Barbados: Shopping

Live life like the Bajan's

High quality inexpensive goods and first-class service is what you should expect for your shopping trip in Barbados. This is the Eastern Caribbean's tax-free haven. Bridgetown is the shopping centre of Barbados and has some of the major Caribbean chains as well as numerous local craft shops and boutiques.

Local goods range from rum, coconut bread, straw goods, painted silk prints (batik) and woodcrafts with black coral and shell jewellery. Broad Street is the main street of Bridgetown and has banks, department stores and duty free shops. Other streets in Bridgetown such as Swan Street, Roebuck Street and Tudor Street house the smaller shops and businesses.

Duty free shopping is popular in Barbados with prices being 30 to 50% less than in Europe. When making duty free purchases make sure you have your passport or airline ticket with you. Pelican Village is a popular and spacious shopping village offering local handicrafts and the chance to see Barbados' craftsmen at work. Here you can pick up art works, crafts, furniture, gifts and some fashion.