Guam: Accommodation

Micronesia's most populous island

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Guam

A Bed and Breakfast in Guam is a great way to find accommodation on the island if you want to eat your main meals out at some of Guam’s excellent restaurants. There are several options for Bed and Breakfast in Guam, ranging from small B&Bs to larger, more luxurious options. The standard of Bed and Breakfast in Guam is usually very high, and the friendly nature of most owners and managements allows for a pleasant and welcoming stay.

Bed and Breakfasts in Guam are a popular choice for tourists, so be sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are hoping for a walk-in booking then it is also advisable to request to look at the room before checking in. Breakfast at some of Guam’s B&Bs is often a typically American affair, so expect generous portions and plenty of variety. Prices vary depending on season, but a decent room will cost you around 00 dollars per night, and should include all basic amenities, as well as being en suite. Cheaper options are out there, and you can still stay comfortably for under 5 per night if you look hard enough and book far enough in advance. Most rooms will come equipped with a hairdryer, trouser press, tea and coffee making facilities and air con, though the latter may be available at a small surcharge.

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Apartments in Guam

Owing to the compact nature of the island and the comparatively recent development of its tourist industry, there are not many Apartments in Guam for holiday rental. That said, it is possible to find them, though they are often advertised on an individual basis as opposed to part of an agency. Our advice is thus to steer clear, although if you find a good deal (anywhere between 0-100 per night), then it is probably worth investigating.

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Hotels in Guam

There are plenty of hotels in Guam, of varying price ranges and varying degrees of comfort. There are many options to choose from, hotels in Guam range from peaceful getaways overlooking the bays, or a milieu of options in the bustling centres of Agana and Hagatna. Owing to the largely Asian tourist population of Guam, most of the hotels that have sprung up in recent years are heavily marketed towards the Japanese, though there are plenty of international and American style hotels to be found also.

There are a variety of types of hotel in Guam, from the functional business hotel to the family oriented style. Owing to the island’s small size, most of the hotels are within close range of the airport, and many of them offer complimentary shuttle bus rides between the hotel door and the airport departures terminal. Tumon Bay is the island’s most well-known area for accommodation, and many of the hotels there take advantage of the beautiful views across the bay and beyond. Staying in Tumon Bay will also leave you close to the picturesque beaches and crystalline waters of Guam’s coastline. There are plenty of high end hotels in Guam, including a Hilton and a Marriot, though do expect to pay US prices for top rooms. The cheapest price you will pay for an acceptable standard hotel room is around 0. Beware offers of cheap hotels on the outskirts of town for less, there are plenty of horror stories about so-called ‘cheap options’. More information can be gained from the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, or the Guam Visitor’s Bureau.

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Hostels in Guam

Sadly, Guam is not a haven for backpackers, and as a result does not cater very well towards the budget end of accommodation. There are very few hostels in Guam to speak of, and the cheapest of the hotels are often of a standard the seediest hostels would be ashamed of. If you are looking for a hostel in Guam, our advice would be to re-assess your budget or seek to strike a deal with one of the less expensive hotels.

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Resorts in Guam

Resorts in Guam are plentiful, and they offer something for just about every traveler imaginable. Whether you want to relax by a clear blue pool with a cocktail or treat yourself to a pampering spa session, the resorts in Guam can cater to every desire. Resorts in Guam vary in price and standard, but all of those around Tumon Bay have a very good reputation. Many offer inclusive deals, whereby your drinks and meals will come under a set price for the accommodation, and almost all of them offer shuttle buses between the resort and the airport.

Some resorts in Guam also have their own section of beach, and this makes them a perfect getaway from the bustle of Agana or Hagatna. Rates start from around 5 per night and scale upwards depending on how luxurious you wish to go. The Outrigger resort is known for its opulence, the quality of its service, and the extensive facilities of its Spa. The spa features a number of rejuvenating therapies, treatments and courses. Many resorts also offer beachfront bars, barbeques and restaurant options. Resorts are also highly convenient as the staff are, in general, highly informed, and will be able to advise you about the best sights in the area and how to get to them. A resort in Guam is an excellent way to take in the sights and sounds of the island whilst retaining a slice of tranquility and luxury to while away your nights.

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