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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Bermuda

Bed and Breakfast and Inns in Bermuda

Bermuda’s Bed and Breakfasts guesthouses and inns give visitors a more intimate and traditional atmosphere. Many of these are family-run and friendly establishments. Although there aren’t that many of them, using at a B & B in Bermuda is one way to stay in one of the historic buildings on the Island. But don’t worry, this type of bed and breakfast accommodation in Bermuda will have been modernised to provide comfortable en-suited guest rooms. Generally, prices start at around $100 - $150 per night for a double room in one of the more affordable B & Bs in Bermuda during the main summer season. Some of the guesthouses and inns on Bermuda’s waterfront offer good facilities, such as a swimming pool. You’ll find B & Bs all over Bermuda, not just in the capital Hamilton. There are even a few Inns in the old capital St George. You can check out and book some of the Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Bermuda by visiting our accommodation section above.


Chalets in Bermuda

Cottages in Bermuda

A cottage in Bermuda is a great idea for accommodation for independent travellers. Many of the guesthouses and inns on the island also offer cottage accommodation, as do some of the upmarket hotels. Staying at one of the more modest cottages in Bermuda is one way to help keep the cost of your holiday down. You can expect to have a kitchen or kitchenette with your cottage, and may get limited maid service. Another type of cottage in Bermuda is the “colonial cottages”. These facilities usually have cottages situated in lush gardens and offer privacy as well as luxury. The facility will also have a main clubhouse and dining room along, with a lounge bar and a pool and/or beach. A cottage with a double bed and kitchen can cost upwards of $180 per night in summer. Prices for a one-bedroom colonial cottage start at more around $200 per night with a two-bedroom cottage priced at around $500 per night. You can book cottage accommodations by visiting our accommodation section above.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Bermuda

Apartments and self-catering accommodation in Bermuda

If you are looking for an apartment or a condo in Bermuda you may find you are spoiled for choice. The island offers a variety of self-catering options including apartment and even larger homes. With self-catering kitchen facilities, many apartments in Bermuda also have views of the ocean and may be near a pool. Apartments in Bermuda can be part of a resort complex or just a flat in one of the residential areas of Bermuda's. The later will be well placed to give easy access to the island’s bus network and may be near to the shops. In high season you can expect to pay around $150 per night for a one bedroom apartment with two bedroom apartments ranging from $200 to more than $350 depending on the facilities and location. For larger properties you should expect to pay at least $9,000 per week for a luxury villa with its own pool and even more if the property is on the beach. You can book an apartment in Bermuda by visiting our accommodation section. We search the net daily to provide all Ok Alpha readers with the best hotel and self catering accommodation deals in Bermuda.


Hotels in Bermuda

Hotels in Bermuda

Although it is a small island, there is a good selection of hotels in Bermuda. Many come with added extras such as a fridge and coffeemaker/kettle or include a continental breakfast. Facilities may well include a pool or beach (or both!), as well as a bar and restaurant. Bermuda is not a budget holiday destination so you should expect to pay at least $200 per night for a double room in a two star hotel in Bermuda during high season, and prices at the more exclusive hotels may be double this amount. Bermuda’s hotels can be large purpose built complexes or smaller family-run establishments. You will generally pay more if the hotel is on the beachfront. You can save a bit on your accommodation by staying at a hotel in Bermuda that is inland, but offers a shuttle bus service to a nearby beach. If you are looking for luxury, Bermuda has some of the best hotels in the world with an equally impressive price tag. You can book hotel accommodations by visiting our accommodation section above. We search the net for links to special discounts for low season/winter holidays in Bermuda too.


Resorts in Bermuda

Resorts in Bermuda

There are several luxury beach resorts on Bermuda, including some to the top spa and golfing resorts in the world. If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday treat then you may want to consider staying at one of the resorts in Bermuda. The facilities offered by a Bermudian resort are numerous and may well include one of more pools, fine restaurants and bars, evening entertainment, sporting facilities, as well as a spa. Bermuda has a well earned reputation for being an expensive holiday destination and you can expect your accommodation at a resort in Bermuda to be expensive, as well as the ultimate in luxury. Prices for a stay at one of Bermuda’s four star beach resorts will start at least $400 for a double room per night during the summer months. To find our more about resorts in Bermuda you can visits our accommodation section. We advise you book in advance to secure the best deal, but we have also searched the net to bring all our readers special last minute rates for resorts in Bermuda too.