Boston: All Inclusive

The Athens of America


Backpacking in Boston

Boston does provide some backpacking and hitchhiking holiday opportunities, but there are some even better areas to explore slightly further afield in New England. The nearest backpacking holiday spot to the downtown area is Boston Harbor Islands. The islands offer backpackers thriving trails, historic lighthouses, tide pools, fishing, camping and tours. The islands host the oldest lighthouse sight in the United States and once provided a stronghold to defend Boston. A six-island round trip fare can be purchased for just over €10. Accommodation for backpackers in Boston is plentiful. A reliable, clean and well placed option is the Hostelling International hostel in downtown Boston. A bed in a six bunk dorm will cost €30 a night.


Beach in Boston

Boston is not ideal for a beach holiday and pales in comparison to what its East Coast neighbors Miami and South Carolina have to offer. However, if you are in Boston and fancy taking a trip to the beach it does have a couple of options. Revere beach can be easily accessed from Boston, with a simple trip on the Blue Line to Wonderland station. Carson beach is similarly convenient, with a trip on the Red Line to JFK-UMass, but is not as nice as Revere. If you want more choice in your beach holiday then it is necessary to go further afield in Massachusetts and the surrounding area.


Camping in Boston

If you are looking for a camping holiday, there are one or two options a short distance from Boston. The first of these is at the Boston Minuteman Camping Ground. It is located 30 miles northwest of Boston and offers traditional log cabins located in thick woodland with modern amenities such as a pool, convenience store, playground, basketball court, games room and Wi-Fi. It is also possible to camp at three of the islands at Boston Harbor. Again, Massachusetts offers greater opportunities for the more adventurous camper, but these can be some distance from Boston.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Boston

Boston has everything you could ask for from a city break. Whether you are looking for a new and exciting place to visit for a few days or an area that you can really get your teeth into for a week or more, Boston is for you. Why not start your city break with a baseball game at historic Fenway Park? You could follow this up with a walk round the campus of the world renowned Harvard university, before a meal at the classy No. 9 Park restaurant and a night out at Scullers Jazz Club.

If you want to take in some historical sights and museums in your city break, Boston can provide that too. If this is your cup of tea then the Freedom Trail is essential. This is a walking tour around some of the most historically significant parts of Boston over a two to three hour period. You will literally follow in the footsteps of history. There are also a wide range of museums on offer, including the remarkable Museum of Science. Boston can be an ideal city break for visitors and offers a far more relaxing alternative to the hustle and bustle of New York.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Boston

Boston could be an option for a corporate weekend holiday but it would not be able to provide the paintballing, abseiling or rock climbing activities that other destinations offer. It can offer a corporate weekend filled with historic sights, sporting events, culture, great food and some excellent bars. One thing is for sure, your staff would be more than happy if you announced that you were going to take them all away to Boston for a corporate weekend. It might not have the furious activities of some places or the glorious weather of others, but it is an engrossing city which will keep you entertained.


Cruises in Boston

With its position on the East Coast, Boston can offer a number of boat tours and cruises. There are Boston Harbor Cruises which will offer you a view of Boston which you have never seen before, trips to Provincetown and Cape Cod that offer you the chance to get away from it all and whale watching expeditions that can leave you in complete awe of one of the world’s most spectacular animals. You can also take a tour around some of the 34 islands that make up the Boston Harbor Islands and learn about the history of these fascinating areas.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Boston

Boston’s history has resulted in a city which is culturally rich and full of various art forms. What better way to start your holiday than with a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts? The museum is over 120 years old and is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world. It is home to over 450,000 works of art from a number of eras and styles. The museum also regularly has special exhibitions.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Boston, a walk along the Freedom Trail is a must. The trail takes visitors along a winding route of 17 of the most important historical locations in Boston. You will see some of the key locations in the beginnings of Boston as a city and hideouts and headquarters during the American war of independence. A culture and arts holiday in Boston would not be complete without a trip to Harvard, one of the most respected educational establishments in the world. Boston is teeming with culture and would be an ideal destination if this is what you are after.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Boston

