Fuerteventura: All Inclusive

White beaches, volcanic mountains, palm trees and goats (lots of goats!)


Backpacking in Fuerteventura

Backpacking in Fuerteventura is an affordable way to explore the island with a few good value for money hostels found in Puerto del Rosario and Corralejo. Urban hostels in Fuerteventura are within easy walking distance of public transport, beaches, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, major shopping venues, supermarkets, and many popular tourist attractions. Most backpacking accommodations range in price from about €15 - €30 per night most include towels, linen, washing machines, 24 hour bilingual reception and self catering facilities. Arrangements can also be made for backpackers to explore beyond the city with day trips to other islands such as Lanzarote.


Beach in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an excellent beach holiday destination, and has some of the best beaches in Europe. In the north enjoy golden sand dunes in Corralejo. Most beaches have sun beds and umbrellas to rent. Check out Flag Beach, Glass Beach and Drop Beach. You can even try your hand at windsurfing. Town beach is perfect for families. In the south enjoy the white sandy beaches of Jandia that stretch far and wide along the coast. Visitors in Caleta de Fuste can check out Caleta beach, a horse shoe shaped beach ideal for families.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura offers the ideal destination if you’re looking for a city break on a fun loving, sun drenched Canary island. Fuerteventura makes for a great opportunity to a ride a tourist tram and enjoy the market charm of Puerto del Rosario (the capital) or the scenic town of Betancuria. Feel the mix of European and indigenous cultures as you stroll through the streets, or take lunch in a fabulous local eatery. Fuerteventura Island can be taken in in one visit and public transportation is efficient and cheap. Most of the main tourist sites can be reached by bus. You will, however, need at least a few days to take in the best of all Fuerteventura as the island is ideally a beach holiday destination.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Fuerteventura

A corporate weekend in Fuerteventura is a great opportunity to visit a laid back sunny Canary island. Visitors on a corporate weekend in Fuerteventura will also appreciate the town's charming scenery (endless beaches) and restaurants and bars. Resorts in Fuerteventura offer corporate weekender's team building activities such as golf, windsurfing, and tennis. Often referred to as “sunny Fuerteventura” the island offers a diverse range of sights to see, things to do and places to stay, catering to all budgets and tastes. Fuerteventura provides the perfect setting for people and ideas of differing backgrounds to come together and for team building to thrive. Fuerteventura is a good setting for corporate weekends


Cruises in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a well known and well serviced cruise hub within the Canary Islands. Passengers can travel throughout all the islands and to and from Cadiz, Spain. The cruise port in Fuerteventura is Puerto Rosario. Three cruise companies serve the islands: Trasmediterranea, Fred Olsen, and Naveria Armas. Cruises to and from Fuerteventura to the islands operate year round. Other cruise ships scheduled operate from October to April including one from Southampton, UK.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura's culture and arts scene is unique and mostly localized. Fuerteventura offers a diverse range of museums showcasing the island's colourful history and development. Top museums include the Fuerteventura's Arqueológico & Ethnográfico Museum found in Bentacuria, showcasing the relics of the island's original inhabitants, the Guanches. The Casa Museo Unamuno is also popular. Visitos to Puerto del Rosario can stop into the hotel where poet Miguel Unamuno spent most of his time on the island. There is a small exhibition of furnishings and memorabilia explaining the writer's time on the island as he was exiled here in 1924 for criticising King Alfonso XII. Finally, the Museo de La Alcogida is an open air museum, that preserves the lifestyle of the inhabitants from 100 years ago. Puerto del Rosario is also home to many concerts including a jazz and traditional music festival. There are several island-based musicians who tour venues island-wide providing quality entertainment. There are numerous local flamenco and jazz performances to be found in Fuerteventura.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Fuerteventura

Cycling in Fuerteventura is a great way to experience the island. There is an abundance of cycling lanes and trails to be explored ranging from easy to more challenging. You can cycle the entire island or try a gentle cycle path from Caleta de Fuste towards Costa De Antigua. Book your bicycle with Caleta Cycles in Caleta de Fuste. Two bikes can be rented for €12. For a challenging, spectacular mountainous cycling route, try the Pajara-Betancuria road. Other interesting cycling routes in Fuerteventura include Caleta-Pozo Negro; Caleta-Corralejo-El Cotillo-Lajares-Villaverde-La Olivia-Caleta; Caleta-Pajara-La Pared/Cofete (spectacular views at the summit); Caleta-Sotavento-Moro Jable.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a reasonably disabled-friendly island. Signs mark disabled access for public toilets and priority seats are found on all public transport. Transfers to and from the airport can be booked ahead of time, or you can ask your hotel to provide for your mobility needs. Disabled facilities in the hostels and resorts in Fuerteventura include bathrooms with wheel-in showers, good access throughout the hotel and hotel facilities. Corrajelo is a good option as it is not hilly, and is typicallly wheelchair friendly.
Note that often in Fuerteventura bathrooms in bars and restaurants can be inaccessible for those with mobility problems as many are located down a flight of stairs.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an ideal family destination. The bustling island has many of the top attractions catering to young people. Children can enjoy any number of water sports and activities along Fuerteventura's beaches. Families can spend a day hiking a volcano or enjoying a heritage windmill or museum in one of the villages. A highlight of the trip could be the pirate ship Pedro Sartana in Morro Jable. Children can pretend to be pirates aboard the ship and swim and snorkel after lunch.

