Larnaca: Holidays

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Backpacking in Larnaca

Backpacking in Larnaca is somewhat limiting and generally not good value for money, as there are no hostels in the city. Larnaca only houses three low priced hotels for backpackers, the Frixos, Reginas and Antonis, starting from a costly €9, only one of which is highly rated. However, sightseeing trips to historical sight such as Ancient Kition and Larnaca Castle are inexpensive options, with entrance fees priced at a meagre €.056. Furthermore, the many restaurants in the city are competitively priced offering good deals for backpackers. The nightclubs and bars lining the coastline will guarantee a great night out for backpackers, while the bargains available in the second hand shops in the city centre are worth a visit. Overall, Larnaca is not an ideal destination for backpackers, but once you visit this vibrant city, there is plenty to see and do if you are on a tight budget.


Beach in Larnaca

Larnaca is an ideal destination for sun worshippers, and is blessed with 25 kilometres (15 miles) of sandy golden public beaches. Most of these public beaches are furnished changing rooms facilities for swimmers, as well as parasols, deck chairs and reclining seats for hire at around 10 Euros. Take your pick from four beaches in Larnaca that will suit all beach holiday makers. Larnaca, Phinikoudis and Mckenzie beaches all have the Blue Flag award for cleanliness. Stepping out from Larnaca airport, you are greeted with the delights of Mckenzie beach where you can sunbathe, water-ski, windsurf and eat fresh fish. Faros beach is perfect for couples who want some peace and quiet, whereas the playground and bars at CTO beach is ideal for parents with young children. Marina boat trips are available from Phinikoudis beach. There are countless hotels and villas that back on to these sun drenched sands, so for a beach holiday, Larnaca is the place to be.

Ok Alpha Recommends:

Phinikoudes Beach
Location: Larnaca - Cyprus
Phinikoudes (Palm Tree) beach is in the center of Larnaka and is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars where you can sit and enjoy the sun. The beach is sandy and the waters are shallow so perfect for children. There is a great choice of water sports available too.

Mckenzie Beach
Location: Larnaca - Cyprus
Mckenzie Beach is well known for its beautiful white sand and refreshing waters. Here you can enjoy the water sports facilities, which include scuba diving. Less than a five minute drive from Larnaca airport, Mackenzie Beach offers a great choice of restaurants famous mainly for their fresh fish.

Larnaca Bay
Location: Larnaca - Cyprus
One of the longest and best sandy beaches in Cyprus is located in Larnaca Bay.


Camping in Larnaca

There are relatively few areas for camping in Laranaca, as the main sites are in areas such as Limassol and Paphos. However, unlike other holiday destinations there are no restrictions on camping in Cyprus, although it is an offence to light a fire in a forest. The main camp site in Larnaca is located on the beach on a Eucalyptus grove, 5 miles east from Larnaca and is furnished with good facilities, such as a minimarket, showers and toilets. If you do not want to lug your heavy tent around, you can hire one, and plug sockets are also available, so you can bring electric shaver/radio/electronic equipment with you. Camping holidays are not promoted in Larnaca and are uneconomical too, costing around €6 a day per person and approximately €3 a day per accommodation, around €20 a day in total.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Larnaca

Larnaca is the ideal city break destination, as it has something for everyone. Spend your Larnaca city break shopping, sightseeing or hitting the beach. Larnaca’s shops in the palm tree lined city centre are ideal for window shoppers and for those who want to spend. Tourists can mooch around the second hand bric-a-brac shops and search for a bargain, or look for the latest designer outfit at the independent retailers. If you prefer to shop at high street stores, hit one of the new indoor shopping centres. Shops open at 9am until 1pm and reopen after the siesta period at 4pm and then close at 8pm. If you are planning your city break in August, you can pick up half price bargains during the summer sales.

After spending a morning in the town centre shopping, walk to the District Museum and discover Larnaca’s ancient antiquities and relics. For real culture vultures, head to Ancient Kition and have a look at the 13th century ruined temples and walls, (admission, €0.56). With its fortress, archaeological museum and labyrinth design, a trip to Larnaca Castle is well worth a visit. If you would like to unwind after a hard day seeing Larnaca city, relax on one of the 25 kilometres, (15 miles), of coastline, or have a go at windsurfing, wakeboarding or scuba diving on Mckenzie beach. If you prefer more placid waters, head out to the Larnaca’s Salt Lakes where pink flamingos are seen in the winter months. After a long day seeing the sites on your city break in Larnaca, you can wind down with a drink and dine at one of the many restaurants and bars located on seafront and in the city centre. Many of the hotels have bars and restaurants conveniently located onsite. Combined flight and hotel deals start from €400, individual flights start from €200 and hotel prices start from €45 a night.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Larnaca

