Venice: Accommodation

Queen of the Adriatic


Hotels in Venice

Choosing a hotel in Venice

Venice is such a popular and costly place to visit, it is recommended to book a hotel as far in advance of your trip as possible. This becomes an absolute necessity during the peak weeks of Carnival (usually around the end of February), the Venice Film Festival (late August-early September), Easter and Christmas. Keep in mind that prices vary markedly from high season to low.

Staying in Venice is expensive and hotels can be found everywhere in Venice, although many are not clearly marked. If you are looking to book online, browse our links to accommodation in Venice - these are updated hourly to provide you with the latest deals and special offers on hotels and holiday apartments in Venice. 

A host of bed-and-breakfasts have opened up, and these provide good alternatives to hotels. Getting a hostel or budget accommodation in Venice is not always easy. Venice has the least dorm rooms and the most "ensuite" rooms in Europe. A three bed ensuite room for 25 dollars per person is great if you are a group of three people, you each pay 25 dollars and the room is yours. If you are a solo traveller and want to book the same room, you have to pay 75 dollars.

Where should I stay in Venice?

Travellers choose to stay outside the centre of Venice for a number of reasons. Avoiding tourist crowds is one reason given for avoiding central Venice, but actually there are parts of the island which are peaceful and down-to-earth. It is true that you can save money by choosing the Lido or Mestre as your base. There are a number of hotels on the main road near Marco Polo Airport. For a short trip, staying either near these transport hubs or near St. Mark's will help you make the most of your time. If you're planning a leisurely or romantic trip, seek out a slightly quieter location which might involve more walking or ferry trips.

Hotels in Venice

Venice's hotels are often accused of showing little charity toward the budget traveler, and their reputation may seem justified if you normally stay in a Motel 6 or a Holiday Inn back home. But it's important to remember that every towel, bar of soap, roll of toilet paper, bag of coffee, and loaf of bread must be delivered to your Venetian hotel by handcart or boat. Sewage may be stored in an underground cesspit and removed by barge. And labor isn't cheap in the Veneto region, which is the most prosperous area of Italy. In short, running a hotel in Venice is an expensive proposition, so it shouldn't be surprising that Venetian hotel rates are comparable to those in a large American city.
Central Venice is full of picturesque canals, narrow lanes, tourist thoroughfares and the occasional dodgy smell. The busiest tourist areas are around San Marco, Piazzale Roma and the railway station - although there are plenty of nice lanes, these areas are the most noisy and hectic. They are also the most convenient for sightseeing and travelling. For a short trip, staying either near these transport hubs or near St. Mark's will help you make the most of your time. If it's an extravagant holiday and your hotel has a water-entrance, you could splash out on a water taxi. Otherwise you will have to walk to and from the nearest vaporetto stop, transporting your luggage on arrival and departure. Before you book, check the location carefully and note how far the accommodation is from the nearest vaporetto stop, and how many canals - i.e. hump-backed bridges - you will need to cross. Smart hotels in Venice often quote prices for the room only, leaving breakfast as a very expensive extra (check when booking). Mini-bars and room-service are also very expensive. The prices start from $100 per night can go up to $300 per night. Avoid hotels on the Lido unless you're interested in a seaside resort vacation on an island that allows cars.


Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Venice

Bed and Breakfast hotels in Venice

In the centre of Venice you can find a number of bed and breakfast holiday accommodations, boasting luxurious rooms with satellite TV, air conditioning and traditional Venetian furnishings. The budget bed and breakfast accommodation price ranges from Euros 40 to 70 which includes; two clean newly refurbished double rooms (each for 2 people) with on-suite bathroom (shower) including breakfast. A bed and breakfast reservation can be made via telephone or by e-mail. Some places will require a guarantee deposit for the first night only, which can be made via an international postal order, bank transfer or by credit card via Pay pal secure online payment processor.


