Barbados: Useful Information

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Barbados Useful Information

-All visitors with the exception of the citizens of the Caribbean Community, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom are expected to obtain a visa before travelling to Barbados.

-All persons departing from the Grantley Adams International Airport must pay departure tax of $25 Barbados Dollars. This money can be paid in when you check in.

-Duty free allowances are granted for up to 1 litre of spirits or wine, 200 cigarettes 100 non-Cuban cigars. All items that exceed this exemption are subject to the relevant duty and tax.

-You are permitted to take antiques an art work home

-In Barbados many restaurants will add a 10 or 15 percent gratuity to the bill. It is a good idea to check this to make sure you're not tipping twice. If the tip is not already included it is customary to add a minimum tip of 10 to 15 percent.

-All prescription drugs must be accompanied by an official prescription when entering Barbados.
-For health and medical treatment while staying in Barbados consult the hotel concierge for recommendations in finding a medical clinic, dentist, or doctor. Many hotels keep doctors and dentists on call so in non-emergency situations so it’s a good idea to check with the hotel before finding a hospital.
-If you need urgent medical attention it’s recommended that you take a taxi to the hospital as the ambulance services in Barbados are known for being slow.
-Medical expenses in Barbados can be costly. It’s good to be prepared and acquire proper medical insurance. In some cases, even if you do have insurance, many hospitals require payment at the time of service. Most health insurance policies cover medical expenses incurred while traveling but check the details beforehand by calling your insurance company a few weeks prior to traveling to check you have sufficient coverage.
-Drinking water in Barbados is piped-in and treated for sanitation so it is safe to drink. However it is filtered and chlorinated so if you're prone to stomach problems it’s wise to drink bottled water.
-Barbados is recognised as having a laid-back culture which can sometimes be a little frustrating if you’re used to 24 hour amenities. Be aware of opening times, for example banks are open from 8am until 3pm Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Fridays. Most supermarkets will open from 8am until late evening.
-Officially, the citizens of Barbados are referred to as "Barbadians" but locals tend to refer to themselves in their unique local dialect as "Bajan."
-Many of the principles from Barbados’ days as a European colony are reflected in the island's clothing and etiquette. The Bajan connection to its British heritage remains fairly strong in comparison to the rest of the Caribbean. As a result beachwear is considered inappropriate except on the beach so when in shops and in the towns you should be fully dressed. Shorts, tops, skirts and kaftans are all acceptable.
-Barbados is in the Atlantic time zone which is four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.