Prague: All Inclusive

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe


Beach in Prague

Prague is not the automatic choice of most tourists for a beach holiday. But that doesn’t mean that the worshippers of the sun and sand will be left pouting. As mentioned earlier, Prague is the ever-thoughtful hostess. You can be rest assured that your desire for an ultimate beach holiday experience in Prague will not go in vain.

Tropical balmy weather is the driving force behind spending one’s free time in or at least near water. One of the places where these cravings can be satiated is Prague’s manmade beaches along the embankment of Vltava River in the fifth Prague district. Several man-made beaches dot the city and they normally flank water reservoirs such as rivers or lakes. Most notable are the Smichov and Go Zlute Lasne on the west and east banks of river Vltava respectively.

You can take your pick from the newly inaugurated Smichov beach that’s clothed with 700 tonnes of imported white sand and decked with white wicker tables and chairs on parquet floors. It costs 50czk for an all-day ticket to the beach and small kids are permitted for free. A lively atmosphere prevails with concerts of various groups and thematic evenings focused on different indigenous topics. There is a huge volleyball field for the sporty kinds.

Go Zlute Lasne also manages to create a seaside vibe and houses a nudist beach, a beer garden, wifi hotspots, a children’s pool, 3-on-3 football cage, climbing walls, table tennis areas, recreational rooms and a restaurant. Entry is free in the evenings after 5. An adult ticket costs between 60-100 CZK depending on the entertainment facilities you want to avail of.


Camping in Prague

Say camping holiday in Prague and you are left with a deep-seated feeling of ecstasy. And why shouldn’t you be ecstatic? After all, a camping holiday affords the perfect opportunity to discover Prague like no one has discovered her before. There’s no better way to gratify your soul than breathe in the purest of air, gaze wonderingly at the velvety canopy of bright stars, feast on a sumptuous and juicy barbecued feast and get as close to nature as you possibly could, a luxury that we cannot afford in our routine hectic lives.

Camping in Prague is fairly easy with numerous camping sites that have popped outside the city center, open to the public all year round. Some are a mere 15 minutes away, some a good 40 km. It is believed the quality of your camping holiday in Prague can be enhanced greatly by retreating further away from the hustle and bustle. You require to make prior bookings to make your dream of a camping holiday in Prague a reality.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Prague

Of all the holiday types one can envision, taking short city breaks in Prague makes the most logical sense. Prague does not disappoint with her extensive architectural gems tucked like little surprises in every nook and corner, with music wafting in the air as sweet as angels singing, with the handmade authentic Czech goodies she peddles. A city break in Prague is like standing on the threshold of a door. Step through it and you will enter the nostalgic and quaint ages of old. On the other side, modernity awaits you with open arms. Such an exquisitely beautiful blend of the best of both worlds!

City breaks in Prague must not be planned diligently. Not too short as with any city in Europe that is so richly loaded with history and tradition. If you intend to do full justice to a city as magnificent in meaning as Prague, you need to have a minimum of 3-4 city breaks. Your understanding and appreciation of her finer points would be wholesome. Remember to invest in a detailed city map as it is quite plausible you might get so enraptured in the natural beauty that you may forget where you’re going and we don’t want you to end up losing your way. A good idea would be to always be in comfortable pumps and refer to 2 publications as your bibles- the Prague Post, a daily and Prague in Your Pocket, a bi-monthly publication to keep you abreast of the most happening events around town.

A meticulously planned city break in Prague, unveiling each of her marvels on every trip, is truly a wonderful and gratifying treat to your soul.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Prague

A wise move on the part of Prague was not to keep all her eggs in one basket. Though she is famed for her hospitality towards tourists and for delighting them with her magnificent beauty and heritage, she has not restricted herself to just them. She has also been extremely accommodating of the discerning business traveler. And so impressive has been her demeanor towards corporate clients, that she is a pretty much sought after venue for corporate breaks.

