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The world's largest country in the tropics

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Guest Houses in Brazil

Villas and Guesthouses in Brazil

Breathtaking surroundings, peace and tranquillity, absolute freedom and a wealth of space are only a handful of reasons for choosing a Brazil villa rental. Charming, seaside Brazil villas, grandiose, sweeping properties and average sized homes ideal for families are all available for a Brazilian vacation. Immaculately landscaped gardens, ocean backdrops and plenty of room both indoors and out are more appealing reasons to secure private villas in Brazil.

Picture sitting out on a large veranda overlooking the ocean and golden sand as you sip your morning coffee or tea and take in the unfolding scene before you. A Brazil villa rental in Florianopolis can afford exactly that experience. More than forty stunning Brazil beaches, a wealth of historical attractions, fantastic shopping and a slow, languid pace make Florianopolis an ideal choice for Brazil accommodation during a seaside holiday. Quaint fishing villages in the surrounding area coupled with undeveloped nature preserves and great infrastructure adds even more reasons for renting Brazil villas in Floripa.

The incredible energy of Rio de Janeiro makes it one of the top choices for a Brazil villa rental, Rio de Janeiro weather is sublime and there is a myriad of things to do in the city creating many exciting prospects during a holiday. If you choose a beach side rental, the sandy shores are at your disposal any time of day. Swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing is even more enjoyable when all your belongings are just steps away at your own private Brazil accommodation. With a Brazil car rental in Rio even more attractions are at your fingertips and you don’t have to worry about the daily parking fees many hotels charge.

Though villas in Brazil in the Rio area can be expensive, Brazil hotels and resorts tend to be higher in price than other locations as well. The benefits lie in the savings and convenience afforded with renting villas in Brazil. You can make a snack or a meal whenever you choose without a waiter to tip. You can pour a glass of wine without waiting for service in a busy restaurant and you can choose which meals are most appealing without having to choose from a tired hotel menu.

Brazil villas in Natal are another favoured choice for holiday retreats. With year-round sunshine and average temperatures of about 84 degrees, Natal is an ideal Brazilian location to enjoy an oceanside vacation. From luxury villas in Brazil to modest accommodations, many types of villas are available for rent. Brazil villas only minutes from the beach are available for extremely affordable prices. For those who fall completely in love with the area, there are plenty of Brazil villas for sale, for lease or even on a convenient time share basis. As with most vacation rentals, private Brazil accommodation comes well equipped with all the amenities you’ll need and more. All linens, towels, fully stocked kitchens, fully furnished bedrooms, living rooms and sitting areas and sometimes even beach equipment is offered for visitors renting a villa. For the weekly price of accommodation for families at Brazil hotels, a villa will often provide more value for money with the added bonus of plenty of privacy and freedom. If you’re planning a vacation to Brazil, take a look for a Brazil villa rental that suits all your needs.



Hotels in Brazil

Hotels in Brazil

View our accommodation section above for the best hotel rates in Brazil.

High season in Brazil follows the school holidays calendar, December and January (summer) being the busiest months. New Year, Carnival (moveable between February and March) and Holy week are the peak periods, and prices can skyrocket, especially in coastal cities like Rio and Salvador. Also, during those holidays, many hotels restrict bookings to a 3 or 4-day minimum and charge in advance.

Hotels are plentiful in just about all areas of Brazil and can range from luxury beach resorts to very modest and inexpensive choices. Everything in Brazil is exotic, spectacular and big. Hotels in Brazil are no different in this regard. Indeed, Brazil has some of the most amazing hotels in the world. Among the luxury hotels Brazil has are some of the most sort after by celebrities and movie-stars. This is not to say though that cheap Brazil hotels are not available. Like everything in Brazil, hotels in Brazil cater to all travellers to this special land. Although Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, as neither its commercial nor tourist centre, Brazil hotels in Brasilia are neither the most elegant, nor the cheapest, hotels Brazil has to offer. That said, the Hotel Nacional Brasilia, a 346 bedroom luxury Brazil hotel, is located in the centre of Brasilia city, while Manhattan Plaza also has superb modern services and facilities, although at a more modest price. Out of town, the Aracoara Hotel is located 6 miles from the airport. Facilities at the hotel include on-suite bathrooms and balcony/terraces.

