Delhi: Holidays

A multidimensional metropolis

City Breaks

City Breaks in Delhi

Delhi is an infusion of modern India, a mishmash of timeless traditions and modern life played out among arguably the richest collection of historical monuments in the world. Both cosmopolitan and traditional in its outlook, Delhi makes for an excellent city break. Whether it is historical monuments or temples and mosques, malls or markets, entertainment centers or museums, the city of Delhi has it all including an always on the move business district, and a political center like no other in the world. The city of Delhi is at its best during festivals and this is when you can be a part of the city in all its glory, color and beauty. It doesn’t take much time in embracing the city of Delhi for what it is, and in spite of all its drawbacks, it is truly worth traveling over continents to be in.


Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Delhi

Being the capital of the India, Delhi is an important corporate destination. With a large number of corporates working out of Delhi, corporate weekend getaways are organized on a regular basis. Corporate weekends are generally organized at resorts located on the outskirts of the city, or in neighboring destinations. Resorts offer an enjoyable corporate weekend of unwinding with spas, massages, games and countless group activities to help distress.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Delhi

Apart from being the center of politics, Delhi is also the centre of arts and culture in the country. If you are planning a holiday centered on art and culture, then the city of Delhi is your one stop shop! Aptly christened the cultural capital of India, Delhi is rich in cultural centers, museums, auditoria, cinema houses and art galleries, with artists from al over the country displaying their works. It is best to plan your holiday in the cultural capital to coincide with the cultural season which picks up in August and lasts till April.
Delhi is home to many celebrated musicians, dancers, poets, artists and theatre personalities, making the city one of the most favorable destinations for performing arts. Music festivals, dance recitals, art exhibitions, theatre and cinema add to up to making this the cultural capital of the country.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Delhi

India is a third world country and does not have top of the class facilities for disabled travelers. However, this should not be a deterrent for disabled travelers. There are tourist companies that have special packages for disabled travelers, and ensure a comfortable holiday right from the time you land in the city till you depart. It is not advisable to travel alone if you are disabled, and want to explore the city on your own.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Delhi

With a vibrant history that goes back centuries and a present that is developing at a rapid pace, a family holiday in Delhi is an ideal way to discover the city. Delhi offers an excellent blend of ancient and contemporary, traditional and modern. The best way to bring alive your children’s history textbooks is by exploring the city’s history on a family holiday in Delhi. The countless monuments make for an interesting history lesson where children can learn about historical facts and figures with an interest a classroom can never garner! If pure entertainment is what your little ones crave for Delhi’s amusement parks like Adventure Island, Entertainment City and Fun N Food Village offer a wholesome fun experience. Wildlife parks situated on the outskirts of Delhi offer adventurous excursions for the perfect family holiday in Delhi.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Delhi

India is a conservative country when it comes to homosexuality, and even though drives are in motion to bring about changes to this outlook, it will take time. However, if you are planning a holiday to Delhi, let nothing deter you. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid public displays of affection as much as possible, as it will invite unwanted behavior from the locals, and even police action. There are gay bars in some localities, but be careful before venturing into such places.


Honeymoon in Delhi

Delhi doesn’t really feature as a popular honeymoon destination because you are in the midst of a city at all times. People prefer escaping to neighboring hill stations for their honeymoon, rather than spending it in the hustle bustle of the capital region!

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Delhi

The night life in Delhi is pulsating to say the least with night clubs, lounges and discotheques sprinkled all over the city. All five star hotels in Delhi have their own night clubs attached to it, but most charge an entry fee, and the alcohol is expensive. Individual lounges are more affordable, have a nice ambience and decent crowds. If you have a particular music preference find out before hand what music is played where. Most of the night clubs offer a mix of local bollywood music, hip-hop and house music. The night life in Delhi is safe on the whole but women are advised to move around with a male at all times at night. Stay on the safe side to enjoy the night life in Delhi. Never leave your drinks unattended and do not accept food, beverages and lifts from strangers.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Delhi

A shopping holiday in Delhi is a must as Delhi is famous for its markets and the shopping experience it provides to its visitors is one that’s unmatched. From high end designer labels to street shopping, you are in the right city when it comes to shopping. The mall culture has caught on in a big way and Delhi boasts of some of the biggest and best malls in the country. But the best way to shop in Delhi is to street shop. Delhi is famous for its street markets which sell nearly everything from garments and shoes, to electronics and jewelry. While shopping in Delhi a visit to the famous Chandni Chowk is a must. Its tiny lanes and by lanes are crammed with wedding merchandise, and even if you have no interest in purchasing Indian wedding paraphernalia, just visit it for the experience! Bargaining is a must when you street shop in Delhi. For foreigners, prices automatically triple, so make sure you bargain your way through while shopping in Delhi. Try and move around with a local when street shopping in Delhi, to avoid getting fleeced. Delhi is one of the best places in the world to shop, so don’t forget this on your to-do list.


Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Delhi

Five star hotels in Delhi offer luxurious spa retreats among its other facilities; however you are restricted to the hotel premises. As such, Delhi is not your ideal destination for a spa holiday.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Delhi

Winter lasts for three months, with December and January being the coldest months of the winter season. However, a winter holiday in Delhi is ideal. With the cultural season at its peak, and the wedding season in full swing, winter holidays in Delhi are packed with action. Picnics are a favorite with most people spending the days outdoors in the lovely sun. Tourist spots like monuments, gardens and museums draw a large number of people in the winter months too. However, brace yourself for flight and train delays as early morning fog can cause a lot of delays.