Sharm el Sheikh: All Inclusive

Palm trees, turquoise skies & majestic mountains


Backpacking in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is all about package tourism and luxury holidays. As such it’s not the most popular destination for independent travellers on a budget. Unless you’re coming specifically to take advantage of the excellent diving around the area, you’re better off slinging your backpack and heading 85 km north to the more laid back resort town of Dahab. This has a more bohemian vibe with funky, budget accommodation and is a popular hangout for backpackers on the Red Sea coast.


Beach in Sharm el Sheikh

Beautiful sandy beaches, warm water all year round, loads of aquatic sports, superb diving and snorkelling, and more sunshine than you can shake a stick at. Beach holiday destinations don’t come much better than Sharm el Sheikh, so pack your swimsuit and book your ticket. Some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling can be found here with hundreds of different types of coral and thousands of species of fish, plus the odd shipwreck.

There’s also plenty of activity on the surface of the ocean with waterskiing, sailing, and windsurfing being a few of the aquatic sports you can try on a beach holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. If all you want to do is lie on a beach and soak up the rays, then you can’t go wrong with a Sharm el sheikh beach holiday.

The beaches are sandy, clean and plentiful and the sun shines all year round in Sharm. Whether it’s adventure in the sea or lazing on the beach, Sharm el Sheikh is the perfect destination for an Egypt beach holiday.


Camping in Sharm el Sheikh

If you want to go camping in Sharm el Sheikh, there is a campground but it’s not the most conveniently located option and is really only a sensible choice if you’re on a tight budget. A popular option for camping in Sharm el Sheikh is to do an overnight trek into the desert where you get to sleep under the stars for a night before returning to the comfort of your comfortable hotel. Overnight Sharm el Sheikh camping trips in the desert can be arranged in the city. Ask at your hotel or at a travel agent.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is no stranger to hosting corporate events. The city has been nicknamed ‘the City of Peace’ due to the high profile peace conferences which have been held in the city over recent years. Facilities for corporate weekends in Sharm el Sheikh are good and most hotels are used to dealing with corporate visitors so Sharm can be an ideal (and extremely pleasant) location to talk business.


Cruises in Sharm el Sheikh

stopping off point for cruise ships. The range of activities you can indulge in when visiting Sharm el Sheikh on a cruise is enormous.

Popular side trips and activities for cruise ship passengers in Sharm el Sheikh include visiting the spectacular rock formations of the Coloured Canyon, diving and snorkelling in the Ras Mohammed National Park, and trips to the holy sites of Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherines. The city itself has good shopping, a thriving café and restaurant scene, and there are plenty of good sandy beaches to enjoy.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Sharm el Sheikh

The majority of hotels and restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh are located in Na’ama Bay. It’s a very compact and easy to navigate area on a nice stretch of beach and the roads around here are predominantly free of traffic, smooth, and easy to get around. Getting into some of the restaurants in a wheel chair may present a challenge; particularly some of the Bedouin style cafes where low tables and cushion seating is common. Some of the lower end hotels don’t have elevators so be sure to check when booking your hotel. On the plus side, most hotels in the Na’ama Bay area are directly across from the beach and close to all the restaurants and shops.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheik is an excellent destination for a family holiday. Egypt is an extremely family orientated country and you’ll be very well received if travelling with children in Sharm el Sheikh. Many of Sharm el Sheikh’s resorts are designed with families in mind and provide superb facilities including kids clubs at many of the larger resorts. Sharm el Sheikh’s beaches are clean and safe so are great places to head kids. And if you’re looking for a little adventure on your Sharm el Sheikh family holiday, a desert safari is something most kids (and adults) find incredibly exciting.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Sharm el Sheikh

Realistically, Sharm’s probably a little too far to travel for a hen party, but if time constraints and budget aren’t issues, put Sharm at the top of your list. Luxurious hotels where you can be pampered night and day, fabulous clubs where you can party into the small hours, and endless beach activities including incredible diving and snorkelling makes a hen party in Sharm el Sheikh a highly desirable prospect. Renting an apartment is a sensible accommodation option for a Sharm el Sheikh hen weekend. Book early to get a good place near the seafront.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Sharm el Sheikh

If time and budget constraints aren’t obstacles for where to host your stag party, it’s well worth considering Sharm el Sheikh as a destination. Loads of adrenalin fuelled aquatic sports, stacks of adventurous activities in the desert, and a lively, exciting nightlife means a stag party in Sharm el Sheikh could be just the ticket.