As the commercial capital of Brazil, hotels in San Paulo range from the finest - and most expensive - hotels in Brazil to cheap Brazil hotels. Luxury hotels in Brazil tend to have a wide range, but Caesar Park is considered one of the elite luxury hotels Brazil has to offer. With 165 rooms (17 floors), room-rates include free breakfast and buffet. However, what makes this a truly spectacular luxury hotel is its amenities, which include Internet access in each of its bedrooms and probably one of the best hotel gyms in Brazil - the Reebok Gym. Facilities in this luxury Brazil hotel also include luxury spa and massage services.

Meanwhile, The Normandie Design Hotel is the best mid-priced hotel around. Located in downtown Sao Paulo, facilities at the hotel include tennis courts, [golf] driving range and a games room. The hotel also offers guests complementary breakfasts. Comparable to other Brazil hotels, this hotel may well be considered high-range if it were located anywhere other than San Paulo. For those more humble of pocket, the Best Western Regent Park Suite Hotel is perhaps the most choice. This cheap Brazil hotel is located on one of the trendiest streets in Sao Paulo, Rua Oscar Freire. Built in 1989, and currently with 70 rooms, located over 12-floors, the hotel is considered the place to stay among the trendy and hip.

Rio is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. As such, most of the big name hotel chains maintain a presence somewhere in the city. Also, due to the vastness of Rio, visitors to Rio can elect to stay at one the Brazil hotels near the beach, or somewhere more inland. The 1923 classic Copacabana Palace Hotel is ideally located on the beach and conveniently situated near both Rio’s nightlife and commercial centre. The 107 room (10 floors) hotel is described as catering to your every Brazil hotel need and amenities and facilities include outdoor tennis court, swimming pool and [golf] driving range.

Meanwhile, the Praia Ipanema Hotel has 90 rooms (over 19 floors) and is located in the residential area of Rio. However, this hotel is special in that each of the rooms has a balcony overlooking one of Rio’s most beautiful and charming beaches - providing spectacular views of the ocean. Facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool. If you are going to stay at a cheap Brazil hotel anywhere, stay in a cheap Brazil hotel in Rio de Janeiro! Ipanema Inn has 56 rooms (9 floors) and is located next to the beach and shopping centre of the same name - Ipanema. Close by the hotel are a range of restaurants, cafe, theatres and entertainment, not to mention sightseeing, venues that will ensure your stay here is a pleasant one. After all, staying in a cheap Brazil hotel should give you the chance to spend more of your money on the many Rio attractions out there!


Hostels in Brazil

Hostels in Brazil

Pousada means guesthouse (the local equivalent of a French auberge or a British boarding house), and are usually simpler than hotels, and will offer less services (room service, laundry etc.). Pousadas are even more widespread than hotels. There are over 80 youth hostels (albergues de juventude) scattered across the country and at least one can be found in every town and city in Brazil.

Dormitórios, which have several beds to a room, cost from as little as US$5 per night, though standards are correspondingly basic (with shared bathroom facilities). A Pousada costs from approximately US$10 per night. Rooms with bathrooms are called apartamentos, those without a bathroom are called quartos. In wilderness areas like the Pantanal, travellers usually stay in fazendas, which are ranches with guest facilities. In small towns of Minas Gerais people are fond of hotéis-fazenda (farm hotels) where you can swim, ride, walk, play football, and camp as well as sleep in picturesque barracks.



Resorts in Brazil

Resorts in Brazil

Brazil is blessed with warm waters, year-round sunshine and it is not very difficult to find a resort in Brazil to meet even the highest standards. The country symbolises the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise. There are long stretches of undiscovered rainforest, endless rivers and perhaps the most sought after and loved of all, Brazil’s stunning beaches. When seeking out the perfect resort in Brazil many say Copocabana and the smaller but equally popular Ipanema are the true hotspots of this magical destination. These beaches are not home to just any old resort in Brazil as this is one of the most exciting destinations to be in with its art, music, carnivals, festivals and the Brazilian idea of culture as one mixed unity.

When searching for a beach resort in Brazil why not try the ever popular Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The stunning stucco-fashioned hotel was built in 1923 and remains one of Rio's most traditional and luxurious hotels. The palace itself embodies the glamour of Rio and is the perfect Brazilian beach resort which seems as if it were built for a king. The Copacabana Palace has drawn film stars, politicians, royalty, and business leaders and through it's history has been seen as a sophisticated meeting place for high society. Everything about the hotel is elegant, classic and first-rate. This beach resort Brazil is home to encompasses that of absolute and true opulence.

