Guam: Holidays

Micronesia's most populous island


Backpacking in Guam

A backpacking holiday in Guam is not ideal. Prices on the island are not geared towards travelers on a budget, and there is a distinct lack of hostel accommodation. The cheapest hotels are often appalling in standard, and the island is not renowned for cheap beer and entertainment. That said, if you can find a decent spot to camp or work out a realistic budget, the island offers some beautiful and inspiring sights for any traveler, not to mention a wealth of diverse culture and cuisine. If you can make your budget and travel plans fit, then a backpacking holiday in Guam is not a bad idea, though it will require some forethought.


Beach in Guam

A beach holiday in Guam is an absolutely ideal way to enjoy the sun, sand and clear waters of the island. If you are looking for a beach holiday with all the right elements to please the dedicated sun seeker, then Guam is an excellent choice of destination. It offers miles of unspoiled, beautiful beaches, and the perfect year round, balmy climate in which to enjoy them. Temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees, and rarely exceed the mid-thirties, leaving a beach holiday in Guam both comfortable and relaxing. Some resorts have their own beaches, and nearly all will offer the hire of beach equipment. You can choose to enjoy the water with a boat ride, or play volleyball on the beach (a popular activity amongst the many armed forces members posted to Guam). Whether you want to work on your tan or swim and frolic, a beach holiday in Guam is the perfect getaway for you, your loved ones and family.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Guam

A city break in Guam is not an ideal holiday; the main problem being that Guam does not technically have any cities. The main settlements of Hagatna and Agana are essentially large towns and do not have all of the features one would normally expect of a city. The best way to enjoy the island of Guam is to travel around the islands many towns, villages and settlements to get a real feel for the diversity of the island. A city break in Guam is therefore not an ideal holiday, as simply staying in the capital of Hagatna would not give the visitor a true feel for the incredibly rich and vibrant environment that the island has to offer.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Guam

If you’re looking to enjoy a true mixture of Western, Asian and Pacific cultures, then a Culture and Arts holiday in Guam is absolutely perfect. With its Spanish imperial architecture, indigenous Chamorro art, culture, history and craftwork, not to mention the influence of the its time under US rule, Guam has something to offer everyone. You can marvel at the ancient Spanish bridges, the Chamorro villages and statues, and then relax with a beer and some world class seafood all in one day on Guam. A culture and arts holiday in Guam will leave you satisfied, enlightened and ready to return. Make sure to take every opportunity to get around the island and see its wonderful sights, either by bus, rented car or taxi. The island has so much to offer a culture and arts holiday, all in easy reach, that it is essential that take in as much of it as possible.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Guam

Guam is a family friendly place. Offering numerous resorts that welcome children, not to mention a huge variety of activities that the kids will love, a family holiday in Guam is a perfect getaway. You can relax on the beach while the kids make sandcastles, or take them around the island’s incredible sights and sounds. Family restaurants are aplenty, with every type of cuisine available and most restaurants offering kids menus and portions.

A family holiday in Guam will offer you plenty of options to enjoy yourself and make memories for the photo-album. A family holiday in Guam is also an excellent opportunity for you to learn as a family. The history of the island, not to mention the incredible story of its to-and-fro during WWII is something that will enlighten anyone, and the sites of famous battles and historical events can all be easily visited and learned about. Equally appealing is the ease with which children will fit into Guam’s resorts, which are a safe and pleasant environment for a family holiday.


