Moscow: Accommodation

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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Moscow

Bed and Breakfasts in Moscow

Finding a cheap bed and breakfast for budget travellers in Moscow isn’t easy. Hostels in particular are quite expensive for budget travellers and the best deals for bed and breakfast accommodation in Moscow start from around €70 per night, which is a normal price. You may be successful in trying to negotiate a cheaper deal by bartering but you would do well to find private accommodation in a bed and breakfast in Moscow for a cheaper rate. Bed and breakfasts in Moscow have a great reputation for being clean, friendly and close to Moscow’s central amenities. Booking a Moscow bed and breakfast in advance makes little or no difference to the price either. If booking bed and breakfast accommodation in Moscow online, the usual procedure involves reserving a room with a ‘backup’ credit card and then paying the bill at the B&B. Be sure to cancel your bed and breakfast reservation in Moscow if need be to avoid being charged on the card you gave.


Apartments in Moscow

Apartments in Moscow

The Russian capital’s reputation as the billionaire’s city has given rise to holiday apartment renting in Moscow. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you can find holiday apartments to rent in Moscow from as low as €60 per night for a one bedroom, with an agency. If you are only staying in an apartment in Moscow for one night, it is possible that you will incur an extra cleaning charge. Many offer discounts should you stay an extended period in a Moscow apartment, but beware as some that offer special deals may subject you to a non-refundable cancellation period – so be sure of everything about your trip when you book. Deals on apartments in Moscow for 1-3 roomed places can be booked online or over the phone and will be English-speaking in the majority. Private renting is popular in Moscow too, but there are obvious legitimacy risks attached to such a venture. We recommend you book your holiday apartment rental in Moscow online prior to your travel to secure the best deal.


Hotels in Moscow

Hotels in Moscow

Hotel accommodation in Moscow is a competitive business and there are many chains, luxury and budget hotels to play host to a range of guests from different economic situations. Budget hotel rooms in Moscow start at approximately €70, but may be nothing more than a glorified bed and breakfast or have basic facilities. Though with many hotels competing for the budget market in Moscow, you can find bargains with added extras, such as free wireless internet, included breakfast and balconies. The most expensive hotels in Moscow include The Marriott which offers luxury accommodation from around €990 per night. Moscow caters for a range of budgets and you will find hotel prices with reasonable prices, you may even receive a much nicer room than you bargained for by paying that little bit extra. Moscow is a city that is famous for its links to organized crime, especially after the 1998 economic collapse and cartels do still operate in the city, so be careful.


Hostels in Moscow

Hostels in Moscow exist, but they are not classed as "hostels" as such; rather cheaper hotels. Hostels are a good option for travellers on a budget in Moscow however you need to keep your wits about you when staying in a hostel in Moscow. If you are determined on cheap holiday accommodation in Moscow, we recommend that you book a cheap holiday rental apartment in Moscow prior to travelling rather than stay in a hostel.