Barbados: Food and Drink

Live life like the Bajan's

Barbadian cuisine is a mix of several international cuisines like the African, Chinese, Caribbean and European cuisines. Barbadians tend to have a lot of spices in their meals and use a wide variety of sauces in their dishes. There are also a lot of sweet sauces, probably as a result of their extensive sugar cane production.

The national dish of Barbados is Coucou and Fling fish, also known as flying fish, which they usually eat fried. Barbados also has a great variety of seafood such as shark, salmon, tuna, cod fish, shrimps, lobsters and crabs. You may come across dolphin on the menu but don’t worry-it’s not the kind of Dolphin we all know and love called Skipper, it’s a type of fish also known as Dorado.

Barbados has a great range of exotic fruits as well such as mangoes and kiwi and you’ll also see a lot of coconut choppers on the side of the road opening coconuts for refreshment.Barbados is home to some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean with Wispers Restaurant, an elegant, luxurious venue with beautiful sea views. Their fresh fish dishes make your taste buds water. They have an international menu with a Caribbean feel desserts are to die for. Other great fish restaurants include Pisces and Ocean. Raffles is another popular restaurant with Barbadians. Bajans also like their fast food and you’ll come across a fair few ‘Chefettes’ on the island.

You will get a great range of foods from Caribbean to European to South American and Asian. There are restaurants for all budgets and tastes.