Larnaca is the ideal destination for a corporate holiday. Many of the 5 star hotels have conference facilities coupled with bars and restaurants, so staff members can wine, dine, socialise and bond as a team in this vibrant city. Team building exercises will be easy to organise, due the vast range of activities on offer. Why not take your team yachting or sea bed walking? These shared experiences will dramatically improve relations with co-workers in the office. Larnaca is a perfect destination to impress clients, with its array of high class venues, some of which house their own business centres. Larnaca’s long, warm evenings gives you the perfect opportunity to relax in the Mediterranean heat while closing that lucrative deal. Due to its charming scenery, up to date facilities and endless activities, Larnaca is a perfect corporate holiday destination for businesses of all sizes.


Cruises in Larnaca

Due to its very own port, Larnaca is a popular destination for cruise holidays. Cruises ships dock in the eastern area of the city and there are plans and proposals to renovate the port and turn it into the eastern Mediterranean’s leading cruise holiday centre. On many Mediterranean cruises, Larnaca is often a stopping point, and when stepping onto dry land you can discover the array of beaches, bars and museums in the city. There are many companies in Larnaca city that hire cruise ships for your leisure, many of which provide catering and entertainment, such as dinner and dance, ensuring that you will have a fabulous time on board. Prices for hiring cruise ships start from €50 a day, and it is therefore an affordable option for many holidaymakers, who would enjoy cruising in Larnaca.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Larnaca

Larnaca is perfect for culture vultures, as it is burst with museums and galleries. There are two beautiful art galleries in Larnaca, the Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, which displays works from the past and present day from national and international artists alike. In addition, Larnaca’s cultural centre houses a theatre, as well as the Municipal art gallery that hosts popular exhibitions that tour Europe and the world. Larnaca has a variety of historic and up to date theatres to suit all audiences. The Town Hall Theatre is an intimate venue with a mere 250 seats, while the medieval fort has an open air theatre with 600 seats, whereas an incredible 2100 seats line the Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre. These theatres stage Greek comedies and tragedies, operas and concerts during the Larnaca Festival. Larnaca is the perfect holiday destination to experience and learn about Greek culture.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Larnaca

From the minute you fly into Laranaca Airport you will feel at ease, as it is furnished with ramps, toilets and parking facilities for disabled travellers. There are many resorts, hotels and villas that have comprehensive disabled facilities, especially on Larnaca’s seafront. However, each hotel has different amenities, so it is advisable to ring the hotel direct in advance to find out whether they have the appropriate facilities for your disability. After unpacking in your accessible room, sit out on the seafront promenade which has plenty of space to park your wheelchair or walking frame. All the beaches in Larnaca, apart from Kastella Beach, have disabled access, which include ramps, disabled changing facilities and toilets. Cyprus also participates in the blue badge disability scheme, so disabled drivers and passengers will have priority parking spaces in the area. Larnaca is still becoming wheelchair friendly, with many of the older tourist sights still only partially accessible for disabled tourists, so for these excursions it is advisable to have an able person assisting you. Larnaca would be a relaxing, stimulating and inspiring destination for all disabled holidaymakers.

Hen Destination in Larnaca

The big range of hotels and villas, and affordable flights, coupled with an array of bars, restaurants and night clubs means that a Larnaca is a fitting destination to host a hen weekend or party. Larnaca has a selection of entertainment on the seafront, so you can start your hen celebrations by taking the bride and all her friends to a restaurant, then move onto bar for some cocktails, and round off the night by dancing the night away at a club: it should be noted, however, that night clubs do not open in Larnaca until midnight, so you can leave your villa late in the evening to experience Larnaca’s iconic clubbing scene. Relax in the Jacuzzi or have a massage treatment in the hotel spa. Package holidays with large group bookings are available at an affordable price, while hiring a villa for four girls starts from around €180 a week.

