Tahiti: Flights

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Cheap Flights to Tahiti

Finding discount airline flights to Tahiti is no easy task. To make this task simpler, we carry out a daily airfare search to provide you with the latest flight deals and special airfare offers for Tahiti. Whether you are traveling for a weekend business trip, a short city break or a long relaxing holiday, you will find the cheapest Tahiti flights. While we opt for the cheapest airfares, we also select sponsors and airlines that offer the most direct flight routes, ensuring your comfort at all times.

How to Find Flight Deals to Tahiti

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates!If you're inflexible with your dates you probably will not be able to take advantage of any of the pricing variations airlines use. Airfare prices always fluctuate depending on the day and time of the week. It is always cheaper to fly mid week than on a weekend for example, or late at night rather than during the day. It has also shown to be cheaper to fly out after major holidays than before. That week after Christmas is when you can take advantage of cheap flights because people don't prefer to fly when they are with their families and New Years Eve is around the corner. Oddly enough, flight prices drop a bit on Tuesday nights too.

Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in Tahiti

Internal flights and major international airports

The only airport in South Polynesia is Tahiti Faa’a International Airport, which has domestic terminals if you want to fly to the Society Islands and also has international terminals for flights out of South Polynesia too.

Getting to and from the airport

Taxi’s are extortionately expensive from the airport and is only advised when you fly in and depart at night. If you are getting to and from the airport, the best option is to get Tahiti’s public bus ‘le truck’, which is far cheaper than a taxi.

Travel costs

Taxis are a pricey way to get around in Tahiti, the charge for a ride from the airport to downtown Papeete is 1600 XPF, at night it costs 2500 XPF a night plus another 100 XPF charge is levied for baggage. Le truck is the public bus service in Tahiti, which has a regular service in the week, but is more infrequent at the weekend, and the cost ranges between 130 XPF to 450 XPF depending on the length of journey. Hiring a car is an option, but you maybe disappointed with your standard of car considering the cost of hire, do not leave any valuables on show, and even leave your glove box open to show there are no valuables to steal, hire cars are priced around 39389 XPF a week.

Renting cars

Cars can be rented from hire car companies located in hotels, however, the standard of car maybe disappointing considering the cost of hire, which is around 39389 XPF a week, be careful to check the car thoroughly before you rent it, and check if it has any limits on mileage.

To book car rental in Tahiti online, view our Car Hire section for Tahiti . We offer Ok Alpha users the latest special offers and best rates available for car hire in Tahiti . We advise you book your Tahiti hire car in advance so you can pick it up and drop it off directly at the airport.

Drivers licenses requirements?

To hire a car you need to present both parts of your driving license if you are from the UK, international and European driving licences are accepted.


Seatbelts are required to be worn in the front and back, a fine is incurred if this is not adhered to. Drivers must drive on the right; the speed limit is 50 to 60km (31 – 37 miles) per hour.


‘Le truck’ is Tahiti’s public bus and is a fairly economical form of public transport and it costs between 130 XPF - 450 XPF and 65 XPF for students, and runs every fifteen minutes until 5.30pm, while the Faa’a airport line runs 24 hours, le truck’s are more infrequent at the weekend, however, and are fairly inaccessible for disabled persons. Le trucks are being phased out and being replaced with air conditioned buses with timetables and bus stops.


Taxis are a pricey way to get around in Tahiti, the charge for a ride from the airport to downtown Papeete is 1600 XPF, at night it costs 2500 XPF a night plus another 100 XPF charge is levied for baggage. Be careful that drivers use a metre, if not, agree on a price before you set off. It is recommended to only get a taxi if there are no other transport options available. However, there are many taxi firms on the island and are stationed at convenient spots, like at the airport. The government flat fare taxis are available from the airport, but a trip in a taxi is usually equivalent to a day’s car rental.


The figures for traffic accidents in Tahiti is high, and the overtaking you see on the roads is quite dangerous, so be very careful when cycling on the roads, and wear a helmet if possible. Cycle lanes aren’t widely seen but cycle paths are evident in resorts. Cycling is an easy option and a great stress-free way to see Tahiti. Bicycle hire in Tahiti costs between 800 – 1200 XPF for four days.

Hitch Hiking

Hitch hiking has gradually become less common in Tahiti. Try to avoid hitch hiking on Friday and Saturday nights, when the roads are filled with lots of drunk drivers. Women should not hitch hike alone.