Barbados: Costs

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Barbados Costs

The cost of day to day living in Barbados is generally lower than that of Britain. Eating out varies depending on where you chose to eat as Barbados caters for those holidaying to all budgets. The only thing that tends to be more expensive is the cost of fruits such as berries as these have to be imported from Europe or America. Generally you will get great value for money in Barbados and accommodation varies greatly depending on what you are looking for. The luxury hotels and apartments can be very expensive but worth every penny. On the other hand you can get inexpensive accommodation that is still to a high standard.

Some typical costs in Barbados:
Bottle of beer £1.50
A burger £3
A mid-price restaurant main meal £6-7
A top-end restaurant main meal £15
Breakfast £4
Lunch £4
Car Hire for a day £35
Car Hire for a week £140