck on the cheek.

There are no gay and lesbian night-clubs in Seychelles, and overall, the clubbing scene is fairly tame and primarily confined to the largest island of Mahé. Online searches will assist in identifying which establishments are open for business and most popular with local gays and lesbians. Gay and lesbian tourists in Seychelles who are seeking an edgy, all-night party scene will likely be disappointed, but if peaceful, secluded beaches, rare wildlife and delicious Creole cuisine sound good, Seychelles is an excellent choice for a tropical holiday.