Tanzania: Holidays

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro...


Backpacking in Tanzania

Backpacking in Tanzania is an affordable way to explore the country with a few good value for money hostels found in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. Urban hostels in Tanzania are within easy walking distance of public transport, beaches, restaurants, national parks, major shopping venues, supermarkets, and many popular tourist attractions. Most backpacking accommodations range in price from about €8 - €30 per night most include breakfast, towels, linen, washing machines, 24 hour bilingual reception and self catering facilities. Arrangements can also be made for backpackers to explore Tanzania such as to Kilamanjaro or the Serengeti.


Beach in Tanzania

Tanzania is an excellent beach holiday destination, and has some of the best beaches in Africa. Zanzibar has the best beaches in Tanzania, with white sand, coconut palms, and plenty of sun and sea. Zanzibar also boasts several offshore islands such as Changu Island, which is only a short boat ride away from Stone Town. If you are staying in Dar es Salaam head north of the city to Kunduchi and Mbezi for some excellent beach resorts which offer day access to visitors. Pemba Island also boasts some beautiful and remote beaches.


Camping in Tanzania

Public campsites are found in many of the national parks. Some have standard facilities, including taps, toilets and firewood; others are more basic with just a cleared space to park a vehicle and pitch a tent. Permits for camping in the parks must be paid for along with entry to each park. It is advisable to check the prices and site procedure before arrival. Camping safaris can also be booked and are an extremely popular way to experience the African bush. The most popular safari destination in Tanzania is the Northern Safari Circuit which includes the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and the National Parks of Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Tanzania

Tanzania can be a challenging destination if you’re looking for a city break but the places to head are either Stone Town in Zanzibar, Arusha or Dar Es Salaam. From these locations you can experience Tanzania’s rich culture and history as well as take in the nearby beaches and national parks. Tanzanian cities maybe taken in in one visit and most of the main tourist sites can be reached by an organized tour bus. You will, however, need to set aside at least a week or longer to take in the best of Tanzania as the country offers a wealth of diverse activities and sites.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Tanzania

Despite the 11 hour flight time, a corporate weekend in Tanzania is a great opportunity to visit a beautiful country in East Africa. Visitors on a corporate weekend in Tanzania will also appreciate the town's and city’s breathtaking scenery and wildlife but also be conscious of the nation’s economic struggles. Resorts in Tanzania offer corporate weekender's team building activities such as golf, windsurfing, and tennis as well as unbeatable scuba diving and snorkelling. The country offers a diverse range of sights to see, things to do and places to stay, catering to all budgets and tastes. Tanzania provides the perfect setting for people and ideas of differing backgrounds to come together and for team building to thrive. Tanzania is a good setting for corporate holidays.


Cruises in Tanzania

Tanzania is a world renowned and well serviced cruise hub within Africa, given it’s strategic position on the Indian Ocean. Passengers can travel to and from both Dar Es Salaam or Zanzibar and the ports serve as starting points for safari trips and inland to Mt. Kilimanjaro Cruise companies serving Tanzania include: Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, Voyages of Discovery, Crystal and MSC. Cruises in Tanzania are a great way to see the Indian Ocean and sail to other destinations such as the Middle East or Southern Africa.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Tanzania

Tanzania's culture and arts scene is unique and mostly localized but is in ascendency. Visitors can expect ebony sculptures, and a painting style known as tingatinga. Singers sing in Swahili. In Dar Es Salaam visit Nyumba Ya Sanaa, the House of Art, where exhibitions, concerts and the ebony market of Mwenge are organized. The architecture here is also of interest as it is an ecelectic mix of Swahili, German, Asian and British influences. Notable structures along the waterfront include the German hospital, Lutheran Church, St. Joseph's Cathedral. You can learn more about the history of the city in the National Museum the feature of which is a 1.7 million year old skull of Nutcracker Man, and the Village Museum which showcases traditional housing and crafts. Dar es Salaam is also home to the Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Cultural Centre. Arusha is famous for its handicraft shops and Zanzibar for its extravagant homes.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Tanzania

Cycling Tanzania’s main roads is not recommended and can be dangerous. Secondary roads are ideal. Country roads attract cyclists for point to point journeys. Bicycles can be rented about 500 per hour, and cycling in Tanzania’s national parks or wildlife reserves is prohibited. In theory bicycles can be brought on public transport but often drivers will refuse to carry them. In Zanzibar you can transport your biccyle by ferry. Cycling tours are also popular and can be booked through the International Bicycle Fund or AfriRoots. Hoopoe Safaris and Summits Africa can both plan luxury cycling in the northern area of Tanzania. Tanzania Bike Safaris is also a good company. Be certain to carry basic supplies, including water, and a spare tire and plenty of patch tubes for your bicycle. Cycling is best done in the early morning or late afternoon and in the dry season (June to September).

