Barbados: Nightlife

Live life like the Bajan's

Barbados offers a very different experience in night time entertainment in comparison to Britain. The Gap (or St. Lawrence Gap) area of Barbados is fairly quiet during the day but at night it really comes alive.

The most popular venue here is Harbour Lights. This is an open air beachfront club offering up a truly tropical evening. It’s very popular with locals so you’ll get a taste of the real Bajan nightlife.

There are different themes each night with live music, DJs and ‘Drinks Free’ nights you can’t go wrong at Harbour Lights. This is a bit of a strange club as early on there is family entertainment such as fire eating and limbo dancing but as the night goes on you’ll hear the tracks for the year’s Crop Over festival, calypso and even later in the evening you’ll be treated to some great dance music.

The Boatyard is another popular spot for day and night entertainment with sports, restaurant, bar and nightclub rolled into one. The newest addition to Barbados’ night life is Club Xtreme, a 10,000sq ft entertainment venue with the latest in sound and lighting. There is the Reggae Lounge, another open air club, offering up a more Caribbean taste in music and The Ship Inn puts on live DJs and bands on various nights.

If jazz is your thing then take a peek at Time Out and The Whistling Frog’s party nights are great entertainment with a street party and live bands. And in order to get some energy before the dancing starts try one of the local eateries in The Gap or round the coast at Accra.

For a tamer evening there are historic dinner shows and romantic evening cruises on offer down the west and south coasts but you certainly won’t be stuck for things to do when the sun sets.