Azores: Suggested Itinerary

Europe's Best Kept Secret

 Day 1: The Azores is a stunning cache of gorgeous lagoons, pristine islands, heritage sites and stimulating adventure sports that mesmerizes visitors. With so much to be getting on with, you’ll be pleased to know it can be done in 7 short days. Start by heading to Lagoa adas Sete Cidades, a beautiful lagoon located in the NW region of Ponta Delgada - once a thriving swimming and fishing haven. A unique ecosystem, this is a sight not to be missed.

Day 2: Terceira Island, take one of the many boats leading to S. Jorge, where you can catch a flight to the captivating Terceira Island. For best results, try and rent a car through this beautiful island paradise to really get to know the landscape.

Day 3: On the way back from Terceira, spend a day at Angra, an ancient and rich historical city that has been incorporated as a UNESCO heritage patrimony city. The natural beauty on display here is a protected area for a very good reason, as you’ll soon discover.

Day 4: Depending on how you are choosing to fleet your visit to this stunning part of the world, head through the rocky mountain path to the enchanting twin lakes of Sete Cidades. There is a tour here that stops at the aptly named Vista do Rei, which affords a brilliant view of the region. When you’re done drooling over paradise, visit the Capelas pineapple plantation and return along the same route.

Day 5: Time to get all adventurous with some sailing. There are numerous tour operators offering boat trips between the islands surrounding the Azores and moors on isolated marinas and peaceful, sparsely populated bays. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience sailing in complete tranquility.

Day 6: Ever wanted to get up-close-and-personal with some of the most natural and somewhat endangered aquatic life? Go whale watching at Pico Island. Fly to Faial from Ponta Delgada and take a boat to Pico Island for the spectacular entourage of whales. If you fancy yourself as a mountain climber, the Pico Island summit awaits you.

Day 7: A perfect way to end your holiday is to head to Furnas. You can get a daytrip on a cruise ship that passes through the serene Lagoa Village and Caloura point. You can also stop at Vila Franca for a historical sightseeing visit. The next port of call is the valley of Furnas and its picture perfect lake encircled by hot springs. Mouth-watering meals are cooked in the boiling ground of the destination. The tour follows onto the Furnas Village for a visit to the botanical gardens and the natural mineral water springs. You also get to visit the north coast tea plantation and Santa Iria viewpoint, if you have any rolls of film left.