Barbados: All Inclusive

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Beach in Barbados

The west coast of Barbados is frequently referred to as the "Platinum Coast" and is known all over the world for the crystal clear warm waters and stunning golden sands. This coast is perfect a family holiday or a romantic retreat. There are more than a few magnificent beaches along this coast including Brandons, Batts Rock, Fitts Village, Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane and Folkestone Park in St.James or Mullins Bay and Heywoods. The waters on the beaches are ideal for swimming.

The beaches of Barbados are amongst the best in the world, infact the beach at The Crane in the south was rated "one of the ten best beaches in the world" by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are made from finely ground coral creating a clean fine grain.

In the south of Barbados the waves are gentle great for body surfing and windsurfing. Annual surfing competitions are held on the south and east coast of Barbados. The east and north coast of Barbados meets the Atlantic Ocean and this is where you’ll find the big waves. This coast is not recommended for swimming except for a few secluded and protected bays. The strong currents and aggressive waves are a spectacle to behold and this area attracts a lot of daring and highly skilled surfers.

All beaches in Barbados are open to the public. Properties which are fortunate enough to open out onto a beach own the land to the high-water mark only. Access to the beach is a right for every Barbadian and sea front properties re required to provide a public right of way across their land to the sea. There are no nude beaches in Barbados as nudism is illegal.


Cruises in Barbados

Barbados is a regular stop off for those embarking on a Caribbean cruise and this is a great way to experience the whole of the Caribbean. If you’re staying in Barbados there are cruises on offer that will give you a great tour of the island and there’s plenty on offer for everyone with cruises on various boats to suit your needs and requirements. There are plenty of Romantic Cruises that various cruise and catamaran companies provide that will take you alonf the coast at different times of the day, some early cruises and some that allow you to sit out at sea, watch the sun go down and the sparkling stars appear. There is also the well known ‘Jolly Roger Cruise’ which is a pirate themed cruise along the coast. This is a great activity to do as a family or in a group of friends. Barbados has a fantastic array of catamaran cruise comapnaies which give great deals on various types of experiences. You can have them cater to your specific needs and enjoy cocktails and food on board depending on the package you chose. There are also diving catamarans which include diving around the shipwreck off the west coast and swimming with turtles. Kids and adults alike will not be disappointed. It’s possible to join larger groups or to have your own private catamaran between friends. Whichever way you do it you’ll have a brilliant time.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Barbados

Barbados is an island with plenty of history and bags full of culture to soak up. Barbados has an array of Jacobean, Georgian and Victorian buildings and homes. There are even pirate castles with fresco ceilings and ornate 16th century Italian sculptures. Their culture enjoys tonnes of colourful music, styles, foods and sports such as cricket, golf, surfing and horse riding.

The Gap in the south of Barbados is a great place to go to experience the various cultures meeting and merging. Here you’ll find the best music on the island and you’ll understand why the Barbadian people are famous for their warm, welcoming and fun loving personalities. There are also a fair few galleries on the island of Barbados where the works reflect the culture of the island. Zemicon in Bridgetown offers a contemporary look on Barbados and many galleries use their space to display the crafts of their people and history.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Barbados

Barbados is a brilliant place for families. The west coast is the most ideal area with calm waters for children to swim in and great water sports and activities taking place. There are also great places to enjoy fun and educational experiences Barbados has to offer such as the Wildlife Reserve or Harrison's Cave. The coast of Barbados is a brilliant place to explore with family trips out on the submarines that tour the ship wreck off the coast of Barbados and gets down to the habitats of the incredible tropical fish. There are helicopter rides and safaris across country so children will never be short of entertainment. Many hotels on the west coast are child friendly with a lot providing baby sitting facilities and kids clubs so the parents can relax for a few hours.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Barbados

Barbados is a great choice if you are looking for a corporate holiday destination. Despite the 8 hour flight time from the UK, Barbados is a beautiful island with excellent sunny weather all year round. With so many activities on offer, from caving to sailing or golfing, Barbados offers numerous options for team-building activities.

