Tahiti: All Inclusive

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Backpacking in Tahiti

Backpacking in Larnaca is somewhat limiting and as there are less than 5 hostels on the island, some around Papeete are economical. However, there are many activities on offer for those on a tight budget, such as trekking and climbing Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti or camping at the two campsites on the island.

The cultural and sporting events are economically priced, such as the surfing competitions, while The Gauguin Museum has free admission. The nightclubs and bars lining Papeete’s coastline will guarantee a great night out. However, Tahiti is not an ideal destination for backpackers, due to the lack of budget accommodation, and is also an expensive island to visit for those on a tight budget.

Beach in Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the best destinations on earth for sun worshippers. Tahiti’s pure white beaches coupled with neon blue ocean means that a beach holiday to this idyllic island will be the best choice you will ever make. During the day walk down to the sun kissed beach and after some time soaking in the sun, choose from water sport activities such as scuba diving, canoeing, snorkelling and diving, or have a leisurely swim in the south pacific’s warm waters.

The west coast is the best location for beach resorts and public beaches. There is indeed multitude of Tahitian beach resorts to top up that all important tan. Plage de Toaroto is a public beach with calm waters and has a golden coastline that stretches for half a mile, and is furnished with changing facilities, toilets and showers. While the white coasts line some of Tahiti Island, The Papenoo and Papera beaches have black sand. A holiday spent on the beach in Tahiti will be like a trip to paradise.

Camping in Tahiti

Opportunities to set up camp in Tahiti for a camping holiday are somewhat limited, but it is the most economic option in terms of accommodation costs. Firstly, you can ask the owners of pensions whether you can camp on their grounds, the cost will be less than staying in the pensions, and you will have access to all the amenities and washing facilities you need. Alternatively, there are two campsites in Tahiti, both are remote and you will need to drive a fair distance in order to access them.

There are designated areas to start fires, as well as level land to pitch tents, and some key facilities. The first is at Papenoo River Valley and will take between 2 hours and 2 days to get to. The second campsite is in Tahiti Iti is the isolated Le Bon Jouir campsite, and there is a warm and helpful family who own the land to help you settle in. Make sure you are stock up with amenities before you start camping at Le Bon Jouir because you will need to take a lengthy trek or boat trip to find a shop that sells necessities. A camping holiday in Tahiti would be an enjoyable but challenging experience.

City Breaks in Tahiti

A city break in Tahiti will be a stimulating, exciting and an explorative experience, as there are countless things to see and do on the island. Spend your Tahitian city break shopping, sightseeing or hitting the beach. The opportunities to shop in Tahiti are plentiful, and for an unforgettable shopping experience head Le Marche, in Tahiti’s capital of Papeete, where woven hats, pearl necklaces, unique Tahitian carvings and wooden drums are for sale, and these are just a few unique mementoes on offer.

Le Marche is open between 7.30 am to 6.00 pm every weekday, (Sundays until 9 am). After shopping in the morning, explore the multitude of museums and churches in Tahiti.

The Paul Gauguin Museum in Taravao is a worth a visit, open 9 – 5pm daily with free admission, you can see reproductions and originals of the French artist works, and view his depictions of Tahitian life.
The Seashell Museum houses fish and shells from Tahitian lagoons and is open Friday- 8am - 4:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am- 12:00 noon, then 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm.

The Museum of Tahiti and her islands will give you the historical background of Polynesia, and opens Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30am- 5:30 pm, and is closed on Mondays.

The Saint Etienne and Saint Michel churches are fascinating homes of prayer, while the Ancient Maraes & Archaeological Sights is an interesting location to witness the ancient remains of Tahitian culture.

The Tahitian west coast has many public beaches to unwind and relax after a hard day sightseeing. In the evening you can have dinner and relax with a cocktail at the many bars and restaurants on the seafront. There are masses of accommodation in Tahiti, but for your city break, it is best to stay in Papeete as city life is most prevalent in the capital.

One thing is for sure, you will never be bored on your city break to Tahiti.

Corporate Weekend in Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect place for a corporate holiday. Tahiti’s array of beach resort hotels have a variety of conference facilities coupled with bars and restaurants set on glorious white sandy beaches, so staff members can have meetings, then wine, dine, sunbathe and bond as a team on this idyllic island.

