Barbados: Culture and Arts

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Barbados Culture and Arts

Barbados is an island with plenty of history and bags full of culture to soak up. Barbados has an array of Jacobean, Georgian and Victorian buildings and homes. There are even pirate castles with fresco ceilings and ornate 16th century Italian sculptures. Their culture enjoys tonnes of colourful music, styles, foods and sports such as cricket, golf, surfing and horse riding.

The Gap in the south of Barbados is a great place to go to experience the various cultures meeting and merging. Here you’ll find the best music on the island and you’ll understand why the Barbadian people are famous for their warm, welcoming and fun loving personalities. There are also a fair few galleries on the island of Barbados where the works reflect the culture of the island. Zemicon in Bridgetown offers a contemporary look on Barbados and many galleries use their space to display the crafts of their people and history.