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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Sydney

Bed & Breakfast in Sydney

Bed and Breakfasts in Sydney are a great idea for anyone wanting an inexpensive stay that also allows them to eat out and about in Sydney's fine collection of restaurants. Bed and Breakfasts are widespread throughout King's Cross, Manly, Bondi and other Sydney tourist spots; whether it's a B&B in a hotel or in one of the many available Guest Houses. There are a range of standards of accommodation from 1 - 5 stars, the higher rating establishments usually based away from the Sydney's city centre. Rates may soar in summer but there are also some good bargain Bed and Breakfasts to be had out of season. Prices start from around $45 for a single and $70 for a double, dependant the rating and location.


Apartments in Sydney

Apartments in Sydney

Good quality apartments to rent for a week or more can be found throughout Sydney and are an excellent option for families or couples looking for a bit of privacy. Expect to shell out between $800-2000, depending on the time of the year, for a luxury 3 bedroom apartment in or around the centre of the city. Most Sydney apartments will be furnished to a high standard with satellite TV, internet and include free electricity, bed linen and a full compliment of kitchen facilities. However, many Sydney apartment owners do not allow pets so if you wish to bring one do check beforehand.

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Hotels in Sydney

Hotels in Sydney

There is an excellent range of hotels scattered all over Sydney that offer a host of diverse facilities. Those looking to relax and unwind should consider a hotel in the Darling Harbour with its views over the stunning waterfront. Alternatively, one may wish to be close to the action, and hotels around George St, Haymarket and King's Cross provide a plethora of suitable establishments across the board. Those with a taste for more rarefied atmospheres should head for The Rocks, Circular Quay or Elizabeth Bay, where Sydney's selection of excellent five-star hotels can be found. Price vary of course, but on average expect to pay anything from $60 upwards per night. All Sydney hotels use a rating system of 1 - 5 stars, the higher the rating the better standard of accommodation.

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Hostels in Sydney

Hostels in Sydney

Sydney has a huge choice of hostels catering to all tastes and budgets. The largest concentration of hostels in Sydney can be located in and around King's Cross, but there are also many excellent establishments in places like Bondi, Coogee, Glebe and Manly. Facilities range from dorms with mod-cons, ensuite and cooking areas to plain rooms with just a few bunks. Some Sydney hostels have set times for checking in, although nearly all allow 24-hour access once you have paid. Prices start from $16 but go up to nearer $20 during summer periods and can fluctuate throughout the year.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Sydney

Sydney has a range of self catering accommodation. We recommend you book your self catering accommodation in Sydney in advance as all the best self-catered apartments are usually booked up during peak seasons at least two months in advance.