Families will also love the Oasis de Los Camellos’ zoo. The zoo is home to a small selection of animals in a delightful setting with narrow, shady tracks and brightly coloured plants. The most popular attraction is the herd of baby camels (there are some 220 in total), the parrots, crocodiles, giraffes, meerkats and the new sea lion show. Parque Natural de Corralejo will also be a hit; the park is a protected nature reserve and offers a variety of plant types. Visitors can enjoy the sun and surf or mountain bike or hike the area. The park is also the site for Fuerteventura's annual kite festival. Nearby you will find Baku Water Park, complete with slides and a wave pool. There is also an aquarium. There is also a wide range of family friendly accommodation options available for reasonable prices in Fuerteventura, which makes this island is a fantastic option for a family holiday.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is not known being a gay and lesbian holiday destination. There are a few gay friendly accommodations including La Casa Gay in Puerto del Rosario, Apartamento Parque Holandes, and Lets Go Galeta in Antigua. The only gay/lesbian bar on the island is Bubbles Bar Corralejo.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an exotic and exciting destination for a hen party. Fuerteventura offers party-goers an exciting and fun filled night out with plenty of local bars and restaurants but the island is predominantly a beach mecca. Fuerteventura is perfect for women looking for a hen weekend of hiking, or windsurfing with breathtaking views of a volcanic island. Resorts and hotels offer plenty of activities such as tennis, golf and surfing. You can finish your beach day off with a night of cocktails. Fuerteventura also has some very good museums and charming villages but the allure is the infinite number of beach bars, live music venues and restaurants. Celebrate your hen do in Fuerteventura with local shopping, a traditional spa retreat, or maybe a lazy day at any number of Fuerteventura's stunning beaches.


Honeymoon in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is perfect for honeymooners looking for white sandy beaches. Fuerteventura provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate honeymoon on a romantic island. Couples can dine in any number of Fuerteventura's exciting local restaurants. In the day take in the charming rural villages, or stop into the artisan shops and museums. Honeymooners in Fuerteventura will enjoy many activities such as golf, tennis, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming and snorkelling. There are also some amazing hiking trails throughout Fuerteventura with romantic mountain and sea settings. Lanzarote makes for a good day trip and a chance to take a relaxing boat ride. Newly-weds wanting a laid back beach honeymoon, will not be disappointed, Accommodation will normally offer exciting honeymoon packages to suit every budget.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Fuerteventura

Golf in Fuerteventura is one of the most enjoyable tourist attractions the island has to offer. Fuerteventura offers golf at a number of new golf courses situated in the Caleta de Fuste, Cortillo, Jandia, Pajara and Rosario areas. Book with your resort or hotel to enjoy modern facilities and attractions, including extensive driving ranges, practice areas, restaurants, gardens and practice areas. The golf club in the Caleta de Fuste is the most established course. At this Fuerteventura Golf Club you will find scenic views and an extensive professional golf shop and host a number of notable championship matches over the years.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura's unique island location means it has some excellent hiking and walking trails and walking is one of the best ways to get around Fuerteventura (from a sight-seeing point of view in the towns). When in Fuerteventura's towns the best and most efficient way to see things is to bring a street map or simply wander the charming streets. Much of Fuerteventura features walking trails, which vary greatly in both length and scenery. Many of the best places to walk are located along the coastline, such as the walkway between Caleta de Fuste and Nuevo Horizonte, with numerous boardwalks offering superb panoramic views. The island's landscape is extremely varied, featuring many volcanic areas with red and black rocks, arid expanses, sandy beaches and concentrations of lush planting. As Fuerteventura is a hot location, walking is best done outside the summer months, and remember to bring plenty of water and are protected from the sun.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Fuerteventura

Singles looking for a party island might be slightly disappointed with Fuerteventura; Fuerteventura is one of the quieter islands in the Canaries. The best places to go for music and dancing on the island is Corralejo. Corralejo offers many live music venues, which are open until the early hours, as well as many English and Irish pubs. Lively venues can be found on the waterfront, many of which hold themed nights. The Italian Jazz Café is a very popular venue with both locals and tourists and has performances by excellent jazz bands as well as housing a pool table and serving excellent food. Caleta de Fuste has a more sedate nightlife scene, but is home to Piero’s Music Café, which is a pub hosting six different entertainment shows including a hypnotist, karaoke and cabaret.

