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Cheap Flights to South Africa

Finding discount airline flights to South Africa is no easy task. To make this task simpler, we carry out a daily airfare search to provide you with the latest flight deals and special airfare offers for South Africa. Whether you are traveling for a weekend business trip, a short city break or a long relaxing holiday, you will find the cheapest South Africa flights. While we opt for the cheapest airfares, we also select sponsors and airlines that offer the most direct flight routes, ensuring your comfort at all times.

How to Find Flight Deals to South Africa

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates!If you're inflexible with your dates you probably will not be able to take advantage of any of the pricing variations airlines use. Airfare prices always fluctuate depending on the day and time of the week. It is always cheaper to fly mid week than on a weekend for example, or late at night rather than during the day. It has also shown to be cheaper to fly out after major holidays than before. That week after Christmas is when you can take advantage of cheap flights because people don't prefer to fly when they are with their families and New Years Eve is around the corner. Oddly enough, flight prices drop a bit on Tuesday nights too.

Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in South Africa

Local Travel Information South Africa

South Africa boasts good local as well as international air links, bus networks, taxi services and relatively standard priced car rental services make South Africa an excellent touring destination for all holiday budgets. For those on a budget, the easily accessible backpacker buses provide an economic means of exploring the country.

Internal flights and major international airports
Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is the major airport in South Africa and is the hub for over forty airlines from all five continents. If you were planning to start your holiday from Cape Town, the majority of airlines that fly to Oliver Tambo International Airport also fly directly to Cape Town International Airport and Durban. Also worth considering is an “open-jaw” ticket, which allows you to fly into one South African destination and out from another or even to fly out from another African country.

Getting to and from the airport
Taxis are the best easiest way to get to and from the airport if you don’t plan to rent a car.

Car Hire in South Africa/ Car Hire in Cape Town
Taxis tend to be quite pricey, renting a car or using buses is a cheaper mode of transport. Some of the most interesting places off the beaten track are only accessible in your own vehicle, as buses tend to travel only the major routes.

For Cheap Car Hire in South Africa, view our links in the main tab above. These are updated hourly to provide you with the latest deals and special offers on car rental in South Africa.

Drivers licenses requirements?
All visitors intending to drive are required to obtain an international drivers permit, visitors found driving without a permit will be fined.

The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory.

Hitch hiking
Hitch hiking in most areas of South Africa is definitely not a good idea, particularly in large towns and cities. If you must hitchhike, avoid hitching alone and being dropped off in isolated areas. Ask drivers where they are going before you say where you want to go, and keep your bags with you. You can check the notice boards in hostels for people offering or looking to share lifts – this gives you the option of meeting the driver in advance.