Indonesia: Holidays

The Largest Archipelago in the World

Backpacking in Indonesia

Indonesia is a backpackers paradise, friendly people, plenty of accommodation, reasonable transport system, stunning scenery and extra low prices. The youth hostels and guest houses have full facilities, clean bed linen and excellent service. Beds can be found easily for as little as £1.50 a night. Most have mixed dorms, but some segregate male and female on request. They also have private dorms with their own shower and washing facilities, luggage storage and internet. Travelling around the country is affordable and eating out is varied and very cheap.

Beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best places to go in the world for a beach holiday. Situated in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean and straddling the equator, the Indonesian archipelago is home to some of the most stunningly idyllic beaches in the world. Indonesia has literally thousands of pristine beaches lined with lush white sands, warm water and clear blue sea. Most beaches offer water sports, including scuba diving whilst canoeing a rafting are also particularly popular and just about anywhere is perfect for snorkelling. The beaches are one of the main reasons travellers choose to visit Indonesia and with so much variety to choose from, the Indonesian archipelago is the perfect destination for a beach holiday.Keep in mind that in most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April (low season), and the dry season between May and September (high season), so it may be a good time to avoid the beaches during the winter months! Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days so don't book a beach holiday from October to April.

Camping in Indonesia

Camping in Indonesia is a great way to get close to nature and explore the country's intimate confines in the jungle or rainforest. Due to the torrential tropical downpours during December and February, camping in Indonesia can be a bit of a washout, though during their dry season camping in Indonesia is a beautiful and satisfying experience. The campsites are all equipped with full amenities and are relatively cheap. You won't pay any more than £3 - £10 a night and some campsites have tents to rent.


Cruises in Indonesia

There is no better place in the world to go on a Cruise holiday than the Indonesian archipelago. Visit any number of Indonesia's exotic and stunning islands, rich in culture and an idyllic coastline you'll simply fall in love with. The rich natural beauty around the Indian and Pacific Ocean is breathtaking. Sail in calm, clear waters and admire the views of smouldering volcanoes, pristine beaches and tropical coral reefs. A cruise holiday in Indonesia is an unforgettable experience.

Culture and Arts in Indonesia

Indonesia is renowned more for its pristine beaches, clear waters and delicious cuisine, but it is also rich in culture and has many spectacular Buddhist and Hindu temples, fascinating nature reserves and interesting museums and art galleries to explore. The colourful temples in particular have some unique architecture and the intricate decoration is awe-inspiring. There are several festivals and events throughout the year featuring traditional Indonesian music and dance and each of the 6000 islands that are inhabited have their own special blend of eastern and western cultures.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with stunning scenery and one of the best ways to appreciate this beautiful country is by bicycle. There are a number of cycling tour operators and rental shops specialising in bike rides with specially prepared programmes for all skill levels. Explore tropical rain forests, the lush Indonesian countryside and sleepy villages or tackle the challenging terrain of the mountainous regions and taking in the breathtaking scenery. Cycle hire is between £.40p and £0.60p per day. Some tour operators arrange for cycling trips and accommodation throughout the country whilst others offer guided tours to give participants a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Indonesia.

Disabled Needs in Indonesia

There are no worries for disabled people going on holiday to Indonesia provided they stay in the most popular tourist regions of Java, Sumatra, and Bali. Most of the visitor attractions, hotels and guesthouses are wheel chair friendly with facilities for the hard of hearing and visually impaired and there is plenty of accommodation specifically designed to cater for disabled people. With the exception of some older and cultural buildings, most tourist attractions are equipped with automatic entrances, wide aisle, ramps and disabled toilets as are the major International airports and public transport systems though some of the domestic airports lack facilities. Every effort is made to ensure that holidays for disabled people in Indonesia are safe and fulfilling.

Family Holiday in Indonesia

Indonesia is a great family holiday destination. From miles of idyllic beaches and clear blue waters, canoeing, cycling or trekking through the jungle there are plenty of attractions and activities that would appeal to all ages. The Indonesian archipelago is a fascinating place to explore and a perfect place to relax and play on the beach. There are literally thousands of breathtaking beaches to snorkel, scuba dive and have fun on a variety of water sports. There are also a number of zoos and nature reserves housing exotic animals, endangered species and tropical plants. Most accommodation is equipped with swimming pools and other health and leisure facilities to keep the kids occupied whilst you bask in the sun. Restaurants are also plentiful and have excellent cuisine from all around the world.

Hen Destination in Indonesia

Indonesia may be a long way to go for a hen party celebration and though it is quite pricey to get there in relation to somewhere closer to home, the cost of a hen celebration once you're in Indonesia is exceptionally cheap. Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, Bali and Sumatra has a pulsating nightlife and together with its exotic beaches and seductive weather is a great location for hen parties. There are also ample opportunities to explore the countries natural beauty, take a cruise an go island hopping or go scuba diving and discover the tropical aquatic life.

Stag Destination in Indonesia

Indonesia may be a long way to go for a stag party celebration and though it is quite pricey to get there in relation to somewhere closer to home, the cost of a stag celebration once you're in Indonesia is exceptionally cheap. Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, Bali and Sumatra has a pulsating nightlife and together with its exotic beaches and seductive weather is a great location for stag parties. There are also ample opportunities to explore the countries natural beauty, take a cruise an go island hopping or go scuba diving and discover the tropical aquatic life.

