Barbados: Helicopter Trips

Live life like the Bajan's

A great way to see the island of Barbados is from the skies in the air-conditioned helicopter that leaves from Bridgetown. The helicopter ride in Barbados will whisk you through the breathtaking scenes of the island and provide unusual views from the fascinating coastline to the heart of the beautiful island.

There are two types of journeys. The ‘Discover Barbados’ is a 20 minute ride visiting the west and east coasts where you’ll see uniquely formed gullies, historic landmarks and sugar plantations. The ‘Island Tour’ is an extra 10 minutes to see more of the island and the pilot will give a great narrative for the flight. The helicopter seats six and requires a minimum of four people to fly. Expect to pay up to £100 but there will be a discounted price for children. The tours are on Monday to Friday and be sure to make reservations at least 48 hours in advance