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Local Travel Info in Queenstown

Internal Flights and Airports in Queenstown

Queenstown has an international airport which connects it with Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin within New Zealand. From Australia, direct flights to Queenstown Airport are available from Sydney. To coincide with the ski season, flights to Queenstown are available from Melbourne and Brisbane during the winter months. The main airlines which fly to Queenstown Airport are Air New Zealand and Qantas.

Getting to and from the Airport in Queenstown

Queenstown airport is located 8 kilometres from Queenstown’s centre and a shuttle bus connects the airport to the town centre and costs around 3.50 Euros per person. A taxi will cost around 9 Euros

Car Hire in Queenstown

Hiring a car in Queenstown can be great way to independently explore the stunning landscape at your own pace. Good deals on hire cars in Queenstown can be found throughout the year and rental cars in Queenstown can easily be booked online while abroad. Depending on the car hire company you book with, you may be able to pick your rental car up at Queenstown Airport or in the town. A popular alternative for people who are travelling around the country for an extended period of time is to buy a second had car and sell it at the end of the trip. This is a particularly popular option with backpackers.

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Driver Licence Requirements in Queenstown

New Zealand has reciprocal driving rights with most other countries. If you’re hiring a car, you’ll need an International Driver’s Licence and you must be 21 years old or over.
Road Rules in Queenstown
In New Zealand they drive on the left hand side of the road, the speed limit in a suburban Queenstown street is likely to be 50 km/h, and the usual speed limit on a motorway is 100 km/h. Common road related offences in New Zealand include.
• Driving faster than the speed limit
• Driving without an appropriate current licence
• Failing to produce a licence when requested by a policeman at the roadside
• Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
• Not wearing a safety belt
• Driving a vehicle that does not have a current warrant of fitness, is not registered or is not safe
• Driving dangerously
• Not stopping after a crash where someone has been injured or killed.

Queenstown by bus

The local Queenstown bus service is called Connectabus and it links Queenstown to the majority of other towns and points of interest around the region. Queenstown has no train station so coach companies provide a convenient and cost effective way to get to and from Queenstown with daily coaches connecting Queenstown to cities and major destinations throughout the South Island. Main coach companies in Queenstown include Intercity, Naked Bus, the Bottom Bus, Atomic Shuttles, Catch-a-Bus and K Bus. Between them, they’ve pretty much got the whole South Island connected. Check each company to find out where they go and when.

Queenstown by Taxi

Metered taxis in Queenstown can be found at taxi ranks around the town centre and at Queenstown airport. Queenstown taxi companies are plentiful, can be pre-booked and many have an online presence. A taxi from Queenstown Airport to the town centre costs around 9 Euros.

Cycling in Queenstown

Cycling in Queenstown is more of an off-road than on-road activity. Mountain biking in Queenstown is very popular and can be a highly rewarding way to explore some of the region’s most stunning scenery. Dozens of companies offer organised cycle tours ranging from adrenalin pumping heli-biking expeditions to gentle, scenic excursions. Companies that hire out bikes and organise bike tours in Queenstown are numerous and include Fat Tyre Adventures, and Vertigo Mountain Biking.