Honeymoon in Guam

Guam provides an idyllic setting for a honeymoon holiday. With its sandy beaches, clear blue seas and tropical climate, you can truly create a honeymoon holiday to remember in Guam. The island offers plenty of up market resorts in which to stay, and many hotels offer honeymoon suites if you are willing to pay. The island is famed for its romantic history, with the aforementioned Two Lover Point being a spot of incredible romance, and a perfect place to get that timeless honeymoon photo for your wedding album. A honeymoon holiday in Guam will leave you with many beautiful memories for years to come.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Guam

Guam has plenty to offer the hardened party animal, and a party holiday in Guam will challenge even the most boisterous among us. The island is packed full of bars, some of which serve cheap beer and offer plenty of entertainment. There are a few nightclubs on the island that cater to the late night stop-out, and these are often popular with the many soldiers posted on the island. You can make a fantastic night out in Guam, with a great meal to start, followed by a few drinks at a lively bar and then on to a vibrant club to dance the night away. A party holiday in Guam will leave you needing another holiday to get over it!

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Guam

A couples holiday in Guam is a good choice for those who want to enjoy some relaxed island living and sample a wide variety of cuisine and culture. With many dreamy spots such as Two Lovers Point, the island is famed for its romance. A couples holiday in Guam will offer you and your partner everything you need for a fantastic time. Sun kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, diverse culture and fantastic food are all on the agenda. The island is also notably hospitable to couples, with the locals being very friendly and sentimental over romantic types! A couples holiday in Guam will make a dream getaway for you and your partner.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Guam

Despite its size, Guam is famous for its incredible golf courses. A golf holiday in Guam, therefore, is a truly salivating prospect for any dedicated golfer. The island offers no fewer than seven world class golf courses, designed by some of the most famous Japanese and US golfers in history, including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Leo Palace gold resort in the middle of Guam is particularly notable for its variety and challenging nature. All the golf courses in Guam benefit from the island’s notoriously beautiful scenery, and are some of the best maintained courses in the world. The fairways are so well trimmed and cared for as to be reminiscent of Augusta, and few sights can be as satisfying as teeing off into a panoramic view of the beauty of Guam. A Golf holiday in Guam is the perfect break for any avid golfer, and represents an opportunity to play to your hearts content.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Guam

A Scuba Diving holiday in Guam is a great option for those who want to enjoy the warm climate and comfortable waters of the island. Guam truly does provide one of the best Scuba diving holidays in the world. This is mainly due to the perfect temperatures it offers, the incredible clarity of the water around its coastline, the diversity of the marine life and the preponderance of WWII wrecks on which to do challenging wreck dives. There are numerous diving schools and rental places around the island, and PADI is the most widely recognized body. Diving lessons are available, with PADI qualification courses the most popular option among tourists. Owing to the reputation Guam has among divers, there are an overwhelming number of master divers present on the island during high season. Whether you want to learn for the first time or advance your skills on more challenging dives, a scuba diving holiday in Guam has something for every Scuba enthusiast.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Guam

Despite the idyllic beauty of the island and its compact, convenient nature, a cycling holiday in Guam is simply not an option for anyone but the dedicated road cyclist. Dangerous roads, a high number of drunk drivers and the multitude of stray dogs on the island, not to mention a distinct lack of cycle paths, render a cycling holiday in Guam something of a let down. Best avoided.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Guam

Whilst Guam is unlikely to offer the diversity of a mainland destination for the avid shopper, there are still bargains to be had owing to the island’s duty free policy. Imported brands will, sadly, be mostly offset by their import costs, but anything produced on the island represents great value for money, not to mention being unique. Shopping opportunities range from standard malls to the stalls and stores of the Chamorro, selling traditional art and crafts. A shopping holiday in Guam offers a diverse range of shopping experiences and places to spend your hard earned cash!

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Guam

For those looking for some winter sun, look no further than Guam. With temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees in winter, the island offers a perfect, balmy, tropical climate. The rainy season in the later half of the year can leave the island somewhat wet, but the climate is rarely harsh enough to put off the avid sun seeker. The beaches in Guam also offer acres of space during winter, and are still well maintained and an idyllic location to sunbathe. For the adventurous among those seeking some winter sun, getting off the beaten track in Guam will prove rewarding. With numerous secretive little bays and beaches to be found amongst the wilds of the island, there is plenty of incentive to explore. A winter sun holiday in Guam will leave the sun worshipper truly satisfied.