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Local Travel Info in Nice

To and From – Nice International Airport, Nice-Cote d'Azur

The Nice International Airport is 6km west of Nice. It is the second busiest airport in France with over 40 national and international airlines flying in and out of Nice. Services to Paris are very frequent. The bus is the best way to get to and from the airport. Take Express bus 99 which runs from Terminal 2 at the aiport into central train station in Nice (the bus operates every 30 minutes), Express Bus 98 arrives and departs at the main Bus Station. Bus 23 (which is cheaper but takes longer) runs from Terminal 1. The cost for a one way ticket is 4€ and you can pay the driver upon boarding. Visitors to Nice can also take the train into the city centre. Regional train services run from Gare Nice St Augustin, situated 500m from Terminal 1: buses 200, 1A and 1B connect to this station. A shuttle bus runs from the airport to all the major hotels and costs 20€ per person. The airport also has rental cars and good roads into the city. A free shuttle bus connects the terminals.

Taxis from Nice International Airport
Taxis to downtown Nice cost between €25and €30 and takes about 10 minutes. Taxis are available 24 hours outside Arrivals at both terminals.

Nice By Bus
Buses are efficient and frequent in Nice. The buses “Lignes d'Azur" cover all parts of the city with routes along the Riviera for only 1€. From the train station you can catch buses to Promenade des Anglais or the beach. The central bus station is located on square General Leclerc, here you can also catch buses linking Nice with other French and international destinations.

Nice By Car

Driving in Nice is not often necessary as you can walk everywhere. The city is also well served by local buses. The summer months are particularly busy, and finding parking is often difficult. You can hire cars from the airport T2, or from rental companies in the city centre. Check that your hotel has secure parking and is best reserved in advance. The legal age to drive in France is 18 yrs. All passengers must wear seat-belts and children under the age of 10 are not allowed in front seats. You must by law stop at Zebra crossings, and speed limits are typically 50km/h in towns, 90km/h on main roads, 110km/h on dual carriageways and 130 km/h on motorways. Never use your mobile phone will driving, drink and drive, and be careful of speeding. Drivers drive on the right hand side and remember road signs will be in French. Perhaps, the best way to explore the centre of town is on foot, but cars can be helpful for discovering the rest of the Côte

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Hitchhiking in Nice
In Nice as in the rest of France, it is legal to hitchhike (except on motorways). Hitchhiking is not that common but is easy enough to get a ride usually from toll areas and most people speak French and usually a bit of English.

Cycling in Nice

Cycling in Nice maybe a low budget transportation option but it can also be dangerous. The safest cycling area is the Promenade des Anglais which has a protected cycleway all the way to the airport, although be aware that you will be amongst pedestrians, rollerbladers, and joggers. At the airport you can rent bicycles for a half day 10€, full day 14€, 24 hours 18€ and week 90€. There are a few bike repair/rental shops in Nice such as Holiday Bikes and Roller-Station. You can also book cycling tours such as a three hour tour which costs 30€ per person and includes, hemits, bike hire, and a beverage or a five hour trip from 50€ per person. These tours can be arranged with Nice Cycle Tours found on the Promenade des Anglais.

By Train
Nice's ideal location on the French Riviera means it is well connected to most French and European cities. There are several railway stations inlcuding Nice central station (Gare Nice Ville). Over 150 trains leave the Nice Ville station towards major cities in France and Italy daily. High-speed TGV trains connect Paris to Nice; the train service is both inexpensive and frequent. Visitors in Nice can also enjoy a short 45 minute train journey around the city. There is also a tram now running in the city but is used by commuters from the suberbs and is unnecessary for tourists.