Seville: Holidays

Tapas bars, nightlife and stylish people


Backpacking in Seville

A backpacking holiday in Seville can be a wonderful experience, but also on the pricy side for those with a backpacker’s budget. However, there are many things to do in Seville for a backpacker on holiday that can make your wallet stretch just a little further. To find good things to do within your price range, it’s definitely worth checking out the tourist office – try the Tourist Office at Plaza del Triunfo, which should be able to help you with things to do for backpackers in the entire Province of Seville.

It’s also a really good idea for backpackers on holiday in Seville to think about getting a Sevilla Card. This is fantastic value, giving free admission to most of Seville’s fantastic attractions and museums, as well as discounts in various shops, restaurants and clubs. Backpackers on holiday in Seville will find a Sevilla Card will cost around €50 for a 24 hour pass.

Backpackers with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) on holiday in Seville will also find that they get discounts on many of Seville’s sights, accommodation, transport and food.


Camping in Seville

Whilst you won’t find any campsites within the city of Seville itself, there are a number of places where you can enjoy a camping holiday on the outskirts of Seville – the nearest is only around a 20 minute bus ride away from the city centre. If you are planning a camping holiday in Seville, the Seville Tourist Office is a good source of information on good campsites that have vacancies. You’ll find that campsites around Seville offer pitches for tents, caravans and camper vans, as well as some that have fixed bungalows or mobile homes for hire.

One of the best things about going on a camping holiday in Seville is that the campsites tend to be very green – with the pitches often surrounded by orange trees – and well-maintained. Also, it’s usually easy to catch a bus into the centre of Seville if you fancy a day or two exploring the sights. Typical on-site amenities on a camping holiday in Seville include swimming pools, free hot showers, and private car parks, along with the essential shop or supermarket, and washing machines and dryers so that you can enjoy your Seville camping holiday to the full.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Seville

A city break in Seville will give you the opportunity to soak up some of the Spanish atmosphere, take in Seville’s rich cultural heritage, and sample some of the wonderful cuisine of this gastronomic centre. Or, of course, you can just take it easy on your Seville city break and stroll through the cobbled lanes watching the colourful people go by.

Most of Seville’s main attractions are within walking distance of each other, so a short city break will give you the time to take in most of Seville’s important sights. There are several popular festivals and religious occasions that you might be lucky to catch on you city break in Seville – it’s definitely worth checking when these are on before your city break to see if you can get to Seville when these are on.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Seville

If you’re looking for a culture and arts holiday, then Seville is definitely the place for you. Packed with opportunities to experience the distinctly Spanish traditions of flamenco and bullfighting, along with fine art, opera and architecture, Seville has everything that a culture and arts lover could want on holiday. There are numerous museums, flamenco shows, theatres, and exhibitions in Seville that will leave cultural and arts enthusiasts on holiday here wanting more.

For fine art on holiday, make sure you don’t miss the Seville Fine Art Museum, which follows the evolution of painting from the Medieval ages up to the start of the 20th century. You’ll find the museum in the Merced Convent, which plays host to important works by Valdes Leal, Murillo, Zurbaran and Velazques - just waiting for culture and arts lovers to discover in Seville.

Or, if you want to experience the Spanish bullfighting culture in Seville for yourself, make sure you get tickets for one of the bullfights at the Plaza de Toros. Whilst you’re there, don’t miss the collections at the Bull Fighting Museum when on holiday in Seville. Here you can absorb some of the culture and art that surrounds the sport – from the cape painted by Picasso to the actual head of the bull that dramatically ended Manolete’s career in 1947.

Culture and Arts enthusiasts also won’t want to miss Seville’s opera house, the Teatro de la Maestranza, which attracts internationally renowned stars for performances inspired by Seville itself – Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, Rossini’s Barber of Seville and Bizet’s Carmen, to name but a few.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Seville

Coming on holiday to Seville if you’re disabled may seem a little daunting, when you consider the city’s cobbled streets and old buildings. However, you will find that it’s often easier than you think to get around and about. Many of Seville’s hotels have lifts and accessible spaces for the disabled; plus there are available ground floor hotel rooms that will make a disabled holiday in Seville much more manageable. Getting around the city itself can be a little trickier for the disabled, particularly if you find it hard to walk or are in a wheelchair. But, there are wide paths along Seville’s river and plenty of wide open spaces and flat paths through Seville’s Maria Luisa Park which the disabled can enjoy on holiday in Seville.

