Moscow: Holidays

More than just Fur and Vodka


Backpacking in Moscow

A backpacking adventure holiday around Europe or Asia demands for a stop in Moscow, simply due to the sheer beauty of the city. Moscow is ideally located for backpacking holidays as it features unrivalled, value-for-money transport links to Europe, Asia or other parts of Russia. Cheap accommodation can be found within the city averaging around €13 per night and armed with a map, would provide the perfect backdrop for a backpacking holiday in Moscow. There is so much to see and learn for a very reasonable price. Moscow is an essential stop-off for backpacking around Europe.


Beach in Moscow

While Moscow may not seem like the ideal destination for a beach holiday, it boasts temperatures as high as 74°F in July and the city has seventeen beaches safe for swimming in. A beach holiday in Moscow is therefore, possible, especially between June and August. Moscow beach holidays are not especially advised though as many locations close at various times due to the probability of the health situation altering rapidly. There are however, 170 rescue stations that advise and are on call, so if you do decide to have a beach holiday in Moscow, you will at least be very safe.


Camping in Moscow

Due to the harsh winters, it would not be advisable to go on a camping holiday in Moscow outside of summer, but campsites do exist around the city. Camping in Moscow facilities are described as very basic as there is not a major market for it. Though Moscow does boast wonderful landscape around the city borders and the ones that do exist offer a cheap camping holiday.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Moscow

There are many organizations whose mandate is making a perfect corporate weekend in Russia. It is not overly common for firms to fly staff to Moscow for this purpose, however in terms of experiencing the lifestyle of a billionaire; Moscow can be a very enticing place with its vibrant nightlife and fast living. Corporate weekends in Moscow can be a useful experience, though it is not necessarily top of corporate shortlists.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Moscow

The overflowing culture, vibrant nightlife and world-class mix of hotels and restaurants, makes for an idyllic city break in Moscow. Whether you wish to stay at a top-class hotel or just want somewhere cheap to enjoy a romantic holiday, the perfect city break is Moscow. Hotels can be sourced from as low as €20 per night and the city has a wealth of markets, shops, restaurants and bars to make the time fly by. City breaks in Moscow are particularly recommended for the chance to experience a different way of life, whilst staying within Europe. If you're a Duty Free enthusiast, Russia also ticks a lot of bonus boxes to boot.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Moscow

Moscow is the perfect city for culture. Dripping with educational institutes, museums, exhibitions and art galleries makes culture & arts in Moscow an essential trip. Whether you recline in Alexander's Garden, navigate your way around Red Square, take in a concert in Gorky Park or visit Lenin's mausoleum, there is more than enough attractions for the perfect arts and culture trip.


Cruises in Moscow

Moscow cruise holidays generally evolve around short-term distances down the Moskva River and this can be a nice feature of a trip there. As Moscow has no coasts adorning it, cruises are mainly internal so it is not particularly associated with Russian cruise holidays. It is a good thing to do in the city, especially during warmer weather, but cruises in Moscow are slightly limited.

Disabled Needs in Moscow

Moscow’s bid to host the 2012 Olympics was fronted by an emphasis on disabled sports, which Russia has one of the best all-round facilities for in Europe. Disable facilities in Moscow are slowly but surely appearing and the city is gradually becoming easier to access for disabled people. Most of the bigger hotels will feature more than adequate facilities for the disabled to get around; the main problems tend to occur with the older churches and museums. Public transport can also be quite problematic with wheelchairs as buses do not feature such access facilities and the metro doesn’t have an elevator service.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Moscow

Depending on your children’s age, Moscow family holidays can be very hit and miss. Whereas on the one hand there are a lot of stunning views, modern architecture and walking opportunities for family holidays in Moscow, it would probably be somewhere best visited when your children can appreciate the significance of the destination. That said, there are numerous leisure and family activities in Moscow from bowling alleys to burger bars.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Moscow

Moscow’s gay scene is perhaps more vibrant than many would expect. There is one gay restaurant in Moscow, known as ‘Teatro’, which is known to be very expensive. Moscow has several gay clubs, many upper class ones as well and also has gay cinemas. In terms of the range of gay and lesbian activities in Moscow, it’s not the most diverse in the world, but is at least a decent scene.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Moscow

Moscow is a popular destination for hen and stag weekends due to its lively clubs and eloquent reputation. Moscow stag weekends can be the stuff of legend with many companies offering authentic military experiences and snow safaris for the real thrill-seekers. For the hen weekend in Moscow, there are numerous spas in the city as well that are included as part of the package. Entrance to VIP nightclubs is another prominently advertised feature of stag weekends and hen weekends in Moscow. In essence, there is a lot to see and do in Moscow, which can be ideal for stag and hen weekends.


Honeymoon in Moscow

Whilst Moscow may not seem the ideal spot for a honeymoon, in terms of staying in a luxurious hotel and living an expensive life for a week or so, it can be ideal. Russia has inspired numerous love stories in the form of arts and these are another great feature of honeymoons in Moscow. There is certain romanticism about the city and many restaurants will work hard to create a special and intimate atmosphere for honeymooners, particularly the traditional Russian ones.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Moscow

Moscow is ideal for parties and has a reputation for fast-living and glamorous nightspots. The singles scene in Moscow is as a result, considered a good one by partygoers. Russians are known for their partiality to vodka and the national drink goes down very well in the parties of Moscow. Speed-dating is popular in Moscow too and many Muscovites are keen to practice their English on someone!

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Moscow

In a city full of world-class operas, ballets and stage shows, it’s little wonder that Moscow for couples can be a great experience. Whether it is the romance of the harsh winter weather, long walks around the colossally diverse features or simply having a good eat and drink, couples’ holidays in Moscow can be a wonderfully memorable experience. And there is of course the romance of wrapping up warm against the harsh elements.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Moscow

Shopaholics may well to start to hyperventilate when they see the complex malls and upmarket boutiques, home to shopping in Moscow. All the big brands are represented as well as some pricey local ones. Russians are known to like looking good and they are prepared to splash their Roubles to do so. The fun begins across from Red Square with one of the largest malls in Moscow. The city also plays host to markets where you can find particularly cheap trinkets.