Barbados: Scuba Diving

Live life like the Bajan's

Diving in Barbados can be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Barbados has great under water treasures to explore such as shipwrecks dating back to WWI and WWII off the west coast and thousands of colourful reef fish and turtles to swim alongside.

There are speed boat cruises up the west coast to Payne’s Bay where swimming with Green Sea Turtles takes place. Divers in Barbados will enjoy warm water temperatures all year round varying from 29°C (84°F) in the summer months of July to September to 27°C (77°F) in the winter months January to March. For newcomers to diving there are courses available. There is the PADI Scuba Diver course (1-2 days) and this is the intermediate course and gets divers down to 40 ft. This diving course is a good option for the annual holiday maker who likes to dive along their travels.

As long as the diver keeps diving this and every PADI certification never expires. The most common certification course in Barbados is the PADI Open Water Course (3-4 days) which requires dive students to complete the PADI Open Water manual and have four open water dives. Once certified, open water divers can dive anywhere in the world up to 60 ft provided they dive with a certified dive buddy.

There are numerous diving centres, especially down the west coast, that offer snorkeling as well as diving and you can also swim with turtles and snorkel around the shipwrecks with most of the catamaran company’s packages.