Barbados also has plenty of great hotels on the west and south coast that can cater for corporate events and there are great group activities all over the island of Barbados. Not only are there brilliant hotels but large villas that will also consider applications for corporate holidays. There are plenty of hotels and conference centres in Barbados that would offer an ideal location for corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows, conventions or smaller workshops and group meetings. Hotels and conference centres will provide the equipment required while there are destination management specialists in Barbados who can take on your travel arrangements and provide support services. For an alternative venue for a corporate event, have a look at ‘Tall Ships’ which can accommodate a few hundred associates for a  business conference or meeting. Barbados is an inspiring island with inspiring people and it is perfect for corporate group holidays and team building activities.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Barbados

Barbados is a very welcoming island and caters for all types of disabilties. An important factor when organising a holiday for disabled people is the location and accommodation. The majority of hotels, villas and holiday homes will have wheel chair access, but you should check in advance to make sure. The west and south coast are the most convenient areas to stay as there are plenty of local amenities. Hiring a car is a great way of getting around and the taxis are very reliable on the island.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Barbados

Barbadians love to sail and so do a lot of the visitors to Barbados because of its beautiful coastline and calm waters. The most popular sailing among visitors is done on the catamarans. One of the most relaxing ways to sail the coast of Barbados, especially for one day trips, is by catamaran. There are numerous companies offering private charters, day cruises, island to island cruises and sunset and full moon cruises. From the catamarans you can dine, enjoy cocktails, snorkel and dive with turtles and tropical fish. There is also the Ocean Racing Challenge which takes place in Barbados. Barbados is the only Caribbean destination that offers yacht racing.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Barbados

Barbados is a haven for well being because of the beautiful weather and fantastic sea. Escaping to this paradise will do the world of good for anyone and everyone. Spas are becoming more and more common on the island with many of the hotels having their own luxury spas on site. The Sandy Lane Spa is one great example of this with its beautiful architecture, waterfalls, pools and tropical gardens this is a beautiful setting to enjoy some relaxing and revitalising treatments. There are more than 25 treatments, as well as waxings, make-up lessons and a series of rituals that can last from two more than six hours. There are Ayurvedic head and body treatments, jet-lag reviver massages and a fantastic cooling envelopment which is great after over- exposure to the sun in order to ease the effects of heat. Their fitness centre provides a full fitness assessment as well as personal trainers, yoga, pilates and t'ai chi. Chakra Spa is one of the newest additions to Barbados’ brilliant Spas which has opened at the Accra Beach Hotel & Resort on the island’s south coast. Chakra Spa features a delightful array of treatments. These include a menu of 12 different types of massage, including the very pampering Chakra Energiser massage performed by two therapists at the same time. Body wraps, scrubs, French clay masques, manicures, pedicures and waxing are just a few examples of what’s available at the Chakra Spa. This spa is great if you’re looking for deals as well as they do deals for up to three friends; a ‘Mother-and-Daughter’ package and a ‘Men are from Mars’ package just for the guys comprising of a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. Don’t forget the Cher-Mere Day Spa, Yin Yang Clinic & Beauty Spa and the Smooth Shells Day Spa all of which supply great treatments. When Barbados does Spas and wellbeing they really do it. There are spas all over the island but Sandy Lanes and Chakra just give an example of what you can expect.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Barbados

Barbados has always been a popular winter sun destination. Peak season in Barbados is between December and February when visitors mainly from North America and Europe come to escpae their cold winter months. Most of the events in Barbados are held during the summer months so expect the winter to be a little quieter. However, the sun shines all year round in Barbados so there are still plenty of people around. At this time of year expect to pay anywhere between £950 if you’re trying to keep to a budget and £2300 if you are looking for absolute luxury. The term ‘budget’ in Barbados however does not by any means mean low quality as you will still get your money's worth.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Barbados

Barbados is a great place to visit for a group of ladies. The beaches are incredible and the waters of the west and south coast are perfect for swimming. If you want a relaxing hen holiday in Barbados then the island will provide plenty of stunning spots to relax in as well as incredible spas to get pampered in. Depending on the type of activities you want for your hen holiday, Barbados has a vast array to choose from. For a memorable experiences, hiring a catamaran for the day is a fantastic option. There are also party and cocktail catamarans to take advantage of which provides a great day out for a hen holiday.Barbados is a great place to learn how to surf as well if the bride to be is an active woman. The waters and instructors cater for complete novices to absolute pros.

