Dominican Republic: Holidays

A Land of Contrasts


Backpacking in Dominican Republic

A backpacking holiday in the Dominican Republic is not the budget traveler’s idyll that it once was. With the island’s increasing reliance on international tourism, more and more hotels have sprung up at the expense of less costly accommodation. Food and drink prices have also reflected the burgeoning market for wealthier tourists holidaying there, and so a backpacking holiday in the Dominican Republic is less attractive than it was even ten years ago. That said, if you are willing to book during the hurricane months in the later part of the year then you can find some real bargains. Many restaurants, hotels and bars are desperate for clientele during these barren months when the wealthier tourists stay away, so if you book in advance and plan well, a value for money trip is not impossible. A backpacking holiday in the Dominican Republic might not be perfect year-round, but if you can drop in at the right time on your way around Latin America it can be highly rewarding.


Beach in Dominican Republic

A beach holiday in the Dominican Republic is heaven for any sun worshipper. The beaches of Playa del Macao are famous the world over, and the entire coastline of the country offers similarly idyllic spots in which to soak up the sun and sand. Many European tourists are now choosing holidays to the Dominican Republic specifically to avoid the more crowded Spanish and Mediterranean market and to enjoy the perfect, balmy winter climate of the Caribbean. A beach holiday in the Dominican Republic does not come cheap, however, though it is a definite mark of distinction for the traveler who likes the finer things in life. Booking your flights and accommodation well in advance will help ease the burden of the cost, as will going for an all-inclusive beach resort for your accommodation. While the face value of such resorts is not always attractive, many offer very high quality meals and unlimited drinks for the money, not to mention a private beach with waiter service. A beach holiday in the Dominican Republic will give you the opportunity to combine some of the world’s finest beaches with the delicious Caribbean cuisine of the region. Well worth the expense.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Dominican Republic

A city break in the Dominican Republic is a great idea if you want to limit yourself to one city, but given the long-haul flight it probably isn’t the best way to enjoy the wealth of options that the country has to offer. A city break in the Dominican Republic is best taken at Santo Domingo, the nation’s capital. Santo Domingo is a hotbed of Dominican arts, history, culture and entertainment, meaning that you will never be tired of this ancient and vibrant settlement. If you wish to focus all of your attention on it, then Santo Domingo can be a very rewarding place. Other city break options would include the city of La Romana, another diverse and exciting place in which to enjoy the variety of Dominican life. If you are visiting from Europe then a city break in the Dominican Republic would deprive you of the pleasure of some of the incredible sights that lie out in the countryside or in the smaller towns and settlements dotted around the nation. Whilst a city break in the Dominican Republic can be highly fulfilling, it is probably better to seek more from your visit than just one place.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Dominican Republic

A culture and arts holiday in the Dominican Republic is perhaps the best place to start if you are looking to enjoy Latin American culture. The city of Santo Domingo is the oldest surviving European settlement in the Western Hemisphere, and enjoys an unrivalled cultural and historical heritage that dates right back to Christopher Columbus himself. With sights such as the Catedral Sana Maria La Menor, the oldest cathedral in the Americas, the city boasts an enormous amount of tradition and stunning architecture. The Colonial Zone is in particular rife with things to see and do. Within the colonial zone of Santo Domingo lies the Plaza de la Cultura, which is the true home of Dominican arts and culture. Other cities also have a lot to offer, with La Romana being a great example. Ultimately, a culture and arts holiday in the Dominican Republic will leave even the most erudite and well-traveled individuals bowled over with just how much there is to see.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Dominican Republic

A family holiday in the Dominican Republic is an ideal way to spend your summer break. With plenty to see and do for both kids and adults, the Dominican Republic is a family idyll. Whether you want to relax on the beach while the kids paddle in the calm ocean waters or take days out in the beautiful countryside, there is something for everyone. The Dominican Republic is quite family friendly and, as a Catholic nation, large, devoted families are particularly welcome. There are now many water parks and general children’s days out available for parents looking to entertain the children, while family group activities such as diving, snorkeling and horse riding are hugely popular. Many families now choose to go to the Dominican Republic instead of European destinations for their winter/Christmas break, so do be aware that you will need to book a fairly long way in advance in order to ensure you and your family can be accommodated as you wish. If you wish to sit together on the plane then it is also advisable to book your flights early, as many families will be traveling as a group during peak times. Overall, a family holiday in the Dominican Republic has many advantages and comes highly recommended.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Dominican Republic

In common with many destinations in the Caribbean, gay and lesbian holidays in the Dominican Republic are not always ideal. Though a reasonably tolerant and democratic nation, homosexuality is still largely misunderstood. This is not helped by the nation’s predominantly Catholic leaning. Open displays of affection between same sex couples is not advised, particularly when around the wider public. That said, if you don’t feel oppressed by having to be discreet then a gay and lesbian holiday in the Dominican Republic can be highly rewarding, with many romantic and inspiring destinations to enjoy. Some cities in the Dominican Republic even have a small gay scene, and some local knowledge will help you find clubs and bars that are more gay and lesbian friendly.