The island is geared towards family entertainment, with most venues welcoming children. Many hotels located across the island cater for families, offering a wide variety of entertainment for their guests. This ranges from cabaret performances to kids club activities and shows. There is a much more sedate atmosphere at night here, as opposed to neighbouring Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


Naturism in Fuerteventura

Naturists looking for a holiday in Fuerteventura will be pleased to know there are plenty of nude beaches. There are few beaches where nudism will be discouraged. Some of the best known nudist beaches are found on the southern end of the island. The Jandia peninsula is very popular. Cofete beach and Playa Sotovento are favourite nudist beaches in Fuerteventura. In Corralejo head to El Bajo Negro located within Las Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park.

Shopping Holiday in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura offers travellers a wide range of shopping opportunities. Puerto del Rosario is the main shopping centre. Head to Leon y Castillo and Avd Juan de Betancourt for local shops and international stores. The biggest shopping centre is Las Rotundas. In Corralejo, there are many shops found on the main street. In Caleta de Fuste you will find the Atlantico Shopping Centre, and shops selling jewellery, perfume, gifts and clothing. If you find yourself in Morro Jable, you can find commercial centres and lots of places to pick up a souvenir. For something different check out a local market.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Fuerteventura

When it comes to professional and modern spas Fuerteventura is an ideal destination. Offering luxury spa holidays designed to reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, relax or enhance skin tones, you can indulge and pamper yourself guilt free all with spectacular views of the sunny beach. Soothe the mind and body under the care of professional therapists providing modern and tailor made programs to help you get exactly what you need, and to suit your budget. Spa holidays are about unwinding with a soothing massage or choosing from a range of rejuvenating packages. Most Fuerteventura hotel spas are found in the major hotels and resorts and require advanced booking. The spas spas have everything to offer including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam rooms, relaxation rooms and peaceful gardens. A spa retreat in Fuerteventura might not be cheap but is well worth the money.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Fuerteventura

The city makes a great destination for stag parties or bachelor weekends if you are looking for a wealth of outdoor activities and endless beaches. Fuerteventura offers a great scene for men looking for windsurfing, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, swimming all in a sunny location. Guys on stag can just laze on the resort beaches or head out site-seeing in the towns, and visit busy local markets.

Fuerteventura is not the best island if you are looking for a wild night out. Single guys at night can check out the beach bars for music and dancing in Corralejo. Corralejo offers many live music venues, which are open until the early hours, as well as many English and Irish pubs. Lively venues can be found on the waterfront, many of which hold themed nights. The Italian Jazz Café is a very popular venue with both locals and tourists and has performances by excellent jazz bands as well as housing a pool table and serving excellent food. Caleta de Fuste has a more sedate nightlife scene, but is home to Piero’s Music Café, which is a pub hosting six different entertainment shows including a hypnotist, karaoke and cabaret.

The island is geared towards family entertainment as opposed to neighbouring Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
Fuerteventura is a cheaper option for a stag party, offering a wide range of accommodation choices suited for every budget and taste. Overall, Fuerteventura makes a good stag-do choice.


Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Fuerteventura

Sailing in Fuerteventura is a relaxing and pleasant way to escape the heat and bustle of the city. You don’t need to own your own boat to experience the amazing waters surrounding Fuerteventura. Sailing can be done in Fuerteventura in Corralejo. Yachts and boats are often available for hire at many marinas around the island, with a crew if required, particularly around the Corralejo coastline. A number of notable sailing competitions take place in Fuerteventura during the summer months. Day boat trips are also available in the Corralejo area, with trips on catamarans and the possibility of sighting nearby dolphins.


Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Fuerteventura

Scuba diving in Fuerteventura is easier than one first might expect. Colorful marine life and many excellent diving spots can be found around Fuerteventura's coastline, including coral reefs and colonised shipwrecks. With large tuna fish, moray eels, rays and angel sharks amongst the main attractions, the clear warm water makes diving in the Canary Islands extremely appealing and enjoyable, with water temperatures of around 20°C throughout the year. There are a dozen dive centers on the island such as Abyss Divers in Corralejo, available around Fuerteventura, offering scuba diving lessons and equipment hire.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an ideal winter sun holiday destination. With typically high temperatures the island's temperature rarely falls below 18 Celsius even in the winter months. in fact many prefer to visit Fuerteventura during November and December when there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and more comfortable walking temperatures. Visitors to Fuerteventura can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and windsurfing all year round. Overall, Fuerteventura makes an excellent winter sun holiday.