Shopping is good in Barbados if you’re looking for souvenirs and traditional Bajan crafts otherwise there is one main mall in Bridgetown where you can get perfumes, make-up and swimming gear from. There is also Pelican Village on the outskirts of Bridgetown which have some antique stores, fashion stores and craft stores. It’s a nice place to wander round and have a bite to eat. And for evening entertainment St. Lawrence Gap has some great places to go for your hen holiday in Barbados which provide great beach bars to dance the night away. Start in one of the areas great restaurants such as Oceans or Pisces and then head to Harbour Lights where you’ll get a mix of cheesy entertainment and great Caribbean dance music. The people in Barbados are super friendly and fun, vibrant characters so you’ll always be guaranteed an amazing time. In harbour Lights on Wednesdays and Fridays you’ll have a free bar for a few hours in the late evening after paying an entry fee.

Be aware that Barbados still has connections to its British heritage and the Bajans are quite reserved when it comes to clothing. For example, it is expected that you are fully clothed when in shops and streets rather than bikini tops. However, when the festivals come along that rule doesn’t seem to apply. If you are in Barbados for Crop Over you will be in for a treat as the pinnacle of the festival is a parade of music, rum carts and dancing through the streets of Barbados which ends at the beach and you can cool off in the sea. This festival will provide an unforgettable experience, great entertainment and a taste of the real Barbados.

Stag Destination in Barbados

If you’re not looking for a hard core party scene, Barbados is a perfect location for a stag holiday. For an entertaining stag holiday in Barbados there are endless options. If you were planning on a stag weekend though, the 8 hour flight time may mean Barbados is no longer a viable option.

For daytime activities there are great golf courses, fantastic waters for surfing, excellent catamaran services and island safaris in jeeps that are guaranteed to excite. There are so many options you will be stuck for time to get them all in. And there is also a helicopter ride so you can view the beauty of the island from the skies. The south and east coast provides a great setting for surfing and attracts surfers from around the world. If you’re into cricket, Cricket is the national sport of Barbados so if you want to watch a match with the fanatics check out match dates and enjoy the game at the Bridgetown Cricket Ground. During the evening, there are numerous bars and clubs to choose from, the majority of which are located within the hotels.

When it comes to accommodation, self catering apartments and villas are a great idea for a stag group and you’ll find plenty on the west and south coast. Book in advance to avoid disappointment and if you are looking f

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Barbados

Barbados is a stunning island and a perfect paradise for couples looking for a fun and romantic holiday in the sun. The gorgeous coral sands are beautifully kept and the crystal waters are ideal for romantic adventures and activities. The many catamaran companies in Barbados offer great romantic packages for days out on the coast and there are great spas in Barbados that offer fantastic relaxing treatments for both men and women. The number of therapies, massages and treatments they offer are endless.

With serene atmospheres and gorgeous sea views, the west coast beaches are what Barbados are famous for. The east coast is great to explore as the beaches are often very quiet and the strong Atlantic waves are a sight to behold. The western and southern area of Barbados has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean and you’ll find beautiful places such as Pisces, a fish restaurant, which has great views and a romantic atmosphere. Also in the south you’ll find The Crane, one of the best beaches in the world, which also has one of the most stunning and classical hotels in the world with breath taking views.

There are so many options in Barbados that you’ll be spoilt for choice but whether you want an activity packed couples holiday in Barbados or you just want to relax, be pampered and soak up the rays Barbados has all you need.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Barbados

Barbados is a fun, vibrant and island with has a great, warm-hearted and welcoming culture to dive right in to. There’s plenty on offer on the island for a great party or singles holiday in Barbados. From relaxing on the immaculate beaches catching the rays to adrenaline fuelled water sports and great party places Barbados will spoil you for choice. A great time of year to visit Barbados if you love entertainment, a party atmosphere and a good dance is during the Crop Over period which runs from the end of July right through to August. It celebrates the end of the sugar season and attracts visitors from across the globe annually. The exact dates of various events change slightly each year so make sure before you book so you don’t miss out on the fun. You’ll get the chance to dance alongside rum carts, be part of the dazzling parade and spend the day mixing with the locals and generally partying non-stop. Barbados has the perfect cure for late nights as well with its numerous spas offering endless amounts of treatments and therapies. For activity hunters there’s surfing on the south and east coast and great diving and snorkeling opportunities with a ship wreck to explore off the west coast. Join one of the catamaran tours and have the chance to enjoy cocktails on board after swimming with turtles and tropical fish. And once you’ve built up an appetite enjoy the many restaurants on the island. The majority of activity occurs in the west and south and you’ll find foods to suit all tastes and budgets. The Gap area of Barbados, in the south, is home to the party venues. Harbour Lights is just one of the popular places to dance away the evening under the stars next to the warm Caribbean Sea. Lots of locals love going here which is always a good sign. 1