In terms of sightseeing, it is possible to take in many of Seville’s fantastic sights for the disabled on holiday here. Perhaps the most famous of all Seville’s sights – the Giralda bell tower at the Cathedral – is accessed entirely by gentle sloping ramps, so this can be enjoyed by those who find walking up winding stairs difficult.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Seville

Take a family holiday in Seville and you’ll find hundreds of things for the whole family to enjoy: arts and culture, sports and leisure, dancing and guitar playing, and of course the wonderful Seville festivals and Easter week. Whatever your family enjoy on holiday, you’re sure to find it in the interesting, diverse and cultural city that is Seville.

There are many things that your family will enjoy doing together on holiday in Seville. Take a walk along the Guadalquivir River or stroll through the beautiful Maria Luisa Park; experience thrilling rides at Seville’s family-friendly theme park, Isla Magica; play a family round of golf at one of Seville’s many golf courses; or take the whole family on a kayaking trip on the river. Other great ideas for making the most of your family holiday in Seville include taking in a bit of Spanish culture at a flamenco show or bullfight, or simply enjoying Seville’s many stunning monuments like La Giralda, Alcazar or the Torro del Oro. Whatever you choose to do with your family on holiday in Seville, it’s sure to be something that everyone will enjoy.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Seville

Seville is a good place for gay and lesbian holidays: the city’s vibrant gay nightlife means that you certainly won’t come home disappointed. If you are going on a gay & lesbian holiday in Seville, make sure you check out Café Isbiliyya on Seville’s Paseo de Colon. This place is a busy music bar, complete with its own cupid to greet you on the door. On Thursday and Sunday nights, Cafe Isbiliyya also plays host to electrifying drag-queen shows, which are very popular with gay and lesbian holidaymakers in Seville, although you certainly won’t find it empty on other nights of the week.

A few other popular places to try out for gay and lesbians on holiday in Seville include El Paseo - again on Seville’s Paseo de Colon – a nightclub thronged with gays and lesbians grooving to the sounds of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, and Antigua – on the Mar1ques de Paradas – an intimate bar popular with gay and lesbian holidaymakers in Seville.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Seville

Seville is a perfect destination for a hen holiday or weekend. The locals in Seville certainly know how to have a good time, and there are a wide selection of bars and clubs along with great daytime activities, that will keep your hen group entertained in Seville throughout the weekend.

If your hen group is looking for the perfect night out in Seville, an ideal start to the night is enjoying a few drinks in the Santa Cruz district and the Argote de Molina street. Move on to the Betis and Alfalfa streets and you’ll find the majority of stag groups and hen nights enjoying their holidays in Seville and enjoying the diverse range of bars and clubs. For late night drinking in Seville, your hen group should check out the streets of Marques de Paradas, Adriano and Julio Cesar.

Stag Destination in Seville

Any stag group thinking about coming to Spain should definitely consider Seville – a perfect destination for a stag weekend. Seville has hundreds of bars, fantastic clubs, and things to see and do, so your stag party will be entertained from morning until night. The Sevillanos love to party, so your stag group can expect some really wild nights out in Seville – from starting the evening with some tapas and drinks in one of the bars, stumble upon some live flamenco, and end up in a thumping club, before stopping off for a breakfast of churros on your way back to the hotel.

For daytime entertainment, Seville is also a prime destination for your stag holiday: the stag group can enjoy a match by one of Seville’s two football teams (Real Betis and Sevilla), or take part in many other fun activities from go-karting, kayaking, the water park or the theme park. A stag weekend in Seville is sure to be a great success.


Honeymoon in Seville

The romantic city of Seville is a leading honeymoon destination. Famed for its stunning flamenco, bullfighting traditions and Spanish love of life, Seville is the perfect place for honeymooning couples on holiday - all set against a backdrop of winding medieval lanes, spectacular architecture and the scent of orange blossom in the air.

Honeymooning couples in Seville will certainly take home some very special memories from their holiday here – whether that’s of wandering the sunlit streets and taking in the picturesque scenery, enjoying an intimate meal on the banks of Seville’s Guadalquivir river, or visiting some of Seville’s fabulous romantic monuments and exploring this fairy-tale city together.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Seville

If you’re coming to Seville for a party holiday, you’re sure to have a great time. The city is packed with bars, clubs and restaurants so you can really make the most of your party holiday in Seville. The Disco Antiguedades in Calle Argote de Monlina, by the Cathedral, is one of the hottest spots in town for party loving holidaymakers in Seville – dance the night away to chart hits mixed in with a Latin American vibe.