What could be a more ideal setting to celebrate or recuperate from the highs and lows of corporate culture than a long-needed break in soothing Prague? For a corporate weekend planned in Prague, she would go the extra mile to blend her unique culture and countless entertainment options to make a lasting impact on her demanding corporate clientele.

When employees suffer from low morale, stress or impoverished team spirit, Prague is most suited to do damage-control and fixing. With archery, paintballing, treasure hunts and other team bonding activities, sports such as golf, bungee jumping etc. to stir one’s spirit of competitiveness, a vibrant nightlife, delectable treats, great conference facilities in most hotels and a glorious culture, Prague lends great final touches to any corporate break.

A team bonding corporate package with accommodation and airport transfers would cost in the region of EUR 600-800 per head.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Prague

As she bears the honor of being Central Europe’s pride and joy for her vibrant culture and entertaining art forms, Prague is the perfect holiday destination for the arts and culture buff. As discussed before, Prague is a beautiful amalgamation of her rich past, fulfilling present and promising future.

In Prague, the most visible art forms are monuments which are by-products of the Classical, Baroque and Neo-Renaissance ages. To witness them co-existing peacefully with the futuristic designs of today and see history blur so splendidly with the present is truly mind boggling. The effect that it has on you is not the in least bit jarring. The other art forms that include paintings, prose, poetry, plays, music etc have their roots planted so deep into the Czech soil; their immortality and magnificence are an inspiration to us even today. For a rewarding journey into the golden past, a culture and arts holiday in Prague is an absolute must.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Prague

Prague disappoints when it comes to catering to the requirements of disabled people. There is still a lack of facilities for our disadvantaged brethren in this otherwise gracious paradise owing to its harsh topography. However, a positive trend is gradually emerging in that a few restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and public transport carriers such as trams, buses and trains are aspiring to provide the disabled with access to them.

Public transport, though making encouraging strides, is currently not entirely disabled-friendly. Not all trains stations have lifts or ramps to wheel the disabled around. Very few special buses are equipped with ramps. Some of the pedestrian crossing signals make a ticking sound to indicate to the visually impaired that it is safe to cross the street. The Ruzyne airport has responded best to the pleas of the disabled by erecting special toilets, ramps, installing enormous lifts that can accommodate upto 5 wheelchairs and ten passengers at once. Prague Castle and a few of the attractions have vowed to make the holidays of disabled people in Prague a memorable experience by co-operating with Associations dealing with various forms of disability to understand and better provide for facilities that will reduce inconveniences to the disabled and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Prague

No tourist locale can be better suited to cater to the whims and fancies of each member of the family than Prague. Children will be spoiled for choice with the variety of entertainment options available to them- the Prague Zoo equipped with a chairlift for an enthralling view of the animals, the Destky Ostrov, an enclosed playground on a small island near the Lesser Town side of the Vltava, the toy train city tour express, the toy museum that houses the most magnificent toys from all around the world including hundreds of thousands of miniatures of Barbie visible only through enchanting golden mini microscopes, the mirror maze on Petrin Hill etc.

Kids have the added advantage of traveling free on public transport carriers until the age of 6, the benefit of free entry into most tourist attractions and a growing number of eateries have recognized the importance of this demographic segment. With the kids pacified, adults can explore Prague leisurely and lap up all the wonderful cultural delights it has to offer.

The youth can look forward to letting their hair down and having some serious fun in the pubs, bars and discotheques that keep Prague just as lively and bright after dark. Women can pamper themselves by indulging in the latest couture on the fashionable Parizka Avenue or melting into sweet oblivion in one of the city’s many health spas. The aged can discover the solitude they crave for in the scenic parks and silent ethereal churches. Men can test their endurance by indulging in extreme sports or something frothier-a beer-swilling expedition in an authentic Czech tavern!!! A family holiday in Prague is the secret to a happier family.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Prague

Gays and lesbians will love Prague for a holiday. Why you ask? Because this city is pretty tolerant and isn’t quick to judge them for the choices they have made. Gays and lesbians intending to holiday in Prague will discover the joy of holidaying in a destination that is so accepting of them. Some of the Czechs are still hung up on the shock of discovering that same-sex affection exists much like their morally-conservative Italian brethren. So while most are not totally averse to the idea of gay and lesbian matches what with the Government lending its support to same-sex marriages, it would do you good to not openly flaunt your relationship.