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Tanzania

Tanzania can be a tricky country for disabled people. In the airports and major hotels signs mark disabled access for public toilets and priority seating but few places are wheelchair accessible. Most hotels and resorts have disabled facilities include bathrooms with wheel-in showers, good access throughout the hotel and hotel facilities. Transportation for people with disabilities should be arranged prior with the hotel or tour guide.

Note that often in Tanzania bathrooms in bars and restaurants can be inaccessible for those with mobility problems as many are located down or up a flight of stairs. Some safaris may also not be suitable. Accessible Journeys (www.disabilitytravel.com) can help organize safaris in Tanzania.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Tanzania

Tanzania is an ideal family destination. The bustling country has many of the top attractions catering to outdoor activities including a day hike at Mt Kilimanjaro or a visit to Ngorongoro Crater. Children can also enjoy any number of water sports and activities along Tanzania's beaches. Families can spend a holiday on safari visiting Tanzania's national parks including the Serengeti spotting game (Big 5 – Lion, Leopard, Leopard, Rhino and Buffalo) and hundreds of species of birds. There is also a wide range of family friendly accommodation options available for reasonable prices in Tanzania, which cater to young people, making this country a fantastic option for an adventurous family holiday.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Tanzania

Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania. Generally, it's still largely a taboo subject, lesbianism doubly so, and many Tanzanians take the attitude that it's a foreign, un-African practice. There are however, a few gay friendly accommodations including in Arusha the Shades of Serengeti, Hotel Oasis and New Acropol in Morogoro, and the Emerson & Green Hotel and Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski in Zanzibar. Discretion is advised.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Tanzania

Tanzania is an exotic and exciting destination for a hen party. Tanzania offers an exciting and fun filled day out with plenty of resorts and safaris as well as restaurants and beaches in Zanzibar. Tanzania is perfect for women looking for a hen weekend of outdoor adventure including hiking, scuba diving or game driving with breathtaking views without the noise and crowds of bars and night clubs in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Resorts and hotels offer plenty of activities such as tennis, swimming pools and most have on site spas. In Stone Town you can finish your beach day off with night of refreshing cocktails. A hen party in Tanzania is best enjoyed by booking an organized tour and staying at a resort or lodge.


Honeymoon in Tanzania

Tanzania is perfect for honeymooners looking for white sandy beaches and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Tanzania is famous for Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the vast plains of the Serengeti. Couples can dine in any number of Tanzania's exciting local restaurants, spend time spotting game on safari or relaxing in a luxurious lodge. Honeymooners in Tanzania can also enjoy many activities such as golf, scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling. There are also some amazing hiking and mountain biking trails throughout Tanzania's national parks. Newly-weds wanting a laid back beach honeymoon should head to the romantic island of Zanzibar. Accommodation will normally offer excellent honeymoon packages to suit every budget.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Tanzania

Golfing in Tanzania is not one of the major tourist attractions the country has to offer but there some very good courses. Tanzania offers golf at a number of destinations including the challenging 18 hole Gymkhana Club in Arusha which is kept in excellent condition. The Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge has a 9 hole course. In Moshi there is the Moshi Club which is the only golf course in Tanzania with views of Mt Kilimanjaro Near to Moshi is the Tanzanian Plantation Corporation which has a 9 hole course. Finally in Dar es Salaam the Gymkhana Club has an excellent 18 hole course with views of the Indian Ocean. Golfers in Tanzania can also play a round of golf in Morogoro and Iringa in the south.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Tanzania

Tanzania's unique location means it has some excellent hiking and walking trails and trekking is one of the best ways to get around Tanzania (from a sight-seeing point of view). Much of Tanzania features walking trails, which vary greatly in both length and scenery. Popular treks go from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to Mount Meru, the highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area up the steep volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai or Mount Hanang near Babati. For the serious hiker the Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a dream location. The terrain can be hard going at times but views from the top and hidden waterfalls make all your efforts worthwhile. Treks in Tanzania typically last from 1 day up to 10 days. As Tanzania is a hot location, walking is best done outside the summer months, and remember to bring plenty of water and are protected from the sun.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Tanzania

Singles looking for a party might be disappointed with Tanzania; Tanzania is one of the quieter countries in Africa. The best place to go for music and dancing is Dar es Salaam. In Dar es Salaam there are several nightclubs, cabaret venues and cinemas. Try Coco Beach for inexpensive beer in a local setting or the Garden Bistro which has live music on weekends. O' Willie's Irish Whiskey Tavern is a classic Irish Pub and Q Bar shows live sports on big-screens. Generally nighlife takes place in the tourist hotels and restaurants, which feature bands and dancing during the weekends. If you are in Arusha check out Colobus Club, Crystal Club or Via Via. Resorts also might plan activities in the evening for guests.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Tanzania

