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The Athens of America

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Boston

There are an array of bed and breakfasts in Boston and if you can’t afford some of the swanky hotels, but don’t want to brave a hostel, this could be just for you. You can stay down a quiet residential street, on a yacht or in the heart of Boston, whatever takes your fancy. The level of hospitality in American bed and breakfasts is generally second to none, and Boston is no different. Bed and breakfast prices range from the very reasonable to the quite expensive. It is possible to find bed and breakfast accommodation for as low as €50 a night but it can also spiral up to the dizzying heights of €340 a night. As with most accommodation, bed and breakfasts in Boston are rated on a one to five star scale. It is advisable to look around on the internet for the most recommended and reasonable bed and breakfasts around.



Apartments in Boston

It is possible to rent an apartment for a week or more in Boston but it can be difficult to organize. There aren’t a great deal of holiday apartments on offer in Boston but those that are available can be rented for anywhere between €400 and €1200 per week.


Hotels in Boston

If you are looking to stay in a hotel for the duration of your trip in Boston, you will be very pleased with the selection on offer. Hotels right in the center of Boston can be quite pricey so, if cost is an issue, it might be an idea to stay slightly away from the very heart of the city. Because Boston is so compact, all of the main sights and attractions are easily accessible by foot or the cheap train services.

Even when staying outside of Boston’s center, prices can be dear and cheap accommodation can be hard to come by. Rooms range from €75 a night to €250 or even €300 a night. While rooms can be expensive, there is no doubting the quality of the accommodation and the standard of service in Boston’s hotels. Each hotel is rated on a one to five star scale. It is advisable to look around on the internet for the most recommended and reasonable bed and breakfasts around.


Hostels in Boston

Boston can also cater to the demands of a traveler on a budget. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in hostel dorms with the most basic of luxuries, Boston has got you covered. There are several hostels in the downtown area of Boston, and all of them provide bargain price beds. Most of the hostels have internet access and all of them provide breakfast, linens and towels, showers, shampoo, toilets and lockers. As with any hostel, you’re not going to get the most opulent room, complete with double bed and room service.

You will most likely be in a dorm room with several people, often sleeping in a bunk bed. What this route does offer you is great savings. It is possible to find some hostels offering beds for €15 a night, and even the most expensive will charge no more than €30 a night. Once again, most of these hostels are within walking distance of the sights and it is advisable to browse some customer reviews for the most highly recommended. Thefts often occur at insecure hostels, so read up before booking.