Or, for a more hedonistic night out, make sure you get along to Sevilla Mma – an anything goes club where Seville parties until the morning. You’ll find the Sevilla Mma in Plaza de Padre Jeronimo de Cordoba, or just follow the line of clubbers making the most of their party holiday in Seville.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Seville

Seville is a very romantic place for a couples holiday. With its beautiful backdrop of Moorish architecture, cobbled streets and the scent of orange blossom filling the air, couples on holiday in Seville will find it very hard to leave. Couples can absorb some of Seville’s dashing culture – with passionate flamenco displays and bullfighting – or merely take some time out to get absorbed in each other. There are countless opportunities for couples on holiday to wander Seville’s romantic cobbled streets, enjoy a drink together on the banks of the River Guadalquivir, or have a relaxed, intimate meal together in some of the best restaurants in Spain.

Golf Activity Holiday in Seville

Golf enthusiasts will really enjoy a holiday to Seville. The surrounding area has many excellent golf courses, which will mean you get the most out of your gold holiday to Seville, whatever standard you play to.

For first-class golf players visiting Seville, the Real Club de Golf of Seville is unmissable: this has one of Europe’s best and most challenging golf courses, designed by Jose Maria Olazabal, and rated as the 3rd best golf course in all of Spain. Both novice and expert golf players will enjoy the courses at Las Minas Golf near to Seville, with its four strategically positioned lakes that add a fun twist to your round.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Seville

A cycling holiday in Seville is a highly pleasurable experience. Other road users in Seville have a great respect for cyclists, and it’s extremely rare for drivers to beep at cyclists or cut them up. What’s more, you can also cycle on the pavements in Seville: pedestrians will stand aside to let cyclists pass, so your cycling holiday through the city can be a really relaxing experience as you cycle through the narrow streets and take in the sights.

Additionally, as Seville has one of the warmest climates in Europe, you don’t have to worry too much that you’ll get caught in the rain or cold as you cycle around Seville.

Shopping Holiday in Seville

Whether you want hand-painted ceramics, designer clothes, or just some great souvenirs, you’ll find it all on a shopping holiday in Seville. If you want to buy pottery when you’re on holiday in Seville, Triana is the best place to go in Seville to shop for gorgeous, hand-painted ceramic goods: browse through the crafts at Ceramica Santa Ana – Seville’s oldest working ceramic factory – or pick up some more contemporary pieces at Ceramica Rocio-Triana.

For shoppers looking for designer clothing, beautiful jewellery and shoes, take a walk along the streets Tetuan, Cuna and Velazquez: these are packed with stores offering the best shopping in Seville, and you’ll be able to buy practically anything you could want here. And, if you’re looking to shop for Seville souvenirs and tourist-memorabilia, make sure you get to the barrio of Santa Cruz. This area is packed with tourist shops, and is a great place to shop for postcards, miniature Giralda replicas, or any other Seville souvenirs when you’re on holiday in Seville.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Seville

There are a number of boutique spa hotels offering great well-being and spa holidays in Seville. You’ll find relaxing body treatments and spa packages, beauty treatments and massage available at the spa hotels in Seville, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready to step out into the middle of Seville and explore this atmospheric city.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Seville

A wine tasting holiday in Seville will give you the chance to try out some excellent vintages in the surrounding areas of Seville. Little more than an hour away from Seville, you’ll discover the old city of Jerez de la Frontera. This wine region has the longest name of any wine-producing area in Spain – Jerez/Xerex/Sherry y Manzanilla de Sanlucar – and you’ll certainly enjoy the experience of wine tasting on holiday here.

There are bodegas and port lodges within the city itself, where you can sample some great wines and ports with the experts on hand. Vineyards dot the surrounding hills and countryside, giving you the opportunity to taste some of the finest wines produced in this region of greater Seville.

Winter Sun in Seville

Seville is the ideal destination for holidaymakers looking to escape to the winter sun. With warm sunshine and long hours of daylight, even in January and February, a winter sun holiday in Seville is the perfect break from the chilly northern climes. In the first few months of the year, the climate of Seville is perfect for strolling around the city and enjoying the winter sun in a pavement cafe. Seville can typically begin to feel properly hot by around April: when winter sun-seekers can also experience Seville’s fantastic Feria de Abil and Easter celebrations.