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Barbados

A diving or snorkeling holiday provides an unforgettable experience for everyone who takes part. Barbados has great under water treasures to explore such as shipwrecks dating back to WWI and WWII off the west coast and thousands of colourful reef fish and turtles to swim alongside. The Blue Water Dive Company which is part of the Hilton on the west coast is a great place to go as they dive three or four times a day and Barbados, with its ideal weather conditions, allows for diving every day of the year. The opportunity to dive reef and wreck, deep and shallow and even at night is possible with Blue Waters. However there are other great dive centres offering super packages and qualified instructors. Snorkeling with turtles is an amazing experience which can be enjoyed in groups of friends or families.

Barbados is frequented by 4 species of endangered sea turtle: Greens, Hawksbill, Loggerheads and Leatherbacks. There are speed boat cruises up the west coast to Payne’s Bay where swimming with Green Sea Turtles takes place. Divers enjoy warm water temperatures all year round varying from 29°C (84°F) in the summer months of July to September to 27°C (77°F) in the winter months January to March. There are diving courses available in Barbados as well. There is the PADI Scuba Diver course (1-2 days) and this is the intermediate course and gets divers down to 40 ft. This diving course is a good option for the annual holiday maker who likes to dive along their travels. As long as the diver keeps diving this and every PADI certification never expires. The most common certification course in Barbados is the PADI Open Water Course (3-4 days) which requires dive students to complete the PADI Open Water manual and have four open water dives.

Once certified, open water divers can dive anywhere in the world up to 60 ft provided they dive with a certified dive buddy. Blue Waters in a great place to do a Dive Course but there are other very good dive centres on the Island so it’s best to go with a centre that suits you.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Barbados

Golf holidays in Barbados are proving to be very popular for all abilities. For those new to the game the Almond beach Village on the west coast is a great place to practice on this gentle nine-hole par 3 course.

This is the oldest club in Barbados and has great grounds. Rockley Golf Club offers golfing tutorials for those wishing to start playing the game but it’s a good idea to book ahead. For those who are more advanced in the game Sandy Lane is a popular spot. World Champion Tiger Woods loves this place so much that he even got married at Sandy Lane.

If you really are a fanatic Sandy Lane in Barbados is a great place to stay as it has fantastic accommodation, a luxury spa and of course golf on your doorstep. Two of the three courses here were designed by Tom Fazio and this is a beautiful place to play. For a testing game there’s the Royal Westmoreland which has tight greens with one bordering a ravine and it has top-rated par threes.

Barbados is a beautiful island to play golf on with fantastic scenery and stunning weather.


Honeymoon in Barbados

Barbados has everything that Honeymoon dreams are made of. Most hotels and apartments offer superb Honeymoon packages in Barbados. For example down at The Crane (one of the best beaches in the world that houses one of the most beautiful hotels on the island) you’ll receive fresh flowers on arrival, a bottle of wine in the room, in-room breakfast the morning after your travels and a 5 hour daytime catamaran cruise.

The catamaran cruises provide an unforgettable experience depending on what package you get. There are romantic tours, cocktail catamarans and turtle diving tours. Catamaran companies will cater to your every need and supply an incredible experience. The Crane is in the south of Barbados and therefore not far from great restaurants and The Gap which is where the majority of the nightlife occurs.

If you want a quiet retreat the Caspian beach Apartments offer a tranquil and quiet getaway to enjoy the company of your loved one in the paradise setting of crystal waters, coral sands and clear blue skies that is Barbados. These apartments are near Speightstown on the more northerly part of the west coast so you’ll be free from any hustle and bustle. This is the perfect place to wind down after an eventful wedding.

There are great health and well being options available for couples as well with the numerous spas in Barbados. They have superb treatments for both men and women so it’s a great thing to do as a couple in order to really relax and rejuvenate your body. If you want to enjoy some fun activities together there are island safaris, surfing and windsurfing, golf, helicopter rides and some of the most vibrant festivals in the Caribbean to take part in.

Holidaying in Barbados in winter or summer is a great place to visit as the sun shines all year round.