If you have a modest sized group, it’s worth looking into renting a holiday apartment in Sharm el Sheikh as it’s likely to work out cheaper than booking a hotel for your group. To get a place close to the nightlife and beaches on your Sharm el Sheikh Stag weekend, book early.


Honeymoon in Sharm el Sheikh

Luxurious hotels, fabulous restaurants, desert safaris, and spectacular diving. You really can’t go wrong with a honeymoon in Sharm el Sheikh. Whether you want to hide away in a luxury resort or get out there and experience everything from the desert to the coral reefs, a Sharm el Sheikh honeymoon could be one of the most memorable and romantic holidays you’ll ever have. For something truly romantic and different, book an overnight trek in the desert where you’ll have the opportunity to sleep under the stars.


Naturism in Sharm el Sheikh

It may be liberated by Egyptian standards, but remember you’re still in a Muslim country. Sunbathing topless is tolerated in Sharm el Sheikh, but don’t go taking anything else off. It’s not the done thing here.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh has a reputation as a party town and Na’ama Bay is where the area’s liveliest bars, cafes and clubs can be found. Popular haunts for Sharm el Sheikh party goers include Pacha and Little Buddha (a mini version of the famously plush Buddha Bars found throughout Europe). If you want to party in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh is most definitely the place to head.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Sharm el Sheikh

Whether you want to just lie on a beach and work on your tan or pack your days with dozens of activities, Sharm el Sheikh is the perfect destination for a couples holiday. Take your pick from hotels and resorts where luxury and comfort are of the utmost importance.

If you fancy getting adventurous on your Sharm el Sheikh couples holiday, you can indulge in desert safaris and spectacular diving. And when the sun goes down, Sharm’s nightlife gets pumping. Na’ama Bay is a great place to head for excellent restaurants and it’s also where you’ll find the area’s best clubs where you can party into the small hours.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Sharm el Sheikh

Options abound for setting sail in Sharm el Sheikh. Whether you want to try your hand at sailing for the first time in a small yacht or are after something more serious and want to charter a major yacht for a few days, there are plenty of options for sailing in Sharm and dozens of companies who will help you get out there.

If you want to organise your sailing before you arrive you’ll find plenty of options for booking online. If you plan to sort out some sailing when you arrive, ask about sailing opportunities at your hotel or head to the waterfront and check out what’s available in terms of yacht hire in your part of Sharm el Sheikh.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh offers some of the best diving in the world and as such, it’s a massively popular destination for diving holidays. The incredible diving in Sharm el Sheikh, lively nightlife, year round sunshine and warm water means it’s an ideal destination for a short or long dive holiday at any time of the year. Many companies offer dive courses in Sharm el Sheikh for beginners and refresher courses for those who’ve dived before.

If you have time on your hands, there are plenty of opportunities to gain your Padi dive licence here. Some of the dive centres in Sharm el Sheikh are more experienced and professional than others, so shop around before committing. One of the most popular destinations in the area for diving is the Ras Mohammed National park. This is a marine reserve where you’ll find over 200 types of coral, 1,000 specials of fish, and the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm.

The best times for a dive holiday in Sharm el Sheikh are winter or summer when visibility in the Red Sea around Sharm el Sheikh is good.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Sharm el Sheikh

The sun shines pretty much all year round in Sharm el Sheikh, making it a good destination for a spot of winter sun. Don’t expect it to be baking hot in the winter months, but you can expect average winter temperatures of around 20c. The sea around Sharm is also a pleasant temperature all year round making it possible to swim, dive, and snorkel at any time of the year. Bear in mind that it can get chilly during the winter evenings in Sharm el Sheikh so pack some warm clothes.