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Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in Seville

Internal flights and major international airports in Seville

The major international and internal airport in Seville is the Aeropuerto de San Pablo. This airport is just 12 km from Seville’s centre and has numerous flights, principally operated by the Spanish airline Iberia, to and from Seville and loads of Spanish and European destinations.

Getting to and from the airport in Seville

To get to and from the airport in Seville there are two advisable options. If you want to get a bus to and from Seville’s airport there is a bus, run by Amarillos Tour, which stops at the airport and then at various stages in Seville. This bus to and from the airport in Seville runs every half an hour during the week, and will cost you just a few Euros.

The second good option for getting to and from the airport in Seville is via taxi. There is a huge taxi rank just outside of Seville airport’s main exit, and the cost of getting to or from the airport to Seville should be between €20 – 30.

Travel costs in Seville

Renting cars in Seville

You’ll find 5 main places to rent a car in Seville’s airport. Car rental costs start from around €25 per day in Seville and are a good option if you’re planning to tour the region. However, if you’re thinking about renting a car just to go to the city of Seville itself, be aware that the roads can be very busy, and there is nowhere easy to park in the centre of Seville.

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Drivers licenses requirements in Seville?

Visitors that want to drive in Seville will need to use an international driving permit (IDP). For UK visitors to Seville, pre-1991 UK driving licences are required to be replaced by the new photo licences, or used with an international driving permit.

Rules for driving in Seville

There are a few rules for driving in Seville and Spain that you’ll need to know before taking to the roads. Drivers need to be at least 18 years on in Seville, and need a photo ID from their country of origin. If your current driving licence doesn’t have a photo, then you’ll need to get an international driving permit before driving in Seville.

Seat belts are compulsory when driving in Seville, for all passengers, and it’s a legal requirement to have third-party insurance – this is an important rule to remember when driving in Seville. All vehicles have to keep headlights on when going through a tunnel, and if you’re overtaking in Seville the rule for driving is to sound your horn or flash your lights is you’re going through Seville at night.

Buses in Seville

If you want to get about by bus in Seville, there are two main bus stations - the Station del Prado de San Sebastian and the Estacion de Plaza de Armas. Both of these Seville bus stations have routes that allow you to travel by bus from Seville to a huge number of destinations, including the golden southern beaches and nearby beautiful villages. You’ll notice the fleet of red TUSSAM buses in Seville which are part of its fantastic public transport system – Seville has loads of busses and routes as well as an all night bus service to get you anywhere you want to go in Seville. Seville bus passes can be bought as single trip tickets, a group of ten bus tickets, or monthly and tourist bus passes, depending on how often you’ll want to use the excellent bus service in Seville.

Taxis in Seville

Taxis in Seville offer a reliable, convenient way to explore the city and also to get to and from the airport. In Seville city centre, taxis are on a meter, and a 10 minute journey by taxi should cost you no more that €6 – 7. You can hail a taxi from the street in Seville, but there are also taxi ranks along some of Seville’s main streets and outside Seville’s airport terminal.

Cycling in Seville

Seville has plenty of cycling paths, pedestrian zones and parks, making cycling in Seville and avoiding the traffic relatively easy. There are also many cycling tour companies in Seville who can take you on a guided cycling tour of Seville, taking in some of the wonderful sights and parks of Seville.

Hitch hiking in Seville

Whilst it’s not illegal to go hitchhiking in Seville, it’s not that advisable to attempt to hitch a ride. As with the rest of Spain, there isn’t a culture of hitchhiking in Seville, so the locals are very unlikely to stop for you if you’re on the side of the road trying to cadge a lift.