Seychelles: Accommodation

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Hotels in Seychelles

In general, hotels in Seychelles do not come cheap. The islands have a range of luxury properties with all the amenities you'd expect: spas, restaurants, beach loungers, sports facilities and excursions. Mid-range hotels in Seychelles are less common as this accommodation niche is dominated by guest-houses. A few visitors do not find the impeccable attention to detail in Seychelles that they experience elsewhere, which can be disappointing when you've paid 5-star prices. However, most visitors are too distracted by the natural beauty surrounding Seychelles hotels to worry about anything else.

The majority of Seychelles hotels have direct access to the sea and many of the luxury properties are located on semi-private or private islands with a jungle backdrop, silver-sand beaches and hammocks strung between palm trees. Alphonse, Anonyme, Bird Island, D'Arros, Denis Island, Desroches, Frégate and Silhouette are just a few of the tiny islands playing host to a handful of exclusive Seychelles hotels. Expect to pay between € 150 – 300 per double-occupancy room for mid-range options, and much more for 5-star properties. Online bookings for hotels in Seychelles are frequently possible.

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Chalets in Seychelles

Guest-houses, bungalows, bed-sitters, chalets, cottages or villas in Seychelles – call them what you will, the islands offer them in abundance and at varying price points. When business is slow, you may be able to bargain for a discount at many Seychelles guest-houses. Some establishments are charmingly kitschy, while others are sleek and impeccably decorated. Amenities also vary widely; it's great to find a guest-house offering snorkel gear, bike rental, a BBQ grill or extra beach towels. Most visitors do not find an issue with cleanliness, but keep in mind that insects are a fact of life in a tropical environment.

Most Seychelles guest-houses and chalets include breakfast in their price, which can range from € 60 per double-occupancy room, per night, to well over € 300. Some Seychelles accommodation options offer half-board (breakfast and dinner) plans, and informally, proprietors can usually arrange for a local cook to prepare a cheap and tasty Creole-style dinner or picnic lunch for you. Some guest-houses and chalets in Seychelles look out on exquisite beaches, while others are located a bit more inland and offer secluded, foliage-draped surroundings. Be sure to inquire about air conditioning if you are sensitive to the heat. Some Seychelles guest-houses and villas offer online bookings and web-sites, but telephone calls will often secure the best deals.

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Bed and Breakfast in Seychelles

Bed & Breakfast is not so much a formal category of accommodation in Seychelles but rather an option offered by many different properties, from 5-star hotels to family-run guest-houses. Seychelles bed and breakfast establishments typically offer simple, comfortable accommodation that includes a private bathroom, maid service and fresh-cooked breakfasts. Morning menus usually feature astoundingly fresh tropical fruits, including papayas, bananas and mangoes, plus a range of other items from cereal and toast through bacon and eggs. Most B&B's in Seychelles offer guests a choice of foods and will attempt to accommodate special requests and allergies. Staying in a bed and breakfast in Seychelles will give you a jump on your day and is a good choice for budget travellers.

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Self Catering Accommodation in Seychelles

Seychelles self-catering accommodation is a great way to economize on your holiday. Self-catering accommodation in Seychelles ranges from € 60 per double-occupancy room, per night, to upwards of € 500. Don't forget that most items in Seychelles groceries are imported, so prices can be higher than you might expect and both availability and freshness depend on many factors. There's a large supermarket on Mahé, and you'll find a good bakery and butcher-shop close to Victoria's bus station. If you've rented a car, consider picking up a flat of bottled water. The traditional Creole market in Victoria is also a good place to stock up.

Outside of Mahé, self-caterers in Seychelles will be provisioning themselves at small corner groceries. Gregoire's on La Digue is particularly good. Staples like bread, eggs, milk, soda, beer, rice, flour, onions, garlic, butter, packaged goods and the odd vegetable are usually easy to find. Roadside stands with fresh fish and fruits are worth a look-see, but remember that if you buy a fish, you'll have to scale and filet it! Pick up some local spices and cooking oil at the store, or bring a few essentials from home. Proprietors can often arrange for a local cook to procure and/or prepare Creole foods for very reasonable prices, making self-catering chalets and guest-houses in Seychelles a great way to experience authentic Seychelles cuisine.

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Resorts in Seychelles

Seychelles resorts boast some truly spectacular locations. If you're searching for a secluded island paradise and the ultimate in exclusivity, many resorts in Seychelles are located on small, picturesque tropical islands dotted with palms and fringed by white sand beaches. Spas, sports facilities, excursions, bikes and kayaks, restaurants and beach-side dining are all common features of Seychelles beach resorts. These properties have prices to match their superb amenities and locations: expect credit card charges from € 450 per night at the lowest end to well over € 2,500 per night for high-end Seychelles retreats. Most resort properties in Seychelles include a 5-star hotel with a range of detached accommodation options called villas, bungalows or chalets.

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