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Bed and Breakfast in Venezuela

Bed and Breakfast in Caracas and Venezuela

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is generally not available in the capital Caracas. Here the hotel is the main type of accommodation available. However, you will find guesthouse accommodation in Venezuela in the more popular tourist areas such as Isla Margarita. These are known locally as posadas and are the best low cost option. Posadas usually offer breakfast and may provide dinner if requested. Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Venezuela (or posadas) can vary enormously in price and quality and are only in popular tourist location. You will find guesthouse in Venezuela in areas such as the off-shore islands, in Merida in the Andes, as well as in Canaima in southern Venezuela. You can expect to pay around $50 per night for a double room in a bed and breakfast in Venezuela (posada) on the Isla Margarita. For more information on staying in a guesthouse in Venezuela, view our list of pre-selected Venezuela accommodation links – updated hourly, to provide you – the traveller – with the latest deals and best accommodation options in Venezuela.

Apartments in Venezuela

Apartments and self-catering accommodation in Caracas and Venezuela

It is possible to hire a one or two bedroom apartment in Caracas for a week or so, but here aren’t many places to choose from. Some of the larger more upmarket hotels offer suites which have a fridge, microwave and coffee maker, but not a fully fitted kitchen.. Prices for an apartment sleeping 2-5 people will cost between $400 and $800 per week, depending on the season and location. Safe areas of town to stay in are the upmarket neighbourhoods such as Altamira and Las Mercedes. Perhaps your best bet for self-catering accommodation in Caracas is a hotel suite that includes a fridge, coffee maker and microwave so you can heat up your own food or make your own breakfast. Elsewhere in Venezuela the best place for self-catering accommodation is in the popular tourist location of Isla Margarita. If you want to stay in an apartment or self-catering accommodation, while in Caracas or Venezuela, see our Venezuela accommodation links. Updated hourly to provide you with the latest deals and information on apartments and self-catering accommodation in Venezuela, we have searched the net to offer you a wide range of options.

Hotels in Venezuela

Hotels in Caracas and Venezuela

There are several hotels to choose from in Caracas, but even the most reasonable will be a bit pricey by South American standards. Generally, hotels in Caracas are set up to accommodate business travellers. They tend to be booked up Monday to Thursday and empty on the weekends once the businessmen have left. Safe areas of town to stay are the upmarket neighbourhoods such as Altamira and Las Mercedes. Although more expensive you may want to choose a hotel in Caracas in one of these areas. Cheaper hotels are available in the Sabana Grande area (centre of town), but this can be a dangerous area after dark. Prices at a budget hotel for a room for two will be around $75 to $100 per night with a moderate hotel costing $150 to $200 per night. Luxury hotels can cost as much as $600 a night. Business travellers get the best rates so it may pay to say you are a corporate traveller and try to negotiate a better rate at the better hotels. Many upmarket hotels quote prices in Dollars. Hotels are also you best accommodation option for the rest of Venezuela. Prices and quality will range dramatically, but you may find it worth it to go for at least a mid-range hotel in Venezuela due to the greater comfort they provide. For more information on finding a hotel in Venezuela see

Hostels in Venezuela

Hostels in Caracas and Venezuela

Youth hostels are very scarce in Venezuela and there are none in the capitol Caracas. Your best bet for low cost accommodation in Caracas is a low cost hotel and a B&B (also know as posada) if you are in a popular tourist location in Venezuela, such as Isla Margarita.

Resorts in Venezuela

Resorts in Caracas and Venezuela

If you are looking for a luxury resort in Venezuela then your best bet is on the fantastic Isla Margarita. There are around a dozen high-end luxury resorts on Isla Margarita. A stay at one of these luxury resorts on this Venezuelan island will give you an unforgettable holiday on a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. If you enjoy golf be sure to stay at one of the island’s resorts with its own golf course. To get to either the Isla Margarita you will probably need to fly to Caracas on the mainland and catch a one hour connecting flight out to Porlamar the main town on the island. Isla Margarita has more than 50 beautiful tropical beaches and crystal clear warm waters – making it ideal for families as well as romantic get aways. Expect to pay at least $300 per night at a Venezuelan resort on Isla Margarita. For ideas on resorts in Venezuela see our list of holiday homes and resorts for Venezuela.

Lodges in Venezuela

Lodges in Caracas and Venezuela

There are no lodges in Caracas; however you’ll find lodges in and around many of the popular national parks in Venezuela, such as Henri Pittier National Park, Los Roques National Park and Caniama National Park. Staying at a lodge in one of these national parks will make for an unforgettable holiday in Venezuela. Whether you are enjoying the beautiful Venezuela coast, diving on off-shore islands or exploring the tropical jungle a lodge at one of these Venezuelan national parks is a great way to see the amazing wildlife of Venezuela. Staying at a lodge is not necessarily a low cost option. Prices for a one night stay in a lodge in Venezuela for a double room range from around $230 per person with a child costing around $120 near Angle Falls and the Caniama National Park. For ideas on resorts in Venezuela view our list of links to holiday homes and lodges in Venezuela.