Barbados: Main Facts

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Barbados Main Facts

Geographical Location of Barbados

Barbados is the most eastern of the Caribbean islands with its east coast meeting the Atlantic Ocean. With 97km of coastline there are plenty of coral beaches to enjoy. The island has a tropical climate with its rain season between June and October. December to June is generally recognised as the dry season but temperatures are high throughout the year.

Languages of Barbados

The official language of Barbados is English but don’t be surprised if you don’t quite understand what the native Barbadians are saying. Most Bajans talk using a broken-English Barbadian Creole. Bajans use English words with African syntax. Barbadians are known to have colorful turns of phrase that you may not be familiar with. For example “Wukkin Up” is used as a term for dancing and gyrating. Another example is “Pompasettin” which is a phrase used to explain that someone is showing off. It is a very friendly and warm accent and all Bajans do speak straight English so understanding each other won’t cause too many problems.

Currency of Barbados

The currency in Barbados is the Barbados Dollar. US currency is also accepted on the island but you will find that most places accept credit cards and travellers cheques.