Tanzania offers travellers a wide range of shopping opportunities in the city and town centres. You will find markets that sell African drums, old brass and copper, soapstone figures, handmade chess sets and large wooden carvings of animals or salad bowls fashioned from teak, mninga or ebony. Masai items such as beaded jewellery, decorated gourds and red-checked blankets worn by all Masai men are scooped up as souvenirs. You can also pick up kangas and kikois, which are bright coloured sarongs worn by women and men. In Zanzibar be sure to pick up packets of the famous spices. Another speciality item of Tanzania is Tanzanite, a semi-precious stone which ranges from deep blue to light purple. Shoppers in Tanzania can buy jewellery in the up market curio shops in Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. Typically shops in Tanzania are not open on Sundays.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Tanzania

Newly created modern spas are popping up all over Tanzania making it an ideal spa destination. Offering luxury spa holidays designed to reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, relax or enhance skin tones, visitors have a chance to unwind whilst on holiday. Hotels, lodges and resorts offer the latest in spa treatments including Thai and Balinese therapists that run luxury spas equipped with plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms. Spas in Tanzania blend European and Asian influences with a unique Swahili element and natural Tanzanian ingredients such as seaweed, tropical fruit, aloe vera and honey. Zanzibar's famous spices are also used. Gibb's Farm in the Serengeti is an excellent choice. Tanzania’s tranquillity combined with superb spas ensure you’ll be rejuvenated by your holiday.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Tanzania

Tanzania makes an unusual but adventurous destination for stag parties if you are looking for a wealth of outdoor activities including wildlife safaris and pristine beaches. Tanzania offers a great scene for men looking for mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, swimming all in a breathtaking location: think Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Guys on stag can just laze on the resort beaches of Zanzibar or head out site-seeing in the towns, and visit busy local markets. Tanzania is not the best country if you are looking for a wild night out but there bars with music and dancing in Dar Es Salaam and Arusha. In Dar es Salaam try Coco Beach for inexpensive beer in a local setting or the Garden Bistro which has live music on weekends. O' Willie's Irish Whiskey Tavern is a classic Irish Pub and Q Bar shows live sports on big-screens. If you are in Arusha check out Colobus Club, Crystal Club or Via Via. Overall, Tanzania makes a good stag-do choice.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Tanzania

Scuba diving in Tanzania is world-class. Colourful marine life and many excellent diving spots can be found around Tanzania's coastline. Pemba and Zanzibar are considered among the best diving sites in the world. The coral covered walls, coral strewn reef slopes, and enormous, healthy bommies are surrounded by reef fish. There are schools of chevron barracuda, yellow fin tuna, Jacks and snapper to be seen as well as giant groupers who sit territorially on Pemba's reefs and most sites have a resident Maori wrasse. Ribbon eels, fire dartfish and leaf-fish can be found on many of the reefs. Whatever your budget and level of diving experience, dives can be arranged for an incredible diving holiday in Tanzania.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Tanzania

Tanzania is an ideal winter sun holiday destination. With typically high temperatures the country's temperature rarely is cool even in the winter months. In fact many prefer to visit Tanzania during the winter when there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and more comfortable walking and safari spotting temperatures. Visitors to Tanzania can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and windsurfing all year round. Overall, Tanzania makes an excellent winter sun holiday.

Safari Activity Holiday

Safari Activity Holiday in Tanzania

Tanzania is synonymous with a safari holiday. Visitors to Tanzania can plan a world class safari in any of the  19 national parks and wildlife reserves. Lodges are conveniently found in and around the parks catering to all types of accommodation, from luxury to camping and provide professional guided game tours for guests.  One of the best safari locations in Tanzania is in the unique Ngorongoro Crater, which is 610m deep, 20km in diameter, and covers 311 sq km. It is home to almost every species of African plains mammal and has the densest population of lion in Africa. The Seregenti is also a must.  A vast treeless plain, the Serengeti National Park is home to thousands, even millions of animals searching for fresh grasslands. As the largest national park in Tanzania, the Serengeti attracts thousands of tourists each year, all year round. Highlights include the annual migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest. Nearly 500 species of birds make their home in the Serngeti as well as large herds of antelope as well as plentiful lion, cheetah, hyena, and jackal. The Selous Game Reserve is also worth a visit as it is a World Heritage Site. The Selous Game Reserve is larger than Switzerland and is the world's largest game reserve. The Selous is also home to the largest elephant herd in the world with about 32 000 elephants living in the reserve. The reserve also includes Mikumi National Park and is home to a diverse range of species. Overall Tanzania is an ideal safari destination. Roy Safari is one of the best safari companies in Tanzania.