Apartments in Venice

Holiday Apartments in Venice

Apartments in Venice are all geographically centrally located in the heart of Venice. A vacation rental apartment in Venice offers a much larger space than a hotel room at a far less cost. In an ancient city that has to be the ultimate destination for a romantic vacation, apartments in Venice are the type of holiday accommodation in Veneto that is perfect for a honeymoon. From the vibrant city centre to more peaceful situations closer to one of the most fascinating stretches of coastline in Veneto, holiday rental accommodation in Venice is just as popular for a family vacation as a quiet trip for two or an exciting city break. You'll find opportunities for recreation and relaxation that would suit people of all ages without having to travel too far from any apartment rental in Venice. The studio apartments start from 450 Euros per week while the bigger apartments in Central Venice can start from 700 Euros per week.The city is small and that from your Venice apartment you will be within reach of all the sites. San Marco apartments are most central and so are Rialto apartments. The price for an attractively furnished family-size apartment is comparable to what you'd pay for a double room in a three-star hotel.


Hostels in Venice

Hostels in Venice

The best way to save money when you travel is to skip the fancy hotels and stay in a hostel in Venice. There are actually a few Venice hostels located on the island, and even though they aren’t ultra cheap, they are good bargains in this touristy city. Staying at a hostel in Venice on the islands is a great way to actually see the charm of this special location without being trampled by tour bus passengers. Wandering the tiny, car-free streets early in the morning or late in the evening can be a magical experience. The area where the Venice hostels are located on the mainland does have some good bars and late night eating spots, so if that is important you might be better off there. Beds in their 8-bunk dorms start around €40, and they also have rooms with 4 beds as well as private twin rooms starting around €60 per person. These are great prices for this location so if you are only staying for a night or two it might be worth it. Ostello Venezia, or Venice Hostel, offers cheap accommodations in a waterfront location that's easy to reach from St. Mark's Square, the Piazzale Roma, or the railroad station by public water bus. The youth hostel is open year-round except for two weeks in late December, and an annex is available when the main building is full. Total capacity is 254 beds. The 2009 rates for bed and breakfast are €21 per day in dormitories and €26 per day in family rooms. Lunch or dinner costs €10. You must have an IYHF or AIG card to stay at the hostel.


Motels in Venice

Motels in Venice

Motels in Venice may provide some good value for money, so they are worth checking out. If the budget plays an important role, the accommodation options require bit research to find out the perfect balance of funds and the right place to stay. This is where the cheap motels in Venice come in for help so as you can get the right accommodation within your budget.


Resorts in Venice

Resorts in Venice

Venice is the most suitable destination to have a lavish and luxurious holiday. Venice has the most luxurious resorts that you can expect to receive treatment as if you are of royalty. With the money you have, you can enjoy the best luxury holiday in Venice. Venice’s beach suburb, Lido is 10 minutes from San Marco by waterbus. By the late 19th century it was the smartest bathing resort in Italy. Today, this 18 km-long sandbar is less fashionable; most of its glamour is provided by a couple of famous hotels with their own private beaches, and the glitzy Venice Film Festival, held August/September. The beaches gets busy in summer with Italian and foreign tourists. There is a beach resort, Lido De Jesolo, just 30 miles from Venice. The beach stretches for 15km's and is crowded with rows upon rows of umbrellas and sun loungers. The beach itself is clean and the sea is shallow until quite a way out, which makes it ideal for kids. In fact the whole resort is ideal for kids. There is a huge amount for them to do, from funfairs and arcades to an aqua park. The resort near Venice is packed with families and young children. Not what you want when you’re just a couple looking for a bit of peace and quiet.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Venice

Self Catering Accommodation in Venice

When you stay in a city for a week or longer, a furnished vacation apartment in Venice can have advantages over a hotel: You'll get more space, you'll have a kitchen, and you’re likely to save money and--perhaps most important--you can enjoy the fantasy of being a resident expat instead of a tourist. Prices vary with the season for self catering accommodation in Venice, but they're about what you might pay for a nice double room at a three-star hotel. The minimum stay is three days, with payment by cash or check.