Bulgaria: Accommodation

A Country of Superb Variations

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Bulgaria

Bed & Breakfast in Bulgaria

There are numerous bed & breakfast establishments all across Bulgaria, at a wide range of prices, from modern city hotels to quaint rural guesthouses, many of which offer great value for money. The Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism publishes the annual Bulgaria Bed & Breakfasts Guidebook, which you can buy in travel agencies, and this is a vary handy resource if you’re going to be travelling around the country. It lists the best small guesthouses around the country, mainly in rural locations. The best B&B’s in Bulgaria are family-run guesthouses in the smaller towns and villages, which generally provide a high standard of comfort and service. Some are in older properties, and can be very atmospheric. There are no reliable rating systems, but those recommended in guidebooks and by local agencies will be of a decent standard. Traditional breakfasts can include a variety of home-made produce – no two establishments are likely to offer exactly the same set-up – such as freshly made bread, home-made jams and preserves, cheese, yoghurt and fruit. In smaller B&B’s you may have to share a bathroom. Prices vary according to location and facilities, and a double room can cost anything from 15 Euros to 50 Euros.

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Apartments in Bulgaria

Apartments in Bulgaria

Holiday apartments in Bulgaria are mainly available in the Black Sea resorts and in a few of the bigger ski resorts. Usually these are very modern, purpose-built blocks with very good facilities, and are ideal if you’re travelling in a larger group and prefer to cook for yourselves. Most of the new apartments in Bulgaria are managed by international companies, and are you can book these online. The prices for renting apartments in Bulgaria are very variable and depend on location, size, facilities and so on. An average two bedroom apartment on the Black Sea coast will cost around 150-200 Euros per week, but you should shop around for the best deals. The Black Sea coast in particular has seen a massive increase in apartment construction in recent years, and many of these places have been hastily built, sometimes in inconvenient or not very attractive locations, in order to make a quick profit, so do be careful when selecting your holiday apartment in Bulgaria.

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Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Bulgaria

Private Rooms in Bulgaria

Perhaps the cheapest, and most atmospheric, accommodation in Bulgaria, are the private rooms that people rent out in the apartments in the cities and holiday resorts. Normally, these are very clean, cosy and homely and the price will often include a home-cooked breakfast. Rooms are usually rented out by pensioners who have little other income, and though few will speak anything but Bulgarian, they are almost always friendly and welcoming. A bed in a private room in Bulgaria can cost as little as 5 Euros per person, though you will pay more in seaside resort towns in the summer. Private rooms in Bulgaria can be booked through agencies at bus and train stations, or directly from the homeowners themselves, who gather at these locations. You will also see signs in people’s windows advertising rooms for rent.
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Hotels in Bulgaria

Hotels in Bulgaria

There’s a huge choice of hotels in Bulgaria, ranging from modest, family-run hotels offering simple but clean and comfortable accommodation at very reasonable rates, right up to glitzy five-star hotels in Sofia and the main holiday resorts, including big international chains, which will cost pretty much the same as in Western Europe. In many provincial towns, you will still come across ageing, former state-run hotels which are sometimes shabby and neglected, but there has been a massive increase in modern good quality hotels across Bulgaria in recent years. The most expensive hotels are in Sofia and, in summer, in the Black Sea resorts, but elsewhere there are plenty of bargains to be found. Prices vary enormously, but around 30 Euros or so for a double room in a decent 3 star hotel in a provincial town is average. Breakfast is often, though not always, included. The easiest way to make a reservation is by phone, and it helps to know at least a little Bulgarian. More upmarket hotels may have an online booking system, but otherwise, you could approach the local tourist office for help with arranging your hotel in Bulgaria. It’s worth remembering that credit cards are still not commonly accepted in Bulgarian hotels, so unless you’re staying at an international 5 star hotel you may have to pay with a large pile of banknotes. Many hotels also accept Euros. Many hotels in ski resorts and on the coast will close out of season, and those that do remain open will offer much cheaper rates.

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Hostels in Bulgaria

Hostels in Bulgaria

There’s a growing number of backpacker hostels in Bulgaria, although the majority are still to be found in Sofia, with a handful in other major cities and tourist destinations such as Plovdiv, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. Staying at a hostel in Bulgaria is an inexpensive and sociable way to explore the country, and prices are often remarkably cheap, with a bed in a dorm room costing around 10-12 Euros, and a double room, where available, going for about 30 Euros. In some hostels, you can bed down on the floor with your own sleeping bag for around 5 Euros. A basic breakfast is usually included in the price, and guests often have use of a communal kitchen and laundry room. Many Bulgarian hostels will also arrange free pick-ups from bus and train stations, and some even arrange day-trips and activities for their guests, or have bicycles for hire.


Resorts in Bulgaria

Resorts in Bulgaria

Most foreign tourists still stay at holiday resorts in Bulgaria, either in the huge package resorts like Sunny Beach and Albena on the Black Sea coast, or, in winter, at ski resorts in popular destinations like Bansko and Pamparovo. Beach resorts in Bulgaria are hugely popular with tourists from across Europe, and rival the better known, and more expensive, resorts in Spain or Greece for comfort and facilities. Most people who stay here book package holidays in their home countries, often all-inclusive deals which include meals and activities. A resort holiday in Bulgaria is ideal if you want an inexpensive, dependable beach holiday with water-sports, organised activities for kids and plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs where staff speak English, but there is little genuine Bulgarian culture or atmosphere in these places.