Stag Destination in Larnaca

Larnaca is the perfect destination for a stag weekend. Quad biking, Go-karting and Paintballing are activities that are all available for stag parties in this vibrant city. While Larnaca’s endless beaches offer every water sport imaginable, such as Wakeboarding, Parascending, and Kite Surfing, as well as the more traditional marine activities like Windsurfing, Jet - Skiing and Scuba Diving. After an exhilarating day on the coast, hit the array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that stand side by side on the seafront. The lads will be partying at the stag celebration until dawn, as all the nightclubs open at midnight. What’s more, the fact that all the entertainment is closely packed together means that a pub crawl along the seafront is easy to organise. A villa that sleeps four guys starts from €180 a week. As a result, Larnaca is not only an affordable option, but will host an unforgettable stag party.

Honeymoon in Larnaca

Newlyweds will love the delights of Larnaca. The golden sandy beaches that line the Mediterranean Ocean are the perfect backdrop for your romantic stay. Larnaca has an array of luxury four and five star hotels that have honeymoon suites, evident in the Palm Beach and Lordos Beach hotels, and have friendly staff, who will help you arrange that all important honeymoon holiday. As well as sipping cocktails on your balcony, you can retire for dinner at one of the many restaurants that line the coast. If you would like a day out of your honeymoon suite, explore the spectacular ruins at Ancient Kition, visit the Town Hall Art Gallery, or take a boat trip to Larnaca’s Marina. Why not take advantage of Larnaca’s warm evenings and have a romantic walk along the coastline as the sun sets? Larnaca is indeed a romantic destination for newlyweds who want a honeymoon that will be cherished and remembered throughout their married lives.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Larnaca

Larnaca is not the most ideal location for singles wanting to meet others. This is due to the fact that there are no hostels in the city. Hotels generally offer a single supplement, which can work out quite pricey. However, during certain months of the year, some hotels do have deals in which there is no single supplement, ideal for singles in Larnaca. Booking a package or special interest holiday is a good way of making new friends and will provide you with company and companionship during activities and day trips. While accommodation is not ideal for singles travellers in Larnaca, there is a vibrant night life in the city: those who are travelling solo or looking to party will meet others in the broad selection of bars and nightclubs that line the coastline in Larnaca.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Larnaca

Larnaca is the perfect romantic getaway for couples seeking sun, sand, culture and time to unwind. There is a variety of hotels, ranging from luxury to basic, to suit all budgets. The more luxury hotels offer outdoor swimming pools and spas to relax and spend some quality time with your partner. Couples can walk hand in hand along the endless sandy beaches and then stroll into one of the many bars on the seafront for a cocktail. If you and your partner enjoy partaking in activities together, why not try out one of the world class water sport activities in Larnaca, such as Wakeboarding, Parascending or Waterskiing. Larnaca is made for couples, and this romantic setting is well worth a visit. You and your partner will fall in love again in stunning Larnaca.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Larnaca

Larnaca is an ideal holiday destination for families, and the sun drenched sands offer a multitude of activities for adults and all ages of children. The playground at CTO beach means that young children can be entertained, while older children, teenagers and parents can enjoy the water sports such as Scuba Diving, Windsurfing and Waterskiing that are on offer for families in Larnaca. For lunch, just relax in one of the bars that line the coast, which often have specialist children’s menus. Retire with a cocktail in your hotel in the evening while admiring the gorgeous sea view and watching the sun go down.

Many of the hotels have children’s entertainment and so parents can have a holiday too. Wow your children with the excavations at Ancient Kition and marvel at the 13th century ruins and 5 temples that surround the site, (admission, €0.56). The District and Medieval museums are worth a visit, as they are furnished with antiques and ancient treasure. Larnaca Castle is a must see sight for all families, as children will have endless fun walking through the labyrinth style structure, and exploring the fortress, (admission, €0.56). Adults can even wander around the fascinating archaeological museum housed in the castle. Hiring a car and driving to the water park in Paphos is a great day out for you and the children. What’s more, package holidays start from €200 per person, so Larnaca would be an affordable and memorable holiday destination for all families.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Larnaca

While Cyrus is not the most tolerant nation with regards to homosexuality, Larnaca is indeed the exception to the rule. The Secrets Freedom Club is Cyprus’ prime location for gay and lesbian clubbing on the island. ‘Secrets’ is an ideal venue for homosexual holidaymakers touring Larnaca. Gay tourists and natives flock from all over Cyprus, and dance the night away at ‘Secrets’, with its very own dark room, the only one its kind on the island. Friday nights are celebrated with all drinks costing €2. On Tuesday’s ‘Queer as Folk Night’, you can view TV programmes that Cyprus’ TV stations will never broadcast. Once a small club, ‘Secrets Freedom’ has expanded and the owners have now opened a gay friendly Tapas Bar and Restaurant in Larnaca.

