Marbella: Accommodation

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Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Marbella

Camping in Marbella

Camping is one of the cheapest ways to stay in Marbella, and due to the moderately warm climate all year round, this makes it an ideal location to sleep under canvas. Campsites in Marbella are broken down into three categories with the third being the most basic. A first category campsite is one which will be well-equipped and have on on-site supermarket or other amenities such as tennis or racquetball courts. A second category will have a swimming pool, café or restaurant and hot running water in addition to a laundry, whilst the third will simply have showers and toilets.

Most campsites in Marbella are only open during the summer season, and therefore it is advisable to book well in advance, and for either a caravan, there is usually a minimum pitch fee of between €14 and €26 and a cost for the actual tent or caravan itself of between €4.50 and €10 per night (plus 7% tax), depending on the time of year for a category two campsite. Discounts are sometimes offered for stays up to fifteen and thirty days, so this is also worth asking about or looking for when making the reservation.

When booking either by phone or online, it is important that you check the location of the campsite in Marbella as some are located towards the suburbs, and are away from the beaches and hustle and bustle of the city centre.


Hotels in Marbella

Hotels in Marbella

Being a popular tourist resort, there is a large range of Marbella hotels to choose from and like most big cities following the one to five star classification, with five being the most expensive and luxurious, and often comes as part of a golfing or beach resort. There is literally a hotel in Marbella to suit every budget.

Expect to pay an average of around €500 per room per night based on dual occupancy for a top of the range five-star on the beach, but prices for the more budget conscious range from approximately €53 per room per night including tax, for a one-star, and still have the advantage of being in the city centre with easy access to the beach.

The more luxurious hotels in Marbella come with a swimming pool, and most hotel rooms are either air conditioned or have a fan to keep occupants cool. Book early especially during the peak periods of the year and many hotels have their own website, making it easy to reserve online.


Hostels in Marbella

Hostels in Marbella

Hostels in Marbella are an ideal place to stay for those wishing to travel on a shoestring budget and meet and socialise with likeminded people. There is limited availability in the city but have the advantage of being well located, and accommodation can range from a private room to a shared room of two beds and upwards. Depending on the venue, some Marbella hostels also include a swimming pool, TV, and bar. Expect to pay from around €15 per night, but bear in mind that the room may be shared with other travellers, and therefore it is important to make sure that all possessions are in a secure area prior to leaving the premises, as visitors are in and out of the hostel throughout the day. Marbella hostels also fill up quickly during peak periods, and therefore those thinking of visiting a hostel should book as early as possible either by phone or online.


Apartments in Marbella

Self Catering accommodation/ Apartments in Marbella

Self catering accommodation or apartments in Marbella is the perfect compromise of being able to enjoy the luxury and facilities of a hotel such as a swimming pool and bar, whilst also having the independence of a normal home, and can often work out cheaper if staying in a big group or have a large family. Visitors are also not restricted by dedicated eating times associated with hotels. Apartments in Marbella are rated between one to three keys with three having the best facilities.

Marbella apartments can range from one room upwards and come furnished with comfortable and modern fittings, including a fully-equipped kitchen, air conditioning, central heating, direct telephone, colour television, electronic safety locks and optional safe deposit boxes. Prices vary according to the season and for a one bedroom apartment, expect to budget around €1,000 for two adults sharing for one week during the summer.

Many have restrictions on how many people are allowed per Marbella apartment, so this is worth checking before making a reservation over the phone or online. Some venues will take a 10% deposit at the time of booking and ask for the remaining balance on arrival.