Amsterdam: Hotels

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Amsterdam Hotels

With 16 million visitors every year, there are a large number of Amsterdam hotels on offer to suit every budget and taste. The city gets very busy during weekends, especially in high season so it is recommended that you to book your hotel in Amsterdam well in advance. Many hotels in Amsterdam offer a complimentary service to and from the airport so do check before you pay for a train or taxi. Very few hotels in Amsterdam have air conditioning so cheaper rooms can get pretty warm in summer.

Hotels in Amsterdam are of varying standards from budget to some of the most expensive in Europe and the majority are located in centre of the canal ring. A twin room in a budget Amsterdam hotel usually costs €40 on weekdays in winter and up to €100 on summer weekends. In a three and four star hotel, the prices would range from €100 to €200 a night, depending on the season, while five stars hotels can cost between €150 and €400 a night.

Water hotels in Amsterdam

Few European cities can offer floating accommodation but Amsterdam is one of them. The most famous Amsterdam water hotel is the four-deck Amstel Botel moored on the north shore of river IJ. It is located a fair way away from the city centre but a free shuttle bus and free river ferry are available to take you into town. The rooms in the Amsterdam water hotel are clean but small and the boat is certainly not for those looking for glitz and glamour. For something a little more swish you can try renting one of the many Amsterdam house boats which sit on the edges of the city's canals. Again these range form luxurious to basic but usually boast double bedrooms, open plan livingroom/ kitchens and other facilities such as TVs, the internet and even outside space.