San Francisco: Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco

Although not as common as in Britain, San Francisco does have a few Bed and Breakfast guesthouses. These certainly offer more homely and welcoming accommodation than an impersonal motel chain. Many of the B & Bs in San Francisco are in Edwardian or Victorian properties adding to their charm. San Francisco’s B & Bs are located all over town, including downtown, in Nob Hill and in the Haight. This being San Francisco, there are also some gay and lesbian guesthouses in the Castro area of town. Prices for a standard double room are around $100 - $200 per night, so a Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco isn’t necessarily a low cost option. If you want to avoid the sterile character of a corporate motel chain then you should consider staying at one of San Francisco’s B & Bs. They are a friendlier, if not cheaper, option than a motel.


Apartments in San Francisco

If you plan to be in San Francisco for quite sometime or prefer to self-cater, you may want to consider a holiday apartment or house rental. Many apartments require a 30 day rental, although there are a few that offer accommodation by the week. Most of the holiday apartment rentals in San Francisco are in the nicer areas of town, such as Nob Hill and the Marina district, as well as downtown for visiting businessmen and women. Prices for an apartment or house will depend on the length of your stay.

A one month leased one bedroom apartment in San Francisco’s Financial District catering to business men can easily be more than $100 per night. A one week’s lease for a one bedroom apartment, still in a very nice area of town, can range from under a $100 to over $250 per night. Given that you can self-cater and so don’t need to eat out each meal, an apartment or house may be a cost effective way to stay in San Francisco. Another idea for an apartment or self-catering accommodation is a hotel which also offers studio apartments or a suite. There are several websites that can help you find a vacation apartment in San Francisco.


Hotels in San Francisco

There are lots of different hotels to choose from catering to all budgets. From the fancy five star affairs to luxury boutique or well-known national chains and budget accommodation – San Francisco has a hotel to meet all budgets and comfort requirements. Many of the prestigious hotels in San Francisco are often atop of well-known hill in the city (such Nob Hill) – giving the residence panoramic views of the city and bay. A room in a luxury hotel in San Francisco will generally cost more than $200 per night. One step down the comfort ladder expect to pay between $100 and $220 per night for a double room. Some of the hotels in San Francisco offer suites which have a small kitchenette, allowing you to self-cater.

Although San Francisco is popular all year round, many hotels will offer discounted rates, which should help to reduce the cost of accommodation in San Francisco. If you are travelling with kids many hotels do not charge extra for children if they stay in their parent’s room, although there may be a small fee for a roll-away bed.


Motels in San Francisco

Many of the national chains have a motel in San Francisco, and these can be just as good an option for accommodation in San Francisco as a hotel – if a bit uninspiring. One advantage of a national chain motel in San Francisco is that the quality and comfort standards will be fairly good. Depending on the time of year, you should still expect to pay around $100 or more for a double room in a national chain motel room in San Francisco.

Steer clear of motels that aren’t a national chain or aren’t in the more touristy areas as these may be a bit rough. Generally speaking, there won’t be much difference between a double room in a chain hotel or motel – both may have limited facilities and both may have a car park. Once again, if the children stay with their parents the motel shouldn’t charge extra for the kids (except for roll-away beds).


Hostels in San Francisco

San Francisco has a number of hostels for budget and student travelers. These hostels in San Francisco offer anything from a double en-suite room to a room in a dorm. As you would expect, a dorm is less expensive (starting at $23 per night) while a private double en-suite room starts at $60 per night. Most of San Francisco’s hostels are in the popular tourist location of either downtown or Fisherman’s Wharf. Some of the less expensive hostels are in less salubrious areas, where you will need to be careful, especially at night.