If you fancy clubbing on the coast, the Ammos Beach Bar is an ideal hotspot for gay and lesbian tourists visiting Larnaca. However, the city does not have any nudist/single sex beaches, and you will need to travel out to Limmassol for some more intimate bathing. Gay friendly accommodation is available at The Palm Beach Hotel and Bungalow, with its 5 star facilities. Larnaca is an ideal holiday destination for homosexual holidaymakers who wish to relax by the pool or experience Larnaca’s iconic gay and lesbian clubbing scene.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Larnaca

Presently, the golfing opportunities in Larnaca are sparse, and enthusiasts need to drive a considerable distance to the three ranges located in Limassol and Paphos to tee off. However, Larnaca will soon have its very own golf course, namely, the Larnaca Golf and Country Club, also known as Tersefanou Golf Resort opening in 2010. If you are travelling out to Larnaca this summer, the Tsada, Secret Valley or Vikla golf courses will satisfy your golfing needs. The golf ranges are also an ideal place to take the family, as the clubhouses are furnished with restaurants and bars. Prices start at £26 for 18 holes and the hire of golf clubs start from €5.

Naturism in Larnaca

Larnaca is not the ideal location for naturist holidays, as there are no nudist areas, such as beaches/campsites in the city. You will need to travel out to Paphos for some more intimate sunbathing. Nudity, even going topless, is not tolerated on public beaches in Larnaca, however, you could go searching for some more secluded areas of coastline, if spotted, Cypriots would find this objectionable, even if they do not openly voice their concerns. You will need to hire a car and travel out to areas where naturism is accepted, such as Pissouri, Polish and Avdimou beaches. Nudist holidaymakers would be disappointed with a naturist trip to Larnaca, and would have to travel further afield for a clothes free lifestyle.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Larnaca

Larnaca houses one of the two marinas in Cyprus, so is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. St Raphael’s Marina in Larnaca is privatised with 24 hour security, showers, a convenience store and coffee shop. There are a variety of sailing holidays on offer. You can charter a yacht or hire a boat and crew to sail you around the Mediterranean/Larnaca for a week or two. If you are sailing your own vessel into the marina, you will need to book in advance in order to acquire a berth. For novices wishing to improve their sailing skills in Larnaca, RYA certified sailor schools operate at the marina, offering shore based and sea based courses. Larnaca is a hotspot for sailors of all standards, and has facilities and services for every kind of sailing holiday.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Larnaca

Larnaca is a fantastic location to discover the depths of the Mediterranean Ocean. The Mediterranean is warm all year round with sea temperatures ranging from 18°C (64°F) in the winter months and rise to 27°C (81°F) in the summer, so it is advised to wear a dry suit in the winter and a thin wet suit in the summer months. Specialist dive holidays are also available where you live on the boat and have regular day and night dives.

Larnaca’s coast houses one of the most impressive wrecks in the world, The Zenobia shipwreck is in easy reach of the Larnaca’s St Raphael Marina, and divers travel from around the world to visit this underwater site. Other wrecks include the HMS Cricket and Helicopter Diving sites. Two Compression chambers are available at Larnaca hospital and Nitrox is often sold at Larnaca’s selection of dive centres. A scuba diving holiday in Larnaca is the perfect place to witness first hand the Mediterranean’s mesmeric marine world.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Larnaca

On a hiking holiday in Larnaca, you will never be bored with the endless stretches of beaches and rolling countryside that line this charming city. On the E4 trail, (that links Larnaca and Paphos), you will be able to view this Cypriot island at its best. Discover Larnaca’s beautiful scenery, where you will walk through pine forests, the Troodos Mountains, monasteries, churches and ancient ruins. Hikers will marvel at the scintillating views within this Mediterranean island. In Cyprus, it is legal to set up camp anywhere, so if you plan to partake in long distance hikes, this is indeed an option. Hiking is indeed one of the best ways to view this enchanting city. You will fall in love with the captivating scenery on route through Larnaca.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Larnaca

Due to its forests, mountains, villages and the endless coastline, Larnaca is an attractive and exciting destination for a cycling holiday. There are trails fit for every kind of rider, and bicycles can be hired from various outlets in the city. Cyclists who would prefer a relaxing ride in Larnaca, the coastal routes are ideal as they have no gradient. For those with more stamina and cycling expertise, however, there are tougher tracks for challenging mountain biking. There are a variety of cycle routes in and around Larnaca that touring buses and cars simply cannot access. As a result, you will have an exclusive view of this south eastern Cypriot city on your cycling tour. The main routes to explore are: Mazotos - Kofinou, Kofinou to Larnaca, Larnaca – Lefkosia, Larnaca – Nisou, Larnaca Tourist Beach – Meneou, Machairas – Pitsylia, Rizoelia Forest and Voroklini Hill. Local travel guides will inform you of the gradient and cycling experience needed for these trails. You will certainly feel energized, refreshed and invigorated after your idyllic cycling holiday in Larnaca.