The gay and lesbian scene in Prague is quite happening with plenty of vibrant clubs dedicated to each group. Many plan cute events such as ‘Meet a Partner’ nights, Most are located in the more liberal and open-minded areas such Zizkov, Vinohrady and the New Town.

Publications devoted to covering the gay scene in Prague are the Radnost and Amiga magazine.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Prague

Cindy Lauper got it bang on! All that girls wanna do is just have fun! Prague is famed for making many a hen holidays with all your giggly girly friends the most gratifying holiday ever. Hen weekend packages are the rage at the moment as the party never seems to end.

They include accommodation, pampering sessions at spas, self-indulgent expeditions to boutiques, herbal massages, free entry to all-girls pubs, a sizzling meal with entertainment provided by the most gorgeous male strippers, a sultry cruise down the river made wild with pole dancing and male stripper. Hen getaways in Prague indeed offer the right balance of naughtiness and sophistication, relaxation and activity. Prices start from EUR 100/- onwards. Air bookings can be made through the sellers of these packages who normally have good tie-ups with low-cost airlines and offer better rates if you book through them.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Prague

It was the concept of a stag holiday in Prague that initially enticed the men to taste this virgin city. Pretty affordable compared to the rest of the EU, a stag holiday in Prague can be an enjoyable experience and is rated by us one of the top ten Stag destinations in Europe. However, severely intoxicated gangs of boisterous lads, brazen prostitutes and the constant torrent of cursing might spoil some of the fun for you. Most locals are annoyed at the ruckus a stag holiday wreaks in their lives at a time when they ought to be enjoying a good break from their hectic week. A lot of pubs have now nailed permanent signs on their front doors stating “No Stag Parties allowed”!

Private tour operators have been quick to take advantage of this situation and now offer stag holiday packages over weekends which include accommodation either in a campsite or B&B or hostel or hotel, sultry strip shows, extreme sports such as bungee jumping, quad biking, white water rafting, other activities such as paintballing, karaoke shows, cabarets¸ sightseeing and beer guzzling.

Prices start from EUR 150-onwards. Additional airfare applies if booking flight tickets through these operators. A stag holiday in Prague though not entirely inexpensive is bound to offer good value for your money with the multitude of items cramming your itinerary.


Honeymoon in Prague

Any European tourist destination is so beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Prague is so utterly gorgeous and bewitching that no one has escaped her charm. But when you’re all warm and flushed in the glow of love and honeymooning in a place as romantic as Prague, it will be doubly hard to not love it…after all, it is the venue that is cementing the foundation of your new and exciting journey together!

The most ideal accommodation for couples holidaying or honeymooning in Prague is a boatel. You can’t resist waltzing in the privacy of your water home with your significant other while your home dances to the gentle prodding of its love, the river Vltava. The romantic Charles Bridge is the perfect venue for that midnight stroll. The abundance of spas and shopping outlets will delight any new bride who wants to look her best for her husband while the groom can not only soak in the rich sights Prague has to offer but also indulge his taste buds and satisfy his cravings for good, cheap beer. Tragic romantic plays and concerts are guaranteed to moisten the eyes of the couple in love while prayers whispered in the serene solitude of the whitewashed chapels will nourish the fledgling relationship. A honeymoon in Prague will provide the perfect start to a long and happy married life.

Many private tour operators offer honeymoon packages catering to various budgets. Expect to pay a daily tariff of around EUR 150/- onwards per head.