Honeymoon in Dominican Republic

A honeymoon holiday in the Dominican Republic is about as close to a romantic idyll as you can get. With sun kissed beaches, crystalline waters, innumerable romantic vistas and beautiful walks, it is an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate with your new partner. Hotels and resorts offer specific honeymoon packages, and restaurants and bars will be particularly hospitable to honeymooning couples. If you choose a resort option then many packages will include free champagne and inclusive spa treatments, as well as a romantic and well appointed bedroom with a beautiful view. You can swim in the sea and stroll along the beach, dine on the finest cuisine that the Dominican Republic has to offer, or get out and enjoy the beauty of the Dominican countryside. Whatever you choose to do, a honeymoon holiday in the Dominican Republic will satisfy all your needs

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Dominican Republic

A shopping holiday in the Dominican Republic is a great way to pick up some local bargains. Imported items are unlikely to be any better value than shopping elsewhere, but if you are seeking some local Dominican products then you will be surprised at the value for money on offer. With tourism being such an important part of the Dominican economy, shopping for Dominican made products is highly encouraged. If you are seeking jewelry then the nation is famous for its production of amber items, and is also known for its fine dresses and, more recently, its works of art. You won’t find many bargains on your western prestige brands, but can fill suitcases with fantastic bargains if you know where to look. A shopping holiday in the Dominican Republic will satisfy the shopaholic in all of us.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Dominican Republic

A golf holiday in the Dominican Republic is perfect for any avid golfer. The Dominican Republic is a legendary golfing destination, and has some of the finest courses in Latin America. Several PGA tour events are held in the country, and the year-round balmy climate means that the courses are kept in perfect condition whatever time you choose to visit. There are golf courses in both the north and south parts of the island, so if you want to tour around and take in some of the other sights and sounds of the Dominican Republic, you can do it while enjoying the golf at the same time. Golf holidays in the Dominican Republic are incredibly popular and the courses are in great demand, so be sure to book well in advance. With a plethora of wealthy American tourists in the area, however, prices are not always so reasonable. Be sure to do your research before you leave. Due to the high popularity of gold on the island, many airlines offer specific rates for people wishing to take their clubs as luggage, so do enquire about this. A golf holiday in the Dominican Republic will leave even the most avid enthusiast well satisfied.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Dominican Republic

A scuba diving holiday in the Dominican Republic offers an incredible degree of diversity and variety for the learner up to the professional. Much of the coastline offers reef diving with an incredible array of marine life, and the presence of many sunken ships from the colonial era means that the country is not short of wreck dives. PADI is recognized across the country, and there are numerous dive schools in almost every coastal town. You can be assured of the finest quality tuition if you are seeking to learn, and warm, welcoming waters in which to enjoy your first few sub-aqua adventures. A scuba diving holiday in the Dominican Republic is a great way to enjoy the underwater life and colour of the Caribbean.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Dominican Republic

With four mountain ranges, a hiking holiday in the Dominican Republic is popular amongst many hikers and walkers. The balmy climate, beautiful vistas and astonishing array of flora and fauna make for a truly unforgettable experience. You can find good trails in almost any part of the island, and mostly within range of towns that offer accommodation. Easy, intermediate and advanced routes are available, and if you are particularly confident you can trailblaze out onto undiscovered routes! Local knowledge is easily accessible and the locals will usually be only to happy to answer your queries. Some of the terrain can be fairly rough, so a good set of hiking boots is advisable. A hiking holiday in the Dominican Republic will challenge all but the most experienced hikers.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers numerous resorts that specialize in spa and well being holidays. A spa holiday in the Dominican Republic will leave you relaxed and refreshed to an incomparable level. Many resorts offer pedicures, manicures, facials, water treatments, massage and numerous other well-being delights. Most also offer large, private pools and some have private beaches on which to relax after your treatment. Such luxury does, however, come at a price. Some resorts charge in excess of $400 US per night for the pleasure of their exquisite facilities. Bargains can be sought in the off-peak season, though for both booking well in advance is highly recommended. Overall, a spa holiday in the Dominican Republic is a great way to relax and unwind but, given the added expense of flights, may be prohibitively expensive.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Dominican Republic

For the winter sun seeker, a winter sun holiday in the Dominican Republic is perhaps the ideal choice. Thousands of tourists now flock to the Dominican Republic over the winter months, all of them keen to soak up the perfectly balanced winter climate, with temperatures hovering around a satisfying 25 degrees centigrade. You can relax on the beach of trek out into the gorgeous countryside, the choice is yours with such perfect conditions in which to holiday. Be warned, however, that owing to the popularity of the nation during the winter months, a winter sun holiday in the Dominican Republic requires a considerable amount of forethought and planning. Prices can be steep, so prepare so do your research and seek out the best bargains available. A winter sun holiday in the Dominican Republic will cater for every sun worshipper’s tastes, but make sure to plan your holiday well in advance, taking extra care to book your accommodation some 3-4 months in advance.