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Local Travel Info in Cairo

Internal Flights and Major International Airports in Cairo

Cairo International Airport is the fastest growing airport in the Middle East. It has 3 terminals and is capable of handling 22 million passengers daily. It is situated 13.5 miles (22Km) north-east of Cairo.

Getting to and from the Airport at Cairo

There are a number of convenient means of getting from the airport to your resort in Cairo. A shuttle bus leaves from outside the terminal building every half an hour and will cost between £3 - £13, depending on the distance you are travelling. Taxi and limousines also run from Cairo International airport on a flat fee basis and for the same cost. Before getting into a cab anywhere in Cairo always negotiate a price. It should not cost anymore than £35 from the airport into Cairo. The cheapest means is by public transport which cost 25p for an air conditioned bus or next to nothing for a non-air conditioned bus.

Renting Cars in Cairo

Car rentals are available from Cairo International airport or a number of car rental places in Cairo itself. There are a number of reputable car hire firms in Cairo with a reasonable selection of cars from 2 doors to five door jeeps. The cost of renting a car in Cairo is around £25 - £40 depending on the size of car you require. To drive in Egypt driver must be aged 25 or over.

View our Car Hire section to book cheap car hire in Egypt in advance. We search the net to bring you links to the best car hire deals in Egypt.

Drivers License Requirements in Cairo

If you intend to drive during your stay in Cairo you must be aged 25 or over and carry a valid International Driving permit which should be kept with you at all times together with your car registration paper. If you are stopped by the police and found to be without either of the required documents you could be issued with a heavy fine. In Cairo they drive on the right side of the road and the official speed limit outside city boundaries is 56mph (90km/h) and 62 mph (100km/h) on four-lane motorways. In built up areas the speed limit is 40mph (60km/h). If you are caught speeding the police will confiscate your driving permit and vehicle leaving you with an arduous process at the traffic headquarters to recover everything.

Cairo by Bus

Catching the bus in Cairo is an experience to say the least. They are very cheap and easy to use but are often packed and it is not unusual to see the locals ferrying animals such as goats and chickens on the bus. Mini bus services in Cairo are more reliable and comfortable, and though they may be that little bit more expensive the extra cost is worth it over travelling with the local bus service. Pay for the journey on boarding.

Cairo by Taxi

Taxis in Cairo are either black and white and can be hailed from virtually any street corner. If you do intend to travel by taxi in Cairo, make sure you negotiate a price before you get in as none of the meters work and unscrupulous taxi drivers won't think twice of extorting a few more notes from ignorant tourists. Though it may not feel like it at the time you will get to your destination in one piece but be warned that taxi drivers in Cairo have a 'special' way of driving - often without their hands on the wheel or even looking at the road! If you do flag a taxi down and the driver is not going that way he will drive off unannounced. It is also not uncommon for a taxi cab to pick up passengers with other passengers already in the car. If you are staying in one of the major western five-star hotels, or even in the same area, taxi fares will marked upwards about 200% of the standard fare so to avoid being over priced, walk a couple of blocks from your hotel and hail a cab from there.

Cycling in Cairo

There is not much scope for cycling in Cairo. There are no cycle paths in Cairo, nowhere to hire bikes and despite a health cycling club, not many designated paths or routes for cyclists to explore. There are however a number of long-haul trips for the dedicated cycling fanatic that start in Cairo.