Barbados: Surfing

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Barbados Surfing

Surfing is a fun activity for novices and professionals alike in Barbados. There are some top class surfers on the island and if it’s something you want to take up you will find accomplished teachers.

The east coast attracts the hard core surfers looking for the bigger waves but unless you are an experienced surfer it’s best to stick to the southern part of the island which will still provide great waves just without the dangers of the east. The east coast waters are deceptively strong and there are powerful undercurrents.

However, if you are a good surfer the east coast’s ‘Soup Bowl’ area is by far the most popular spot. The Soup Bowl has hosted many international surfing competitions including the annual Reef Bowl International Surfing Classic which takes place early to mid November and attracts the surfing pros from around the globe.

There have never been any reported incidents of shark bites anywhere on the coast of Barbados so other than being aware of the strong waters of Barbados it’s a safe place to be in the water.