Naturism in Prague

Prague is the way to go if you’re looking for a naturalist holiday locale; a destination that doesn’t frown on you in your quest to get as close to nature as possible. One can feel as comfortable completely nude in Prague as he would were he to have his clothes on. There are special zones in most beaches, resorts and health club for nudists to soak in the Prague sun and enjoy their naturalist holiday to the hilt.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Prague

Though Prague is fairly new on the tourist map, it beats its other European sisters as far as the vibrancy of its nightlife goes. It is simply a treat for all single men and women who just want to party the night away. There are so many clubs to choose from that is one is tempted to sample the offerings of each one and go club hopping to spin to the tunes of the hippest DJ. Luckily, most of the discs are concentrated in and around the New Town of Prague where the fun, frolic and music never stop till the break of dawn. Entry to most discs ranges between EUR 5-10. Some don’t charge an entry fee but request that you commit to a minimum order.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Prague

Not many are aware of Prague’s potential as a golfing destination. The Czech Republic was the winner of the 2007 IAGTO Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year Award. There are currently six golf courses located on the outskirts of Prague and within the next two years a further six courses to be completed. The top three must play courses near Prague are; Karlstejn, Konopiste and Golf Resort Plzen.
Many private golfing companies provide a personalised itinerary to suit your individual needs and advise which hotels to stay in and which courses to play. It is possible to book either a single tee time or a complete golfing holiday package that is most suitable to your budget. A complete golf holiday package would cost approximately EUR 250/- onwards.

Skiing - Snow Boarding Skiing - Snow Boarding

Skiing - Snow Boarding in Prague

If you’re willing to brave the cold winds that blow fiercely during the dead months of Prague’s winter, and are not extremely finicky about an authentic skiing experience, a skiing holiday in Prague seems logical. The mountains on the outskirts of Prague cannot boast of possessing the best or highest slopes but the thick blanket of snow that envelopes them during the winter months will do the trick for the casual skier of basic-moderate calibre.

Those who wish to remain within Prague and try their hand at skiing can be found lugging their gear onto the funicular for their ascent to the peak of Petrin Hill.


Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Prague

Prague has its own treasure-hunting community comprised of scuba-diving enthusiasts who scour the murky Vltava for interesting treasures under the castle ruins of Vsehrad or alongside Charles Bridge.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Prague

Women find a shopping holiday in Prague a very therapeutic and necessary exercise! After all, there’s so much of loveliness to choose from that one can never remember the stresses bugging him before he set out to shop.

Old Town is crowded with gift shops, each vying for the tourists’ attention to select from a large variety of Bohemian crystal, wooden handicrafts, ceramics, Czech antique jewellery including the traditional and celebrated Czech garnet, wooden toys, soccer shirts and other mass-produced memorabilia. Getting off the beaten path helps you buy the same souvenirs for half the price. Street vendors on Charles Bridge peddle some extraordinary treasures. Shopping for prints of paintings and good quality photos are a really good way to remember Prague.

Prague has a fair sprinkling of department stores and malls. Old and New Towns have separate bazaars areas with wooden stalls selling juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and flowers.

Christmas Markets in the town’s square sell an eclectic mix of arts, craft, food, drink and Prague memorabilia during the festive season. A tourist attraction in their own right, they are a great place to pick up more unique mementos of the city.

For the brand lovers, Parizka Street beckons where Gucci competes with DKNY and Chanel tries to oust Calvin Klein in their mission to receive your valuable business.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Prague

Another reason for Prague being such a hit with woman is because she thinks like one and caters to every woman’s deep rooted desire- To be pampered!. Spas high on the glamour quotient with their fancy body and face wraps, traditional baths etc. as well as the smaller ones offering humbler services such as an oil massage, reflexology etc. are abundant in the Czech capital. A woman can be rest assured that she will find a decent spa suitable to her budget during her tour of the city. Packages include a head massage, a restorative hair mask, a rejuvenating facial, a body massage, a soothing body wrap and a steam bath. A well-being holiday package in a hotel spa would easily cost between EUR 100-150 while a regular spa would charge between EUR 20-80/-