Team building exercises will be easy to organise, due the vast range of activities on offer. Why not hire a yacht for the day or hike up Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti? These shared experiences will dramatically improve relations with co-workers in the office. Tahiti’s long, warm evenings gives you the perfect opportunity to relax in the South Polynesian heat while closing that lucrative deal. Due to its charming scenery, suitable facilities and endless activities, Tahiti is the perfect corporate holiday destination for businesses of all sizes.

Cruises in Tahiti

Tahiti is the ideal holiday destination for a cruise holiday. The ports are not crowded and the ships are not as large as cruise ships, and are real luxury vessels. The south pacific has calm waters with many lagoons that you can marvel at during your cruising holiday to Tahiti. What’s more, there is a short distance between the islands, so you will have plenty of time on land to explore and tour.

The cruise ships offer countless activities for their guests, such as jet skiing, waterskiing, windsurfing, parasailing, canoeing, diving, shark feeding, and snorkelling. The treasures of the southern pacific ocean are unveiled on Tahiti’s glass bottom boats and is a must see for all cruising holidaymakers. Chartering your own boat for a day or longer is an option, which costs around 302205 XPF, hiring a private yacht costs 355639 XPF while a group cruises costs around 380954 XPF.

Culture and Arts in Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect setting for a culture and arts holiday, the artist, Paul Gauguin, used this island and its people for the subject of many paintings. A museum was set up to honour Gauguin’s journey to Tahiti. The Paul Gauguin Museum in Taravao is open from 9 – 5pm daily, admission is free, and it houses many prints and originals of the Frenchman’s works, this is the perfect place to start your cultural adventure in Tahiti. The Museum of Tahiti and her Islands is highly recommended and it will appeal to tourists of all ages. This museum will give you a grounding of Tahiti and the Society Islands’ history, which opens Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30am- 5:30 pm.

If you want to see this history come to life in front of your very eyes, take a look round The Ancient Maraes and Archaeological Sights. You can marvel at the shells and rare fish from the lagoons at the The Seashell Museum, (it is open Friday- 8am - 4:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am- 12:00 noon, then 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm). To discover the island’s Christian culture and traditions, visit the Saint Etienne and Saint Michel churches.

There are many cultural events throughout the year that have dance, drama and art exhibitions, such as the Heiva of Arts & Crafts festival, so these too are worth a visit whilst you are touring Tahiti.

Disabled Needs in Tahiti

In Tahiti, wheelchair access is generally unsatisfactory if one wants to travel around the island and the rest of South Polynesia independently. Public buses will be problematic for wheelchairs users, as there are no facilities for the disabled. Despite the poor disabled facilities in public areas, many of the beach resorts have ramps and spacious rooms, so you will feel at ease during your holiday to Tahiti. However, each hotel has different amenities, so it is advisable to ring the hotel direct in advance to find out whether they have the appropriate facilities for your disability. After unpacking in your accessible room, sit out on your balcony and soak in Tahiti’s scenic landscape on your vacation to this south Polynesian isle.

Family Holiday in Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect place to spend some quality time together as a family; this is due to the secluded silent sun kissed beaches and the array of activities on offer for the whole family. There are many family travel packages that are available through travel agents or you can contact the Tahiti tourist board direct.

Tahiti has an array of beach resorts, which are ideal for families, as they have entertainment for young children, as well as water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing and canoeing, and a selection of bars and restaurants, so the children can be entertained while you recline with a cocktail while watching the sun go down on your family break. Why not bond as a family by climbing Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti? Whatever you and the children decide to do in Tahiti, one thing is for sure, you all will have the time of your lives on this Tahitian island they call paradise.

Gay and Lesbian in Tahiti

The luxurious accommodation, along with the sun kissed secluded coasts and vibrant night life means that if you are in a same sex couple or a single homosexual, you will have a fantastic holiday on this paradise island called Tahiti. This south Polynesian island is not regarded as specifically a gay destination; however, Tahiti is a gay friendly island. Indeed this year, they are promoting the gay scene by holding its first openly gay ‘rainbow party’.

