Poland: All Inclusive

A country with new world cuisine, a bustling nightlife and a haunting past

Sailing Activity Holiday in Poland

The Mazuria area in the north of Poland is the perfect place for sailing trips in Poland. An area of over 4,000 lakes, most connected by canals and rivers, offers excellent conditions for sailing. The Great Mazurian Lake route with starts in Nidzkie Lake stretches some 80km to Wegorzewo on Lake Mamry, although with its many winding branches this sailing trip can be extended up to 200km. Another great spot for sailing in Poland is off the northern coast, in the Baltic sea. To sail in Poland, especially on the sea, a licence is required, without which only small inland sailing craft can be used.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Poland

A wealth of unspoilt countryside and quiet country roads make Poland a great destination for a cycling holiday. Throughout Poland there are marked cycling routes and there are many treks and trails that run through the deep forests, alpine mountains and along the many rivers and lakes of the country.

Backpacking in Poland

Although prices have risen in recent years, Poland is still cheap enough for even the most budget conscious backpacker. There are plenty of hotels and hostels suited towards backpacking around Poland. Almost all hostels are open all year round, however, although there are many campsites throughout the country, these are only open between May and October.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Poland

Those wishing to take a hiking holiday in Poland will not be disappointed. With over 9,000 marked trails covering the length and breadth of the country, a hiking holiday in Poland offers the perfect chance to see the diversity of the country's landscape. Hiking trails lead through a range of scenery from from flat, lowland areas, along meandering rivers and lakes, to highland landscapes and deep mountainous forests. The majority of hiking trails in Poland can be found in the uplands in the south, especially in the Tatra, Sudety and Bieszczady mountain areas.

Skiing - Snow Boarding

Skiing - Snow Boarding in Poland

Each winter, thousands of Poles head for the snow capped mountains in the south and the country's main ski resort in Zakopane. The highest town in Poland, offer fantastic views of 2,500 metre high peaks, and despite only having a population of around 30,000, welcomes over 2 million visitors each year. There are an abundance of slopes in the area suited to every type of skier, whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier. As well as Zakopane there are numerous resorts and smaller villages dotted along throughout the mountain ranges bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Optimal skiing conditions are between December and March.

Stag Destination in Poland

In the last few years Poland has become a top destination for stag parties. The combination of cheap flight, cheap hotels, cheap alcohol, good night clubs, and gorgeous girls make Poland a perfect destination for that 'last night of freedom'. The most popular cities for stag parties are Warsaw and Krakow. The nightlife in Poland rarely gets under way before midnight and most clubs and bars are open until early hours when the last guests are leaving. The day can also be filled with funn packed activities from cultural tours around the Old Town and museums, to more adventure paced activities such as go-karting, kayaking and paintballing. All in all its easy to see why Poland had become such a popular stag destination.

City Breaks in Poland

Poland has some beautiful cities and with several budget airlines connecting most of them to many UK airports, Poland makes a perfect destination for a weekend city break. The go to destinations for city breaks in Poland are Krakow and Warsaw although there are plenty of other gems to be found for those brave enough to venture off the beaten track. The cities of Gdansk and Wroclaw are quickly and quietly making a name for themselves as top destinations for city breaks in Poland.

Hen Destination in Poland

Although not as popular as a hen destination as it is for stags, Poland still has lots to offer for the bride-to-be and her hens. Although not marketed as a place of cheap beer and crazy nightlife, wherever you go in Poland, you are sure to find just that. Cheap flights and accommodation also make it very feasible and affordable for even the most budget conscious. Activities for you hen weekend in Poland can include skiing, horse riding in the mountains or sightseeing in Poland's historic cities or being pampered in one of the country's many health spas.

Shopping Holiday in Poland

Although Poland may not be a traditional shoppers paradise, it is growing in reputation as a great place for shopping for antiques, artwork, jewellery and traditional handicrafts. Throughout Poland, shoppers can pick up great bargains and it's worth keeping your eye out for some of the locally produced craft ware. Pottery, amber and silver jewellery and as well as lace and glass work are all popular handicraft materials found all over the country, whilst in the mountains popular souvenirs include sheepskin products and oscypek (smoked sheep's cheese).

Beach in Poland

A beach holiday in Poland may not be what first springs to mind when you think of the country, but Poland has a long, extended coastline running across the north of the country. There are literally miles and miles of beaches in Poland and some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe. Although the temperature in winter can easily drop below zero, Polish summers are hot with temperatures regularly above 20°C.

There are many seaside towns dotted along the Polish coastline, many with beautiful stretches of white sand. The Baltic Sea can offer a welcome reprieve from the heat of the day and is often very shallow; 100metres out and the sea is rarely deeper than 5 or 6 foot. It is advised to book early, as much as 3 or 4 months in advance, especially in the more popular destinations such as Hel, Leba and Debki, during the peak season (July-August) as many Poles flock to these areas for their own summer holidays.

Family Holiday in Poland

Poland has a lot to offer for a family holiday and you'll find there is always something for the kids to do. Poland abounds with activities for all the family. The mountain areas if the south offer great opportunities for hiking, cycling and even skiing. Whilst river-rafting, kayaking, horse riding and sailing are just some of the things you can get up to in the centre of the country. In the north there are also beaches and coastline that offer all the fun of a seaside holiday. No matter where you go or what time of year, Poland has something for every type of family holiday.

Well-being and Spa in Poland

Poland has several natural spas located around the country. Natural therapeutic waters spring up all over the country many of which are located in the beautiful mountain scenery of the south or along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The idyllic location of many of the spas means that it is easy to combine relaxing health treatments which more active recreation such as walking and cycling. Some of the most popular destinations for health spa holidays in Poland are Krynica-Zdroj, Piwniczna and Cieplice in the south and Kamien Pomorski and Miedzyzdroje in the north. Constancine just outside Warsaw is also quickly becoming a popular health spa destination in Poland.

Corporate Weekend in Poland

Outdoor pursuits such as hiking in the mountains, sailing on the lakes, kayaking or white water rafting down the rivers make Poland a great destination for team building activities and corporate weekends. While heap flights and the relative proximity of Poland mean that you can get there from almost any UK airport within a few hours without breaking the bank and still be back for Monday morning.