Paris: Accommodation

The City of Lights

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Bed and breakfasts are widely available in Paris however you might want to opt for accommodation that allows you to just rent the room. The strategy in Paris involves finding your own breakfast at a bakery or searching for a two- or three-star hotel room that provides comfort and convenience without frills or high costs. Some will offer you breakfast, but the price is unlikely to make you happy.


Hotels in Paris

Paris packs more charm, class, and cosiness per square foot into its hotels than just about any other city in the world. If you're going to visit the magnificent city of Paris and you have the means, why not do it in true style at a Paris luxury hotel? Paris has some of the world's finest, most luxurious hotels. This is a city that is well-suited to upscale services.


Apartments in Paris

If you have a larger party and you'll be staying more than a night or two, consider renting an apartment in Paris. Apartment rentals in Paris can be a very good idea because European hotel rooms tend to be small. If you're traveling with more than two people, chances are good you'll have to bulk multiple rooms. Another advantage of renting an apartment in Paris is that they are usually strategically located offering easy access to airports, tourist spots, restaurants and business districts. They are also close to the metro that runs to all parts of the city.


Hostels in Paris

Hostels in Paris - Paris hostels are another budget option and the majority of hostels in Paris can be booked in advance online. Though Paris hostels are simple, you have enough space to sleep, do your own washing and take rest until you are ready for your next journey. Hostels in Paris offer you the complete freedom to do and manage things on your own. In some of the hostels in Paris, communal dining facility is provided and if you have special request for menu then that is also entertained. Most of the hostels are operated by non-profit organizations, including faith-based groups.

Overnight on the train - One final strategy for your consideration: if you're leaving Paris to tour other areas by rail, consider an overnight stay on the train. It will give you an entire day and part of an evening in the city and you'll sleep at a lower price than most hotels would charge. It won't be the most restful night, but it will soothe your aching budget.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Paris

Paris has a number of self-catering options. The majority of self-catering accommodation in Paris are self-catered apartments and these can be found close to or within the city centre. Depending on your budget, you can find a wide range of self-catering apartments, from luxury to simple, from small to large, serviced and non-serviced. Self-catering apartments are an excellent option for families and larger groups or couples looking for more privacy. They are usually located within walking distance of the main attractions and sights, or are located near a metro station. Self-catering accommodation in Paris can be a cheaper option than hotels.