A well received Brazilian beach resort or luxury all inclusive beach resort Brazil makes it mark on guests. Fazenda Sao Francisco do Corumbao in Bahia is definitely among the all stars. It offers complete privacy and superior style while set amidst a grove of palm trees and 2kms of soft, slippery sand. It is in essence an eco-resort focusing on preserving and enjoying the natural surroundings and species. There is also a coral reef that expands roughly 10 km into the ocean and is perfect for snorkelling and diving. This Brazilian beach resort is located between the cities of Porto Seguro and Prado on the south coast of Bahia. It's a small and affluent boutique hotel with seaside bungalows and suites a lagoon-style swimming pool and is completely devoted to the tranquillity of nature.

If you want to visit a Brazilian beach resort surrounded by top rate amenities and scenery the Casa Grande Hotel Resort and Spa is definitely a first-class accommodation and set on prime Brazilian real estate. If you're in a hurry to arrive to the hotel and begin your experience there's a helicopter service offered from the airport which takes about 28 minutes. Located roughly 20 km outside of Sao Paulo on Guaruja Island this resort has 268 modern and elegantly decorated guest rooms, complete personalized guest services, full service spa, gorgeous tropical gardens , 5 separate on-site restaurants, and beautiful views of the ocean. There are also professional tennis courts, volleyball courts and a lighted soccer field! During the summer season there is a large shopping complex located across from the entrance of the hotel. Many people in Brazil treasure this hotel as one of the country's finer establishments and one most guests don't want to leave. The most up-and-coming resort in Brazil is now the small friendly Praia de Pipa, in the north east of the country; serviced by international airports at Natal and Recife, this small town is popular with both Brazilians and foreign tourists. The laid back attitude of the open and friendly locals make this a welcome change to some of the more recognised but less safe and inviting destinations.


Lodges in Brazil

Lodges in Brazil

Holiday in one of the spectacular Brazilian Amazon lodges and you'll be able to get back in touch with nature, with the chance of seeing a vast array of animals, fauna and plants in this vital part of the world's ecosystem. Realising the importance of this in 1996 the Brazilian Ministry of Environment's (MMA) decided to establish the Amazon as one of the world's largest Ecotourism Hubs (the area actually comprises 12 townships) and now ecotourism has become a major economic activity, underpinning the local communities and tour operators - a far cry from the early 1980s when there were basically only three major hotels in the state of Amazonas! If you would like to spend some time at any of the Brazilian Amazon lodges that have been developed since the 1980s, the following are some of the better known ones: Pousada Guanavenas (jungle lodge) is a 52 room palatial Amazon lodge with air-conditioning in each room and with each room having its own bathroom. Activities at the hotel include 2 swimming pools, a games room and even a volley ball court. However, the lodge has two standout features: a private veranda overlooking the Canacari Lake and hot water showers! Otherwise, Ariau Amazon Towers is a must-see for people looking for something more from a lodge break. Simultaneously declared the world's only and the world's largest tree-top hotel, the Ariau Amazon Towers lodge is located 60 km northwest of Manus on the banks of the Rio Negro. Access to the lodge can either be via boat (up the Rio Negro) or car (overland). The lodge is located in the Rio Negro natural park and has 291 rooms, 2 restaurants and 3 swimming pools. Hardly slumming it, this fantastic lodge has been declared the "5th Wonder of the Modern World" by Newsweek magazine!
Also located 60km northwest of Manus, and accessible by boat or overland, Acajatuba Jungle Lodge is most certainly a step back into the real Amazonian world. Accommodation at the lodge has been constructed in the local "Caboclo" style - meaning all 20 cabins are built on elevated pilings 1 metre from the ground. The lodge is highly recommended for those tourists seeking closer contact with the nature of the Amazons - but the lodge still allows visitors the luxury of having their own on-suite bathroom.

One of the oldest lodges in the Amazon, Terra Verde Lodge (or "The Forest of Life" as it translates into English) was set up by a famous ecologist on his private estate in the late 1970s. Today the lodge can be accessed via river - up the Rio Negro, or via land. Terra Verde Lodge is certainly the place to stay if you really want to get back in touch with nature - over 175 different species of birds have been recorded here. The lodge is probably now more famously known as being the location for the recent Survivor Amazon series.
Beside these better known Brazilian Amazon jungle lodges, accommodation at a number of the other Amazon lodges that now operate under the government's incentive scheme can be arranges either in Manus or at a travel agent in one of the major cities in Brazil. Keep in mind however that if you are going to a Brazilian Amazon jungle lodge you'll need to make your way to Manus - from where a tour representative should take you the remainder of the way to the lodge itself.