Disabled visitors should hold no fears about Boston’s accessibility. As a relatively compact city, it is not necessary for anyone with a disability to have to try and transfer on and off transportation all the time. All the main attractions, restaurants and accommodation have entrances that are equipped to welcome disabled visitors. The one concern may be for wheelchair users when traversing some of Boston’s cobbled streets, though these are only present in a relatively small part of the city. There are plenty of disabled car parking spaces in Boston, so if you are planning to drive around the city, that will not be a problem.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Boston

Boston has a number of qualities that make it suitable for a family holiday. For a city as densely populated as it is, it is not overwhelmingly busy. Parents with small children can happily walk around Boston’s streets without fear that their little ones might be bumped into or scared by the rushing adults.

Attractions like the New England Aquarium and Fenway Park will keep youngsters entertained and fascinated. The New England Aquarium in particular is geared towards attracting children and they will jump at the chance to hold starfish and crabs.

Parents with fussy children should not worry either, Boston’s vast array of restaurants have a number of simple, suitable children’s meals. The wide selection of accommodation in Boston is also geared towards a family holiday. You could rent out a bed and breakfast or a spacious hotel room. Families will love Boston and will enjoy a holiday they won’t forget.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Boston

There is no reason that any gay and lesbian couples wishing to take a trip to Boston should think again. There is a thriving gay community in Boston and nightclubs and bars that can be visited for nights out. There is a website called Edge Boston which is a gay and lesbian source for Boston. The website contains information about clubs, news, gigs, films and anything that might interest Boston’s gay or lesbian community, or anyone who is interested in it. As a liberal city, Boston is welcoming to people of all sexual orientations. Boston has an annual gay pride march. This year’s is on June 13. Why not book your holiday to coincide with it?

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Boston

Boston’s nightlife can offer an array of bars and a selection of large nightclubs to play host to a hen holiday. Boston’s residents certainly enjoy a drink or two, but these drinks are often consumed in bars with relatively low music, if any music at all. The city does have a number of large clubs, though most bars and clubs close at 2am, so any rampant hen holidays could be left a little disappointed. If you do want to try your luck, The Liquor Store, in Boylston Place, has a reputation as a naughty party bar and The Roxy on Tremont Street has a number of themed nights, including techno and even Reggae. A hen holiday in Boston can certainly be worthwhile, though the nights may end a little earlier than in some sleepless destinations.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Boston

The plethora of professional sports teams that call Boston home and the locals enjoyment of a drink (or 10), make Boston a good location for a stag do. Before the madness begins, or after as a recovery, the stag group could make their way to Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play or to the Boston Garden to see the reigning NBA Champions, the Boston Celtics compete. After that a trip to Sam Adams Brewery for a free beer and a guided tour would be a good prelude to the nights festivities. A few pints of Mr. Adam’s beer could be consumed in some of Boston’s friendly bars before the night really swings into gear at somewhere like Avalon, a 2000 capacity club with four different rooms.


Honeymoon in Boston

Boston’s history, culture and scenic surroundings would make it a lovely place for a honeymoon holiday. While the weather in Boston is not as reliable as some other destinations, it can make up for that in other ways. A romantic cruise around Boston’s harbor and the view of the city from the water would be an enjoyable activity for a pair of newlyweds. Boston’s laidback feel would be ideal for a couple who are looking to relax after the stress of organizing a wedding and all that it entails. Taking in some of Boston’s historical sights would be the perfect way for you to spend your honeymoon.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Boston

Any single holiday goers looking for a frantic holiday full of partying need look no further than Boston. Its mix of traditional American bars, loud, large nightclubs and abundant student population, ensure this is a city that knows how to party. There are also plenty of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed during the day time, as you nurse that hangover and try and recuperate. You will not be short of attractive members of the opposite sex in Boston’s many bars and nightclubs. If you are travelling on your own, safety will not be an issue and the friendly locals will welcome you as one of their own.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Boston