Tahiti is the perfect getaway for gay and lesbian couples who want to spend some quality time together in a relaxed, calm and serene environment. Gay couples may feel more comfortable in Tahiti than at home, due to the friendly and tolerant locals coupled with the calm, tranquil surroundings. In terms of night life there are no clubs that cater exclusively for a gay and lesbian crowd in Tahiti. However, The Piano Bar attracts gay and lesbian residents and tourists at the weekends, doors open at 10pm. Tahiti is an ideal destination for gay and lesbian travellers, and every holidaymaker with have memories of this island that will last for eternity.

Hen Destination in Tahiti

Tahiti is an excellent destination to take the girls for a hen celebration. Tahiti has a selection of entertainment by the seafront in Papeete, so you can start your hen celebrations by taking the bride and all her friends to a restaurant, then move onto bar for some cocktails, and round off the evening by dancing the night away at a club.

Tahiti are well known for their spa hotels and their unique selection of Polynesian treatments, such as river baths, body wraps with fresh banana tree leaves, Deep Ocean Water treatments or a rain shower experiences, which you and the girls can indulge in during your hen party. There are many beach resorts in Tahiti too, so you can lie on the beach and walk into one of the resort’s restaurants for a spot of lunch.

Tahiti is the perfect place for every kind of hen celebration, as you can relax and unwind, or party on in Papeete.

Stag Destination in Tahiti

Tahiti is a fantastic destination stag weekend. The endless sandy beaches have water sports available, such as scuba diving, waterskiing and surfing available on the beach. You could take the lads white water rafting or kayaking for some real adventure. After an exhilarating day on the coast, hit the array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that stand side by side on the seafront in Papeete.

The lads will be partying at the stag celebration until dawn, as all the nightclubs close when the last people leave, usually in the early hours. What’s more, the fact that all the entertainment is closely packed together means that a pub crawl along the seafront is easy to organise. There are many beach resorts in Tahiti, so they also have entertainment for the boys on a stag weekend. A stag weekend in Tahiti would be a great choice, and a brilliant way to celebrate the groom’s last days of freedom.

Honeymoon in Tahiti

Tahiti is a brilliant place to spend your first few days as a married couple, where you can relax, unwind after your busy wedding and enjoy the delights of this serene island. The isolated sandy beaches are perfect for your romantic stroll after dinner. The most appealing element of Tahiti is the fact that the island is secluded, peaceful and quiet with small villages and silent beaches.

Tahiti is ranked the number one place to have alone time, so you will have real quality time with your spouse. Stay in an overwater hotel room, where you sleep on a lagoon and have the amenities of a luxury hotel room, and many beach resorts have honeymoon suites. Chill out in one of Tahiti’s spas, and then take a romantic cruise around the South Pacific Ocean. One thing is for certain, a honeymoon to Tahiti will be paradise on earth.

Naturism in Tahiti

Tahiti is not the ideal location for naturist holidays, as there are no nudist areas, such as beaches/campsites on the island, however it is common to go topless on the beaches in Tahiti and the other Society Islands. Bottomless bathing is rare, and the best place to bare all is on the private beaches, although nudism is sometimes seen on public beaches. You can drive out to some isolated beaches to bathe without clothes, but these areas are not that accessible to tourists. Nudist holidaymakers would be disappointed with a naturist trip to Tahiti, and would have to travel further afield for a clothes free lifestyle.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Tahiti

Out of all the society isles in south Polynesia, Tahiti is the only place to party through the night. During the week, bars and clubs close after everyone has left, usually between 1 – 2pm, while at the weekend they stay open all night long. The key spot to find nightlife in Tahiti, is the capital, Papeete on the seafront.

There are two key areas where night life takes place, the area surrounding Le Retro and across the road from the ferry wharf and the east side where you can see ‘Club Paradise’. The mild evenings mean that you will be warm while you are on your club/bar/pub crawl. There are about a dozen bars, nightclubs and night cafes in the vicinity all in walking distance of each other, so you can dance the night away until dawn. Singles accommodation in Tahiti is limiting, as there are only four hostels on the island and many hotels have single supplements.

Couples Holiday in Tahiti

Tahiti is pure heaven for couples. Walk hand in hand with your partner along the miles of secluded, pure white beaches, all you will hear are the waves lapping on the seashore. The quiet quality time you will experience with your partner will rejuvenate your relationship.