Honeymoon in Indonesia

There are not many more romantic places in the world than Indonesia making it a perfect destination for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. Indonesia's natural charm and beauty is seductive with exotic beaches and clear blue seas an idyllic way of letting the day drift by and watch the sunset melt into the sea. Indonesia is also a fascinating place to explore with plenty of exciting adventures such as jungle trekking, scuba diving or horse riding through the rain forest. Take a romantic cruise on a majestic south-east Asian schooner and go island hopping to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Eating out is very cheap and there is an array of quality cuisine from all over the world to choose from. Hotels are also reasonably priced, many of which give an authentic Indonesian experience in the romantic setting of enchanting forests or stunning views along the river.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Indonesia

Indonesia has a pulsating and varied nightlife which is affordable and exciting. There are hundreds of sophisticated bars and clubs in which to dance and listen to live music that are great fun and cheap entry fees. The capital Jakarta and Kuta in Bali have the most vibrant scenes, though there are hundreds of islands in the Indonesian archipelago that have vibrating nightlife with clubs and disco's pumping until the early hours of the morning.

Couples Holiday in Indonesia

There are plenty of things to do for couples in Indonesia, both romantic and adventurous. One of the most beautiful parts of the world has a plethora of breathtaking sights to take in with literally thousands of exotic islands with pristine beaches and calm, clear waters. Indonesia is a fascinating place to explore and go on exciting adventures such as trekking through the jungle scuba diving and discovering tropical aquatic life or horse riding through enchanting rain forests. Eating out is cheap and there is an array of quality cuisine from all over the world to choose from. Accommodation is reasonably priced, offer a good standard of service and many of which give an authentic Indonesian experience.

Golf Activity Holiday in Indonesia

Indonesia is a haven a challenging golf courses in the most exotic of settings. Java in particularly has a plethora of golf courses with a staggering 43 courses within an hours drive from Jakarta alone. Sulawesi, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan also have a great selection of fairways. Most courses offer pay as you play with cheap green fees ranging between £4.50 and £12. The best time to go golfing is in the dry season between April to October as the tropical paradise is prone to heavy bouts of rain fall. These are usually short bouts mid afternoon, but can last for days.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Indonesia

The tropical climate and calm, clear waters of the seven seas in the Indonesian archipelago offer breathtaking scenery and make it the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. There are several tour operators that offer sailing trips around Indonesia's majestic islands or alternatively you can charter a yacht and explore the region in your own time. Scuba diving and snorkelling is also an unforgettable experience in this area of the world with exotic coral reefs home to thousands of tropical marine life and taking a sailing holiday around the Indonesian archipelago you will come across countless locations.

Shopping Holiday in Indonesia

Indonesia is an emporium of exotic arts and crafts and has an excellent selection of goods at extremely low prices. Credit and debit cards are accepted in the majority of shops in the most popular resorts of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. The popular beach resort of Bali though offers the best shopping experience in Indonesian archipelago with just about every imaginable item to be found at extremely low prices giving it a reputation as a bargain hunter's paradise. You will find many designer names for clothing and jewellery together with well crafted antiques, ceramics and baskets for next to nothing as well as exotic eastern ornaments to decorate your homes.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago has a distinguished reputation for offering the best scuba diving experiences in the world. The warm, clear waters and exotic coral reefs are the ideal home for a wide range of colourful tropical marine life. Tour operators offering scuba diving expeditions are all over Indonesia and with literally thousands of fascinating beauty spots perfect for discovering all kinds of aquatic life from tropical fish and colourful corals a scuba diving holiday in Indonesia is sure to be a breathtaking experience. There are trips for all skill levels and beginners courses for first timers as well as PADI diving centres. Some tour operators offer scuba diving boats that take you out to the surrounding islands and with very cheap prices, you be hard pushed to find anywhere in the world that offers scuba diving of this quality.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Indonesia

Well being holidays and holistic spas hotels are very popular in Indonesia for the exotic surroundings, affordable treatments and expert staff. Retreats in Indonesia offer some of the most luxurious spa holidays with a vast range of treatments from Aerobics to Zen influences. The spas in the Indonesian archipelago located in blissful surroundings of natural beauty and tranquillity that are perfect for soothing mind and body. With stunning views over looking lush green forests or exotic beaches Indonesian spa resorts rate as some of the bet in the world and are ideal for relaxation and escaping the rigours of everyday life. Prices for hotels start from around £700 and include accommodation, exquisite cuisine and use of facilities, though independent spas offer one off treatments for very reasonable prices.

Winter Sun in Indonesia

Winter in Indonesia is the wet season and is subject to torrential downpours. Generally the rain comes in quick spurts, though can last for days. December to February suffers the most rain though the air is still hot and humid and the seas have been known to become too dangerous for ferries to cross. The rain generally falls mid afternoon so if you are planning on a trip outdoors check the weather forecast and plan to work around the weather. Having said that Indonesia still sees plenty of sun during the winter months and all the major tourist attractions are open. Hotel prices in Indonesia over the winter months are considerably lower than during the high season and are more available.