Shopping Holiday in Larnaca

Considering the modest size of Larnaca, the variety and sheer number of shops is remarkable. In the city centre, pick up a bargain at one of the bric-a-brac shops, or wander round, try and buy some designer clothes at these privately owned stores. The Greek’s rich culture and history means that they have many unique relics. Woven curtains, silverware, silks and handmade lace are just a few beautiful items on sale.

In addition, the handmade simple baskets are traditional items that have been produced on the island for decades. All these beautifully hand constructed goods are great artefacts to furnish your home, and are ideal for presents to friends and family back home. For some more conventional shopping, hit one of the newly built shopping malls in Larnaca. Shops open at 9am until 1pm and reopen after the siesta period at 4pm and then close at 8pm. If you are planning your shopping spree to Larnaca during August, you can pick up half price bargains during the summer sales. In Larnaca’s diverse shopping districts, you will definitely have the opportunity to shop until you drop.

Well-being and Spa in Larnaca

After a spa and well - being holiday in Larnaca you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. The numerous three, four and five star hotels have spa facilities, while some are even specialist spa hotels. Have a swim in the indoor or outdoor pools, then detox in the sauna and steam rooms, and wind down in the Jacuzzi. If you want to truly loosen up, book a back, neck or shoulder massage, or even a full body massage. Many hotels also offer Swedish and Indian head massages as well as reflexology treatments and facials. While you can stay at hotel with spa facilities, it is also possible to visit the therapy suite for an afternoon or a few days. Prices start at €120 for a stay in a hotel and a one day relaxing package starts from €95.

Touring - Driving holiday in Larnaca

To view the historic and natural beauty in Larnaca, hiring a car is highly recommended. However, due to the fact that most sights are quite local in the city, it is unnecessary to hire a car for the duration of your stay. In your car you can drive out to see the sights at Ancient Kition, visit the Troodos mountains or stop off at one of the out of town art galleries in the outskirts Larnaca. What’s more, hiring a car is an economical option and may prove cheaper than hiring a taxi or paying for a tour bus, as prices start from a frugal €10 a day for a modern, air conditioned car.

If you would prefer a coach tour, there are many tour companies that will pick you up from your hotel or a stop off point, and will drive you to all Larnaca’s fascinating sites. A tour guide will accompany you throughout your coach tour trip and will tell you the historical background of all the sites that you will visit on the journey, tours start from €12.50.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Larnaca

Wine tasting opportunities are somewhat limiting in Larnaca. Lordos Beach Hotel is the only location that offers weekly wine tasting meetings, where you can taste Cyprus’ fine wines. However, if you want to taste wine in a less formal setting, Larnaca’s many restaurants and bars have a variety of Greek wines to sample. If you intend to hire a car, Limmassol, which is a 40 – 60 minute drive from Larnaca, houses evening wine tasting events. Wine enthusiasts would be disappointed with a holiday to Larnaca, as there is little interest in this activity. You would have to travel to other areas of southern Cyprus to experience the variety of wines on this Mediterranean island.

Winter Sun in Larnaca

Larnaca would be a reasonable destination for a winter- sun holiday, as the winters can be fairly mild. Average temperatures range from 12°C (54°F) in January and climbs to a temperate 17°C (63°F) in April. The Mediterranean Sea is warm all year round with sea temperatures ranging from 18°C (64°F) in the winter months and rise to 27°C (81°F) in the summer. While it is possibly too cold to sunbathe during the winter months, it is still warm enough to have a swim or take a stroll along the palm tree lined promenade. Due to these cooler temperatures, it is also advisable to do more sightseeing and shopping, as it is possibly too chilly to spend entire days outdoors. The array of shops in the city centre will keep you occupied for hours, and the sites such as Ancient Kition and Larnaca Castle are fascinating places to visit. A winter - sun holiday in Larnaca is not highly advised due to the cooler temperatures in the winter months, however accommodation is less expensive during this time, as you will be travelling off peak.