If you are more of an active couple, try some of the water sports such as scuba diving, surfing and water skiing that are on offer on the beaches. Cultured couples should venture out to see The Paul Gauguin and Tahiti Museums where you will learn about Polynesian culture and tradition. Spend the evening on a romantic cruise around this Polynesian Isle or just relax with a cocktail while watching the sun go down. Tahiti is sheer paradise for couples, lovers flock to this destination every year to fall in love all over again.

Safari Activity Holiday in Tahiti

Jeep safari holidays are available on this Polynesian island, and will show you a large portion of Tahiti’s magical landscape. Tours take you to Matavai Bay, and then to the north coast, where you will take the Papenoosteep track up to the extinct volcano at Mount Orohena. Alternatively, take a six hour 4X4 Papeete Mountain Rodeo Jeep Safari Tour for around 12,400 XPF, where you can view Papeete’s rainforest.

On your tour round the wondrous scenery you will see waterfalls descend from rock faces, where Steven Speilberg filmed ‘Jurassic Park Three’. A jeep safari tour is one of the best ways to see the areas that are inaccessible on foot, so you will have an exclusive view of this beautiful island, however, tours can be quite costly.

Golf Activity Holiday in Tahiti

Tourists looking for a golfing holiday in Tahiti will not be disappointed, as there is real enthusiasm for golfing on this French Polynesian Island. This is due to Tahiti’s very own golf open, which is part of the PGA Australia circuit, and takes place on the only golf course on the island from 18th – 21st September 2009.

This is a great time to visit Tahiti to watch some world class golf. However, during the golf open, all the golfing stars will be playing on the only course available in Tahiti, so you will not be able to tee - off during this time. Tahiti’s Olivier Breaud International Golf Course is located in Atimaono, a short distance from the city of Papeete, and is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. As a spectator or player, a golf holiday in Tahiti will be an ideal choice for all golfing enthusiasts.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Tahiti

It is regarded that Tahiti is one of the best places in the south pacific to sail. You can meander around Tahiti’s small volcanic isles in your boat for hours while discovering the treasures of the south pacific. There are various options for a sailing holiday in Tahiti. You can charter your own boat for a day or more, which costs around 302205 XPF, hiring a private yacht costs CFPF355639 XPF. However, mooring your own yacht into Papeete, Tahiti’s main port, is costly indeed and you will have to pay 35,315 XPF deposit per person, which is mostly refundable upon departure. Organised sailing holidays are also available in Tahiti.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Tahiti

Tahiti is a perfect holiday destination for Scuba Diving. The huge arrays of diving sites around the island are ideal for beginning and advanced divers alike. The range of oceanic areas includes clear shallow waters, sunken ships and areas of luminous coral. The multitude of marine life is mesmerising, as you can swim with Manta Rays and Dolphins in the South Pacific’s warm waters. There are around 8 dive sites located in Tahiti that cater for every diver.

‘The Aquarium’ is a lagoon and is the most popular dive site, while for more experienced divers, ‘The Wrecks’ dive tour shows you the remains of a large cargo ship and a Catalina flying boat airplane. For even more oceanic experiences whilst on your holiday, dive into the ‘Lagoon Hole’ where you can wonder at rare aquatic species such as leopard rays, triggerfish and reef shark. On a diving holiday in Tahiti, you will indeed have an unforgettable marine adventure.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Tahiti

A hiking holiday in Tahiti will be refreshing, exciting and exhilarating. There are trails for every kind of hiker and walker on this French Polynesian Island. For a relaxing, gentle walk with little ascent, try a botanical hiking tour, where you can walk amongst the rare plants, flowers and other natural wonders that frequent the Tahitian landscape. For more strenuous hiking, why not climb Tahiti's highest mountains, Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti, they are steep climbs, but you will forget about your aching limbs when you see the absolutely breathtaking views from their peaks. It is strongly advised to have a guide on your more strenuous hiking trips in Tahiti, and there is an array of companies that will take you on your mesmerising hike.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Tahiti

A cycling holiday is the perfect way to view Tahiti at its best. There are a variety of trails in and around Tahiti that touring buses/cars simply cannot access. What’s more, cycling is an option for all standards of cyclist. For more strenuous rides, mountain bike up Tahiti’s peaks, Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti. For a more leisurely ride, take a coastal cycle trip and view the luminous blue oceans and white beaches, or cycle around Tahiti’s lakes and waterfall areas for captivating views.