Boston has plenty for couples to do and it’s mixture of entertainment, culture, history and good food will ensure that your holiday is a break to remember. Boston is a city built for walking around so plenty of relaxing, romantic strolls can be enjoyed on its streets. If you are interested in history, Boston has a past that will keep you engrossed for the duration of your stay and beyond. If sport is your thing, the city’s many franchises will have you on the edge of your seat. If you are food connoisseurs, you will love Boston’s choice and variety of restaurants. If you are a couple looking to book your next holiday, look no further than Boston.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Boston

Boston has a few golf courses either on the edge of the city or nearby but it isn’t a prime location for a golf holiday. The courses are quite expensive to play at and are not for beginner golfers. In truth, Boston is probably not the ideal destination for a golf holiday. It does not have the gorgeous weather or wealth of golf courses that you would seek from a golf holiday.

Skiing - Snow Boarding

Skiing - Snow Boarding in Boston

There aren’t any ski resorts or ski slopes in Boston itself but there is one a short distance away. Mount Sunapee Ski Area is the nearest ski slope to Boston. It is about a 90 minute drive away from the city and is quite reasonable in terms of cost. A weekend pass will cost you €50 and rentals start at €30 per day. Other than Mount Sunapee, there isn’t really much to offer those looking for a ski holiday in Boston.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Boston

A sailing holiday in Boston is a great way to blow away the cobwebs and have an exhilarating and worthwhile break. The Boston Sailing Center was set up in 1977 and offers excellent tuition, rentals and equipment. The Boston Sailing Center will teach you everything you need to know to sail but it is expensive and can be very tiring. The “learn to sail” course at the center will cost around €600. Alternatively you can take some sailing lessons with the Boston Harbor Sailing Club. The course includes 18 hours of boat handling followed by a six hour navigation cruise through the Harbor. Again, this is expensive and will cost €600. If you are already a competent sailor, Boston will be a fantastic sailing holiday for you. The Boston Harbor Islands are crying out to be explored and the view of Boston from sea is wonderful.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Boston

There are few better ways to see the sights and sounds of Boston than on the seat of a bike. Boston has been made cycle-friendly with a plethora of cycle lanes and parks. Boston’s size means you won’t be exhausted cycling around the city either, too tired at the end of your day to do anything at night. It is compact and easily manageable to travel around on two wheels. If you do feel like a break, you can take your bike on the subway, commuter trains and buses. There are a number of bike trails just waiting to be explored, including the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, an 11 mile trail connecting Bedford and Cambridge. Boston would make the perfect location for a cycling holiday.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Boston

With no sales tax on any clothing item under $175, what better destination for shopaholics than Boston? Shopping is one of the main reasons people visit Boston and it isn’t hard to see why. Newbury Street has a wide range of shops that sprawl across eight blocks, offering a number of different goods to suit every taste. If you enjoy history as well as shopping, you can combine the two with a trip to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The area has been a marketplace since 1742 and was the site for a number of speeches by Samuel Adams. Today, Faneuil Hall has an array of charming shops and an excellent food court. A relaxing bit of retail therapy can be carried out at Downtown Crossing. No cars are permitted in this area so you can casually wander around, free from any pollution or beeping car horns. If you’re busting to spend, spend, spend, take a trip to Boston to satisfy your urge.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Boston

Boston’s relaxed feel and laid back attitude lends itself well to a nice, relaxing spa holiday. There are a number of spas in and around the Boston area where you can be pampered and preened until your heart is content. Possibly the most opulent of these is the spa at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Located in stunning scenery with the sprawling water right in front of you, the spa at the hotel is blissful. Here you can get a massage, facial, body treatments, manicure or pedicure. Like many things in Boston, a spa holiday will not come cheap, but it will leave you feeling as though you have had a massive weight taken off your shoulders.

Touring - Driving holiday

Touring - Driving holiday in Boston

Being such a compact city, Boston is not made for driving around. The roads are often congested and busy and even very short journeys can end up taking an inordinate amount of time. For that reason, a driving holiday around Boston would be an inadvisable trip. Roads should be avoided if at all possible when in Boston, so a trip which is dedicated to staying on them could end up being less of a break and more of a worry. There are several lovely winding roads further afield in Massachusetts and New England but a driving holiday in Boston itself would not be a good idea.