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Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in Corfu

Internal Flights and Major International Airports in Corfu

Getting to Corfu from the UK is very easy. The flight is no longer than 3 hours and a good number of airlines fly here, especially during the summer months. It is worth noting that Easyjet recently added Corfu as a destination. Kapodistrias, the International Airport of Corfu, is right on the coast…it can actually feel like you’re landing in the sea! There are also year round domestic flights, going directly to and from Athens. If you are so inclined, you can also get a hydroplane from Corfu to Ioannina town, Epirus, and Paxi island.

Getting to and from the airport at Corfu

Corfu’s international airport is located in the region of Kanoni, which is 3 kilometres south of Corfu Town. Many people arriving in Corfu will have already booked themselves an airport transfer with their tour operator. However, this is by no means the only choice you have. There are a number of local buses that will take you directly to Corfu town and a range of other destinations and these are usually very reasonably priced. There are also taxis outside the airport that will run you directly to particular resorts. There are no trains on Corfu…but it really isn’t very big!

Travel costs in Corfu

Taxis will cost you around 15 Euros for a trip of 5 kilometres; so not particularly cheap, but they are quick! Make sure you get a cab with a working meter, this is required by law and you can be sure you’re getting a fair price. The bus is the cheapest option, with travel costing you between 1 and 4 Euros depending on the journey length. However, buses are traditionally slower and Corfu buses certainly take the long route.

Car Hire in Corfu

There are a good number of car rental companies based at Corfu International Airport and in the main towns. If you do choose to rent a car, remember that Corfu is mountainous and therefore the roads can be steep and unpredictable. However, roads are generally well maintained and driving in Corfu should be an enjoyable experience. A car hire for 7 days will cost you around 200 Euros for a pretty standard 4 door vehicle; the larger cars will cost you up to 450 Euros for a week. Check that the insurance you are given with the car is fully comprehensive and that you have emergency contact numbers should you break down or have an accident. There is often an excess charge that you will have to pay if the car is returned damaged in any way.

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Renting Scooters in Corfu

A really good way of seeing a lot of this small country, if you don’t mind dealing with a few potholes here and there! For a five day hire you would be looking to pay around 45-50 Euros plus fuel, which is likely cost between 10-30 Euros depending on amount of use. Take care though, the roads can be unpredictable so wear your helmet, stick to the lower ground where possible, and drive with caution on those mountain bends.

Drivers licenses requirements in Corfu

To drive in Corfu you must hold a valid UK or EU driving license – take both the photo and paper documentation with you. Most car hire companies will ask that you are over 21 years of age, but this can sometimes be 23. Keep your license and passport with you when driving in Corfu. More than 1 unit of alcohol and you’ll have breached the legal drink drive limit, so be very careful of this. In the event of an accident police will always perform a breath test. You must wear your seatbelt at all times when in a moving vehicle; child booster seats are generally available on request.

Corfu by Bus

The local bus services are cheap – between 1 to 4 Euros, but they are a little unpredictable and can change their route unexpectedly. There is a good bus service that will take you from popular tourist resort, Sidari, to Corfu Town. The journey is about an hour and will cost around 4 Euros. There is also another popular route that will take you to Peroulades for the day. You’ll find the timetables on most of the stops and the buses themselves are in pretty good shape, many with air conditioning.

Corfu by Taxi

Taking a taxi in Corfu is a good way to get to your destination promptly. The drivers tend to drive quite fast, and you should not be afraid to ask them to slow down. If you’re getting a taxi transfer from the airport to your hotel, you’ll find the prices are more or less the same as in the UK. The cheapest is around 13 Euros, which will take you to Corfu Town. The furthest resorts from the airport, such as the Port of Lefkimi, and Kavos St. Petros, could cost you up to 55 Euros. However, on average, a transfer will be around 20 to 30. During your stay you will find taxis around many of the towns, which you can hail. Your hotel will also be able to order one for you when you require it. A few tips: always take a cab with a meter – otherwise they can seriously rip you off – the standing charge is 1.75 Euro, and follow the taxi route on a map to make sure you are taken via the quickest route.

Cycling in Corfu

Bike riding in Corfu is a great way to get around the country and to see some of its glorious green countryside. There are so many mountain trails to follow that you’re sure to discover some hidden gems. There are a number of bike hire shops dotted around the island, with most of the main towns offering bike rental facilities. If you don’t fancy navigating yourself around the island, there are some superb guided tours you can sign up to, with many hotels offering it as an excursion package. The ‘Sidari Tour’ is quite popular; this takes you through some beautiful traditional villages and includes regular breaks at pretty Grecian tavernas. The ‘Ermonies Tour’ is also a very picturesque cycling experience which will take you down hidden trails through sumptuous vineyards and olive groves. You will also get to experience some traditional Greek wine and see some historical landmarks as you trace your way through the various villages and countryside. You should be looking to pay under 10 Euros a day for mountain bike hire in Corfu.

Water Transport in Corfu

You can take a ferry from Corfu port in Kerkyra, to Igumenitsa and Patra, which are in mainland Greece. There are also services available that will take you to Italy calling at either Ancona, Brindisi or Venice.

Hitch hiking in Corfu

Sticking your thumb up on the roadside in the UK does not always mean the same thing abroad. In fact, in Greece it equates to sticking up your middle finger instead! Needless to say, you won’t get very far hitch hiking in Corfu. Waving or using a sign might get you further, but drivers are not too keen to pick up passengers, and with the country being so small it hardly seems necessary. Not recommended – take a cheap bus instead.