For real cycling enthusiasts, there are cycling holidays available, which will take you round Tahiti and the remaining Society Islands. The main area to hire bicycles is on Tahiti’s neighbouring island, Moorea, which is not ideal, however a cycling holiday to Tahiti will be a fantastic experience for all bikers.

Shopping Holiday in Tahiti

There are numerous opportunities to shop until you drop in Tahiti, as shops are a plenty on this Polynesian island. At the public market known as Le Marche, located next to the seafront in the capital, Papeete, you can buy some ripe fruits, Chinese vegetables, cakes and pies. Alternatively, treat yourself to a woven hat, bag or a shell necklace, they are great souvenirs from your visit to Tahiti, and ideal gifts for friends and relatives back home. As you enter the market, admire the floral displays on the ground floor, and then walk upstairs to admire the unique carvings, furniture and jewellery made by Polynesian artisans.

Le Marche opens at 7.30 am to 6.00 pm every weekday, (Sundays until 9 am), and is particularly busy on Sunday mornings. While shopping, look out for the Tahitian Cultured Pearl, and Tahiti one of the best locations to hunt for pearls. Stone carvings, wooden drums Monoi oils are just a few of the authentic and exclusive products made on the island. For a unique, fascinating and encapsulating shopping experience, Tahiti is the place to be.

Well-being and Spa in Tahiti

Tahiti is the ideal location for spa or well being holiday, due to the idyllic scenery coupled with authentic Tahitian treatments that are available to tourists. The ingredients for the treatments are made up of Polynesian plants, oils and plants that are grown in Tahiti. Unwind by taking a flower or river bath, or rejuvenate your skin with a body wrap with fresh banana tree leaves, or feel refreshed with a Deep Ocean Water treatment or a rain shower experience. A facial will be the perfect remedy for your sun burnt face. The two spas in Tahiti are: Mandara Spa at Sheraton Hotel Tahiti and Le Spa at Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, rooms are priced at around 18,150 XPF a night.

Touring - Driving holiday in Tahiti

A touring or driving holiday is a fantastic way to see the magical island of Tahiti. A safari jeep tour is a popular option, where you will be driven up to the two mountains, Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti you will also drive past the rainforests and view gushing waterfalls that descend from cliff tops. On a jeep or 4X4 tour, you can view the Tahitian villages, admire the sandy white beaches and gaze at the volcanic landscape.

You can hire a car from Papeete for around 39389 XPF a week and this is a great way to see what Tahiti has to offer, as many of the great sights, such as the beaches, are not that accessible on foot and lie in secluded areas. You can spend the morning sunbathing at you beach resort, then drive to a mountain village, and then drive into central Papeete and hit one of the cafes or restaurants for dinner.

A touring or driving holiday is a great choice if you want to make the most of your trip by seeing all the sights and areas of natural beauty in Tahiti.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Tahiti

The opportunities for wine tasting are sparse and limited, and there are no formal wine tasting gatherings on the island. However, there are a few informal opprtunities to taste wine on this Polynesian isle. Guests at the Relais de la Maroto, which is a small mountain owned family retreat have wine tasting evenings. While the cruises that sail around Tahiti and its accompanying islands have wine tasting events. In the restaurants and bars around Papeete you can test south Polynesian and French wine. However wine tasting enthusiasts will be disappointed with a holiday to Tahiti.

Winter Sun in Tahiti

Tahiti is not the best location for a winter sun holiday, as the island experiences the rainy/wet season from November – April, and during this time, Tahiti experience three quarters of its rainfall for the year, storms are a frequent occurrence too. However, despite these wet and turbulent conditions, temperatures still remain high and the sun is warm when the sky clears between the storms. The sea temperatures are also mild and range between 23°C and 26°C throughout the year. Furthermore, during the winter months, prices of accommodation and flights tend to be cheaper. Additionally, there is less competition for activities and sightseeing, so all in all you could make real savings if you holiday in Tahiti during the winter.